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AleXa Profile: AleXa Facts and Ideal Type:

AleXa (알렉사) is a soloist under ZB Label.
On March 3rd, it was announced she signed with American label ICM Partners.
She debuted October 21st, 2019 with ‘BOMB‘.

AleXa Fandom Name: A.I TROOPER
AleXa Official Colors:

AleXa Official Sites:
Twitter: @AleXa_ZB
Instagram: @alexa_zbofficial
YouTube: AleXa • ZB Label
Tik Tok: @alexa_zbofficial

Stage Name: AleXa (알렉사)
Birth Name: Alexaundra Christine Schneiderman
Korean Name: Kim Se Ri (김세리)
Birthday: December 9th, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 149 cm (4’10”)
Weight: 41 kg (90 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Nationality: American
Instagram: @alexa_zbofficial
Twitter: @Alexa_zb

vLive: AleXa
TikTok: @alexa_zbofficial

AleXa Facts:
– Born in Oklahoma, United States.
– She has a brother.
– Hobbies: Writing and photography (Produce 48 profile).
– Specialty: Ballet, jazz dance, acrobatics (Produce 48 profile).
– During her Produce 101 days, she went by Alex Christine.
– She was a contestant on Produce 48 and ranked #82.
– She has trained for 2 years and 9 months.
– She is half Russian (father) and half Korean (mother).
– She was the Grand Prize Winner for CUBE and Soompi’s joint talent competition ‘Rising Legends: Season 2’ in 2017.
– In January 2018, she did a mini-series on Viki Original with YouTuber JREKML called ‘Legendary: Making of a K-Pop star’.
– She competed in ‘Rising Legends Season 1’ and won the dancer’s category – 2016.
– She competed in ‘Rising Legends Season 2’ and won the full competition – 2017.
– She has auditioned for both JYP Ent. and CUBE Ent. but didn’t make it.
– She has been dancing since she was very young (she says since she was 2 years old).
– She was doing studio dancing until she was 14 years old.
– She was a part of a competitive dance team in high school.
– She studied musical theater in college.
– She did choir from middle school until college.
– She discovered K-Pop in 2008 because of Super Junior.
SHINee was her first K-Pop group (that she stanned).
– She’s a big fan of NCT and her (current) bias is Taeyong.
– If given the opportunity and the time is right, she would like to go on another Korean survival show.
– When she had to learn ‘Pick Me’ in Japanese, she wrote the Japanese words in Hangul to better remember them.
– She can pick up choreography pretty quickly.
– In college, she studies very basic Japanese.
– Her dad taught her how to write prose and poetry when she was old enough to read and write.
– AleXa’s mom is a Korean adoptee and was adopted by Americans.
– Her goal is to succeed in Korea and to find her mother’s birth family.
– Her way of relaxing: A can of Pringles and either Netflix, horror movies or watching James Charles on YouTube.
– Her guilty pleasure is her overconsumption of bread – she likes bread a lot.
– Troye Sivan is her role model because she likes his musical artistry.
– When she lived in America, she worked at LUSH for 3 years and said she would move to the UK to work in their kitchen if she hadn’t become a K-Pop trainee.
– She really enjoys Vindaloo (an Indian dish).
– She loves watching RuPaul‘s Drag Race.
– She really loves Billie Eilish‘s voice and enjoys her dark aesthetic.
– One of AleXa’s biggest musical inspirations is SHINee’s TAEMIN.
– If she could have a superpower it would be flight, because of how overcrowded Korea is.
– She admires HyunA a lot.
– She is also a fan of the Chinese girl-group 7Senses.
– She doesn’t like cute concepts.
– AleXa was featured in YouTuber Grazy Grace’s video about Produce 48.
– Her religion is Christianity.
– Her debut costed around $300,000 USD.
– Alexa is lactose intolerant. (Soompi’s “Dance Anthem Quiz”)
– She has 14 ear piercings. (vLive on March 25, 2020)
– Her favorite Disney princess is Ariel.
– Her favorite K-Drama is ‘Something In The Rain’.
– Her favorite flowers are Orchids and Tulips.
– She prefers Twitter over Instagram.
– If she could be an animal, she would be a cat.
– Her favorite season is spring.
– She likes sunsets more than sunrise.
– She likes pasta.
– Her favorite number is 9.
– Her Chinese zodiac is rat.
– She is friends with Jae Day6 (V-LIVE 2020.07.26).
– AleXa is a co-host of the podcast, How Did I Get Here, with Jae of Day6.
– She‘s friends with Jinny and Denise from Secret Number. (V-LIVE 2020.07.26)
– She is a recurring guest on “Skool of K-Pop” radio show and talks about K-Pop industry as the “History teacher.”
– AleXa made an appearance in MAMAMOO’s “gogobebe” MV.
– She appeared in ONEWE’s “End of Spring” MV.
– She also was an extra in 1THE9‘s “The Story” MV.
– AleXa was featured in the BBC documentary “K-Pop Idols: Inside the Hit Factory.”
– She released pre-debut MV called ‘Strike It Up’.
– She has a new puppy but she doesn’t have a name for her yet.
– She has a dog in the States named River (V-LIVE 2020.07.26).
– MBTI type: ENFP-T (V-LIVE 2020.07.26).
– She has a roommate called Natalia. (V-LIVE 2020.07.26).
– She is extremely lactose intolerant and doesn’t like cheese (Twitter reply 2020.11.05).
– Before becoming an idol, she had an Instagram account @thealexchristine and she use to do cosplay.
– Her favorite song recently is “As The World Falls Down” by David Bowie (2021) (Instagram Q&A 2021.02.10).
– Her favorite guilty pleasure film is “Big Fish”.
– Her favorite book is “Venomous” by Christopher Krovatin.
– Her favorite Indian hip hop artist Raja Kumari.
– Her favorite emoji is the ✨ emoji (Instagram Q&A 2021.02.10).
– She thinks she’s pretty talkative especially if the vibes between her and another person match up.
– Her favorite sport is wrestling (Instagram Q&A 2021.02.10).
– She wants to try a chic or femme concept.
– She is a night person (Instagram Q&A 2021.02.10).
– She reveled that she has a bunny named MONROE AMIDALA. (AleXa’s VLive 2022.04.07)
– She loves Tim Burton movies, especially “Beetlejuice” (Instagram Q&A 2021.02.10).
– Her favorite movies are “Dead Poets Society”, “Labyrinth”, and “Edward Scissorhands”.
– Her favorite studio ghibli film is “Howls Moving Castle” (Instagram Q&A 2021.02.10).
– Her favorite food is her dad’s spaghetti (Instagram Q&A 2021.02.10).
– She LOVES Naruto and wants to cosplay one of the characters.
– Her favorite Japanese song is “Lucid Dream” by Dadaroma (Instagram Q&A 2021.02.10).
– AleXa has a tattoo on her left shoulder that says, “And rain will make the flowers grow” it’s from the musical Les Misérables. (VLive on Dec 16, 2021)
– AleXa made her acting debut on “Goedam 2 / Urban Myths: Tooth Worms” (2022).
– AleXa is the winner of 2022’s American Song Contest, based on the Eurovision Song Contest. She represented Oklahoma with the song “Wonderland“.

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Note 2: She revealed her height is 149 cm, during Y’all Hate Milk That Much? | HDIGH Ep. #68

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