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Idols Who Publicly Support The LGBTQ+ Community

Idols Who Publicly Support The LGBTQ+ Community

South Korea is known for being conservative and religious, leading to lack of support for the LGBTQ+ community. Many groups, such as LOONA and Dreamcatcher are known for having LGBTQ+ fandoms due to their inclusive lyrics and support for the LGBTQ+ community. If you ever wonder if your bias is homophobic or supports LGBTQ+, here is a list of a majority of idols who openly support the LGBTQ+ community.

Special Mentions:
LIONESSES – First openly gay K-pop group
Lady – First K-pop group to have all trans members
HOLLAND – First K-pop idol to come out as gay

Girl Groups:
BLACKPINK (During many of their concerts, they held up pride flags and wore LGBTQ+ clothing)
Dreamcatcher (Supporting trans rights, Yoohyeon told a MC that she loves any person even if they aren’t a man, held pride flags during concerts)
EXID’s Le (Found at a gay bar, supporting her friend who is a drag queen)
EVERGLOW’s Mia (Holding pride flag during a fansign)
f(x)’s Amber (Talked about how she supported her gay friends and have been in relationships with women before)
Ladies’ Code’s Ashley (Giving tips to a closeted lesbian)
MAMAMOO (One of the most LGBTQ+ supoprtive groups, and are known for wearing LGBTQ+ clothing and supporting LGBTQ+ artists. Moonbyul’s song “Shutdown” ft Seori has inclusive lyrics and Moonbyul confirmed it is an erotic song about a lesbian relationship. They also have inclusive merchandise and fandom name.)
Nature’s Haru (She said that gender shouldn’t matter when it comes to love)
PIXY’s Satbyeol (She wished the community a happy pride month, congratulated a fan on coming out as non-binary)
Red Velvet (Supporting gay fans on their fansigns, concerts and fancalls)
SISTAR (Made a song about same-sex couples)
TWICE (Chaeyoung Fought the staff to sing Lady Gaga’s breakdown in Born This Way during their Twicelights concert, she also said she downloaded a lesbian movie. It’s also believed Sana congratulated a fan who had a lesbian marriage and agreed that marriage is not just between a man and woman. Most of TWICE has supported or recommended LGBTQ+ shows, movies, and songs )
LOONA (Told the interviewer on MTV News that LOONA is about accepting people to matter of race, gender, sexuality and more, Choerry hold a pride flag during KCON LA 2019)
Witchers’ Yeju (During a Q&A session, she was asked if she supported gay people; her answer led to her saying that she wishes the world could change faster and accept people of the community)

Boy Groups:
A.C.E (All members wore pride pins, Byeongkwan said that non binary people inspire him and make him comfortable to try new things, all member went against gender stereotypes multiple times)
ATEEZ (The members have held up pride flags and pins)
BTS (Talked about gay rights on one of their Billboard interviews)
CRAVITY (Taeyoung decided to dye his hair the pride flag for a comeback, all members supported a fan on fancall, Allen talked about how there aren’t any specific colors for any gender and how there aren’t 2 genders, Hyeongjun confronting himself on breaking gender types)
DAY6’s Jae (The members were taking a photo during a concert and Jae pointed out that he wanted the pride flag to be fully visible in the photo; overall every member of DAY6 is a supporter)
EXO (Has worn clothes related to the community and supported LGBTQ+ fans on fancalls, Chanyeol said love isn’t only for men and women)
GOT7’s Jinyoung, BamBam (Both idols were seen holding up bisexual flags during concerts)
KNK (Held up pride flags during concerts)
MIRAE’s Dongpyo (Replied to a hater that not only women can wear nail polish or makeup, believes that what is in your pants doesn’t matter to who you are gender-wise)
MONSTA X (All members gave advice to closeted gay and held up pride flags during concerts)
PENTAGON (All members held up pride flags)
NCT (Ten stated he appreciates his LGBTQ+ fandom and some other members have supported gay fans during fancalls/fansigns. Doyoung also said that a crush didn’t have to be a man liking a woman or woman liking a man)
SEVENTEEN (Wore pride pins and pride collections given by fans, supported fans during fansigns and fancalls)
SF9 (Members held up pride flags during concerts)
SHINee’s Jonghyun (Changed his Twitter profile picture to a letter handwritten by a transgender student)
Stray Kids (Members were found at a Pride Parade in New York City 2018, Chan congratulated a lesbian couple on their marriage)
Super Junior’s Heechul (Stated that he was questioning and has congratulated gay people on coming out)
The Boyz (Holding pride and bisexual flags during their concert, Kevin was open to talking about transgender people and said he supports them)
TO1 (All members support the community; Woongi once said if you hate the community, he hates you too and Jerome allows his fans to use any pronouns or terms on him)
VIXX (Replied to homophobic fans and told the fans that there were more than 2 genders, wore shirts that said “Everyone is against sexist, homophobic and racist jerks”)

Co-ed Groups:
HyunA&DAWN (During a Instagram live they said they support gay couples)
KARD (Members have held up pride flags during concerts, BM stated in a interview that there are more than just 2 genders and you should choose the sexuality you feel the most comfortable with)

AleXa (She congratulates anyone who is able to come out, supports her non-binary friend)
BoA (She held pride flags during some of her concerts, supported fans during fansigns and performed at a San Francisco Gay Pride Festival.)
CL (Stated how open and supportive she was to talking about gay rights with her fans during a ELLE interview and admired the looks of drag queens)
Do Hanse – (Featured drag queens in his debut music video, has done drag for multiple magazine photoshoots)
IU (Released a song about pressure homosexuals feel to stay closeted)
Jessi (Supported openly gay actor Hong Seok Cheon and supported her queer friends)
Seohyun (Played a gay character in a drama and later on in a interview, she announced she was proud of doing it)
Sunmi (Held up the pride flag at a concert, supported fans on a fancall)
Swervy (Announced they were genderqueer and go by all pronouns via Instagram)
Taeyeon (Every June 1st, she posts a pride flag on her Instagram story and writes sweet words to the community)
Tiffany Young (Sang a song about loving a women, wrote a love letter to the community for a project at Billboard during pride month)
Wonho (Gave advice to a closeted gay during a fansign, held up the bisexual and pride flag)

Tammy (Supports her LGBTQ+ friends and family)

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Is your bias a supporter?

Do you know any other idols who support the LGBTQ+ community? Do you have links to the interviews, fancalls, concerts, etc.? Comment below!