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Produce X 101 Concept Evaluation – U Got It team

U Got It is one of the teams for the concept evaluation, the third evaluation, for the 4th season of Produce 101, Produce X 101. After the results of the second elimination round (episode 8), the team consisted of Han Seung Woo, Kim Wooseok, Song Yuvin, Lee Hyeop, Kim Yohan, Hwang Yunseong, Cha Junho, Lee Eunsang, and Nam Dohyun. In episode 9 the team members voted for those they think suits the team best, and Song Yuvin, Lee Hyeop and Nam Dohyun were removed from the team.

Han Seung Woo

Birth Name: Han Seung Woo (한승우)
Birthday: December 24, 1994
Position: Leader, Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Company: Plan A
Nationality: Korean
Height: 182cm
Weight: 63kg
Blood Type: B

Han Seung Woo Facts:
– Seung Woo has trained for 7 years and 2 months.
– Seungwoo is a member and leader of VICTON along with Byungchan. They debut back in 2016.
– His skills are melody making, singing, dancing, and rapping.
– His hobbies are playing soccer, walking, going to cafes, watching movies, and working on music.
– Han Seung Woo’s intro video.
– All of Seungwoo’s Produce X 101 videos.

Kim Wooseok

Stage Name: Wooshin (우신)
Birth Name: Kim Woo Seok (김우석)
Birthday: October 27, 1996
Position: Lead Vocalist, Center
Company: TOP Media
Nationality: Korean
Height: 173cm
Weight: 58kg
Blood Type: B

Kim Woo Seok Facts:
– Woo Seok has trained for 4 years and 7 months, He is a member of UP10TION along with Lee Jin Hyuk.
– His skills are singing, composing, and writing lyrics.
– His hobbies are watching movies, reading poetry, and discovering restaurants.
– One of Wooshin’s favorite artists are BTS.
– He graduated from Dong Ah Institute of Media and Arts, with Major in K-pop and Acting
– Wooshin’s ideal type: cute girl with long hair, of the same height or shorter than him, who will call him “oppa”.
– Kim Woo Seok’s intro video.
– All of Wooseok’s Produce X 101 videos.

Kim Yo Han

Birth Name: Kim Yo Han (김요한)
Birthday: September 22, 1999
Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist
Company: OUI Entertainment
Nationality: Korean
Height: 181cm
Weight: 66kg
Blood Type: B

Kim Yohan Facts:
– Yo Han has trained for only 3 months.
– His skill is taekwondo (for 13 years). He has want 2 championships for taekwondo. His father was a taekwondo master and that’s why he joined in. (Episode 1)
– His hobby is playing with younger siblings.
– Her received a scholarship because of Taekwondo but did not want to let his dreams of becoming an idol slip away. Therefore he quit completely. (Episode 1)
– Kim Yo Han’s intro video.
– All of Yohan’s Produce X 101 videos.

Hwang Yun Seong

Birth Name: Hwang Yun Seong (황윤성)
Birthday: October 30, 2000
Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist, Sub-Rapper
Company: Woollim Entertainment
Nationality: Korean
Height: 179cm
Weight: 60kg
Blood Type: AB

Hwang Yun Seong Facts:
– Yun Seong has trained for a year and 1 month.
– His skill is dancing.
– His hobbies are making choreography, watching choreography, and boarding.
– Hwang Yun Seong’s intro video.
– All of Yunseong’s Produce X 101 videos.

Cha Jun Ho

Birth Name: Cha Jun Ho (차준호)
Birthday: July 9, 2002
Position: Lead Vocalist, Sub-Rapper, Visual
Company: Woollim Entertainment
Nationality: Korean
Height: 178cm
Weight: 63kg
Blood Type: A

Cha Jun Ho Facts:
– Jun Ho has trained for a year and 3 months.
– His skill is singing.
– His hobbies are watching movies and goblin language.
– Cha Jun Ho’s intro video.
– All of Junho’s Produce X 101 videos.

Lee Eun Sang

Birth Name: Lee Eun Sang (이은상)
Birthday: October 26, 2002
Position: Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Maknae
Company: Brand New Music
Nationality: Korean
Height: 179cm
Weight: 63kg
Blood Type: A

Lee Eun Sang Facts:
– Eun Sang has trained for a year and 2 months.
– His skill is singing.
– His hobbies are discovering dessert restaurants and watching movies.
– He was born in Jeju but moved to Busan when he was 2.
– He loves macaroons.
– Lee Eun Sang’s intro video.
– All of Eunsang’s Produce X 101 videos.

Who suits U Got It the best?

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