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HOLLAND Profile and Facts

Holland Profile and Facts 2018
Holland (홀랜드) is an independant South Korean solo artist who officially
debuted on January 22, 2018.

Holland’s Fandom Name: HARLING
Holland’s Official Fan Color:

Stage Name: Holland (홀랜드)
Birth Name: Go Tae Seob
Birthday: March 4, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 175 cm (5’9″)
Weight: –
Blood Type: O
Instagram: holland_vvv
Facebook: hollandofficial
Twitter: HOLLAND_vvv
Official fandom name: Harlings

Holland Facts:
– He was born in Daegu, South Korea.
– He now lives in Seoul, South Korea.
– He is an only child.
– He has to do not only music, but also clerical work.
– He can speak some English
– He  makes an effort to communicate to his international fans in multiple languages.
Before his debut MV came out he sent out a notice in 4 languages: Korean, English, French, Japanese
– He Coldplay and Bruno Mars
– He said he admires Sia Furler and would like to meet her and have a collaboration with her. (SBS PopAsia interview)
– HOLLAND has been following BTS since “I Need You”. (Q&A with Rolling Stone India)
– In middle school he told his close friends that he was gay, and he became a victim of school bullying after that. (SBS PopAsia interview)
– Since he already had a hard time since he was young, he decided to become a public figure and talk openly about peoples’ rights. (SBS PopAsia interview)
– His parents support him.
– He lives alone.
– He is a photographer
– He likes playing games
– His favorite films include “La La Land”, “Carol” and “Interstellar”
– His favorite animations are ‘Peter Pan’, ‘Alice’ and Studio Ghibli movies
– His favourite animals are Cats and Dogs, but he has a fur allergy. (Instagram live)
– His favorite colors are blue and white. (Instagram live)
– He doesn’t like Summer. (Instagram live)
– His favorite season is Winter.
– His favorite food is all food except pizza with pineapple topping. (Instagram live)
– He says that he’s not picky about food, but that he can’t eat raw carrot. (HOLLAND TV [Q&A EP2])
– His US shoe size is 8.0
– His family relations are his mom, his dad and him
– His hobbies are singing and watching movies
– He has a taste for vintage things
– His favorite songs are all songs except heavy metal
– His favorite colors are blue and white
– He likes English songs, especially British pop songs
– His favorite drama is “My Love From The Stars”
– His favorite K-pop female singer is CL (HOLLAND TV [Q&A EP2])
– His favorite K-pop male singer is G-Dragon. (HOLLAND TV [Q&A EP2])
– Holland is a fan of BTS, especially of V and Jimin.
– He said he likes NCT and his bias is Taeyong.
– His debut MV Neverland is rated R due to its portrayal of a gay relationship
– Despite being an independent artist who was not promoted at all, Neverland reached 1 million views in the first 24 hours, and gained the attention of Billboard, who made a video about him
– He said he is going to “proceed as a one person system without agency” and that there are many people who want to sponsor him for his performances. (HOLLAND TV [Q&A EP2])
– Holland said that he wants to travel the world.
– He wants to tour in “Brazil, Canada, China, South America, Europe, America, and so on..”
– He’s not good at drinking, but he thinks it is up to his body condition. Sometimes he gets drunk on just a bottle of bear and sometimes he is okay to drink nearly two bottles of Soju.
– He doesn’t show emotions or act cute when he’s dating, but he’s a very nice person even if he doesn’t express much.
– He is a fan of KARD – his Instagram Story on 19/08/2018 showed him in the crowd of a KARD Concert.
– He recommends “The Danish Girl” as an LGBT movie that he liked (in addition to “Carol”)
– He debuted on the Billboard chart and the iTunes chart. However, compared to the foreign countries he thinks the people in Korea aren’t paying attention to him.
– He attended his first pride parade this year in Korea. Next year he hopes to be on a stage.
– He wants to dance and create choreographies, however it is too expensive for him at the moment, since he is not with an agency.
– He loves skinship and affection with any gender, and would love to hug all of his fans.
– He plays “Overwatch” and “Battleground” with his friends. (Q&A with Rolling Stone India)
– He played soccer in high school, but can’t find time to play now. He hates exercise but wants to gain weight.
– He is very careful when choosing underwear and wears different colours according to his mood.
– On September 2018, using crowdfunding, he will make his next mini album. (Q&A with Rolling Stone India)
– Holland won 2018’s Dazed100.

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