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Tammy Profile and Facts

Tammy Profile and Facts

Tammy (태미) is a Chinese-American independent trainee. She is known for participating on MNET’s survival show Girls Planet 999.

Stage Name: Tammy (태미) 
Birth Name:
Wu Tammy (우태미)
English Name: Tammy Wu
Birthday: September 2, 2002
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Horse
Nationality: Chinese American
Height: 165 cm (5’5″ ft)
Instagram: iamtammywu
TikTok: i.am.tammywu
YouTube: IT’S TAEMI (Inactive)

Tammy Facts:
– She was raised in both New York, USA and Qingdao, China
– She has 1 older brother
– She is close friends with Secret Number’s Dita and KEP1ER’s Dayeon
– She can play the flute and piccolo
– Her favorite creation mission song from Girls Planet 999 is Shoot!
– She can speak English, Chinese, Korean, basic Spanish and is currently learning Japanese along with Indonesian
– She currently lives in New Jersey, USA
– She is a part of I Love Dance, which is a dance company known for teaching K-pop choreographies and filming K-pop in public
– She has a braid that is around 4 feet long which she has never cut
– Although she is a fan of every girl group in existence, her favorite ones are aespa and BLACKPINK
– She can draw very well
– She enjoys watching dramas
– During the Combination Mission for Girls Planet 999, she stayed in a dorm with Dayeon and Ayaka
– She feels like the food that resembles her the best are smiley face fries
– She gained 300 followers on TikTok within 45 minutes of the account becoming public
– Her favorite drama is Crash Landing On You
– She used to share a dorm with former Girls Planet 999 and Youth With You 2 contestant Zhang Luofei
– Her motivation and happiness on Girls Planet 999 was C-Group
– Her favorite color is green
– She used to work at a golf club
– Her favorite number is 2
– She was featured as a backup dancer in Rakiyah‘s Like You Music Video
– She feels most comfortable with cute concepts
– She wanted to participate in Fate for her Combination Mission on Girls Planet 999
– Tammy loves to use emojis
– She knows how to make clothing
Hobbies: Learning new languages, going to concerts, watching dramas and traveling
– She thinks she looks like a bunny
– Tammy is student at New York University, majoring in music.
– Her dance covers from I Love Dance consist of BLACKPINK’s Lovesick Girls (Jisoo), ENHYPEN’s Given-Taken (Sunoo), ITZY’s Not Shy (Chaeryeong) and TWICE’s I Can’t Stop Me (Mina)
– She wanted to be on the PRETTY U team for Girls Planet 999’s Connect Mission
– She has 3 dogs
– She started dancing in 2015
– She doesn’t really like chocolate by itself, but she likes chocolate flavored things, chocolate ice cream and cake, and dark chocolate.
– She passed her SM Entertainment auditions
– Tammy’s bias in LOONA is Chuu
– She prefers dogs over cats
– If she could either travel 9 years to the past or future, she’d choose past
– She prefers action movies over romances
– Fans think she looks like a mix of LOONA’s ViVi and MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul
– She is a very heartwarming and comforting person
– Her favorite food is ice cream along with fruit-related desserts
– She wants to make a YouTube channel where she posts vlogs
– Her favorite contestant on Show Me The Money is You Dayeon, and she was super excited when she heard that she’d be participating on Girls Planet 999
– She prefers tea over coffee
– She started to take vocal classes in June of 2021
– She thinks in Chinese when doing math
– Her favorite songs to do dance covers of are songs by IZ*ONE, ITZY and TWICE

Girls Planet 999 Facts:
– She was introduced to the show on July 8, 2021
– She made her first appearance on the show on July 14, 2021 with O.O.O (C-Group ver.)
– Her signal song evaluation ranking was C04
– Her first cell formation was named Language Masters, with K-Group’s Lee Rayeon and J-Group’s Yamauchi Moana
– She preformed ITZY’s Wannabe, as Chaeryeong, for her Planet Demo Stage
– Her second cell formation was named Lucky 7, with K-Group’s Kim Dayeon and J-Group’s Sakurai Miu
– She preformed on team 2 BLACKPINK’s How You Like That for her Connect Mission
– Her individual ranking on Episode 5 was rank C27
– Her cell ranking on Episode 5 was rank 9
– She preformed BLACKPINK’s Ice Cream for her Combination Mission
– She was supposed to preform Snake for the Creation Mission
– She ranked C17 on Episode 8, leaving her eliminated from the program
Motto: Full of surprising charms in a soft shell! Pomegranate girl TAMMY!

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