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BM (KARD) Profile and Facts

BM (KARD) Profile and Facts:

BM (비엠) is a soloist and member of the South Korean co-ed group KARD under DSP Media.

Official Accounts:
Twitter: @_bigmatthewww
Instagram: @bigmatthewww
Soundcloud: Big Matthew
TikTok: @bigmattheww

Stage Name: BM (비엠)
Birth Name: Matthew Kim
Korean Names: Kim Jin Seok (김진석)
Birthday: October 20, 1992
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Monkey
Height: 186 cm (6’2″)
Weight: 82.5 kg (181 lbs)
Blood Type: A

BM Facts:
– He is from Los Angeles, California.
– Family: Parents, two younger brothers.
– Education: BM’s major in college was Psychology. His original plan was to become a counselor, rapping and dancing were just his hobbies at the time.
– He speaks Korean, English, Spanish and Portuguese.
– His mother is a clothes designer (BM is also quite fashionable).
– His father lived in Brazil for some period of time.
BM’s getting into K-pop story: “When BM was in college he was part of a dance team who had performed in the “World of Dance” dance competition in California. It was the first time his mother had seen him dancing. His choreography was incorporated into the routine. His mother then signed him up for a “Kpop Star” audition in LA to which he was really reluctant to go because of his then poor Korean language skills, however, he ended up going and passing the audition. After traveling to Korea, he had to go through three auditions for the televised audition for “Kpop Star” where he was saved all three times by BoA. He is thankful for both BoA and his mom who initiated getting him into the K-pop industry.
– BM came to Korea in 2011 where he trained for four and a half years in total before his debut.
– BM’s mother is fluent in Spanish. She actually helped him write the Spanish lines in KARD’s song, “Dímelo”.
– He has three known tattoos.
– His stage name BM stands for the initials of Big Matthew.
– He and J.Seph were special judges on the seventh episode of “Stage K” (a new dance competition in which people around the world compete doing dance covers of K-pop groups/artists).
– He was meant to debut in a hip-hop duo with J.Seph. When BM first moved to Korea he had adjustment problems as he didn’t know Korean, J.Seph helped him a lot.
– He represents the letter ‘K‘ and the King card. During the group’s debut party, BM explained that his card is the strongest and most dependable one, therefore, that makes him the most solid foundation of the team.
– Favorite food of all time is French fries.
– Favorite artists: Monsta X, CL, J.Cole, JessiDay6Super Junior.
– If he could have any animal he wants as a pet, he would want to raise an alpaca and name it BM Jr.
– If he could be any animal he wants in the world he would want to be a lion.
– Likes taking pictures and exercising (he works out regularly).
– One of his happiest days was when he got to perform in front of his family.
– He doesn’t like pineapple on his pizza.
– BM is good friends with Jae (ex-Day6), Ashley (Ladies’ Code), Peniel (BTOB), and Woosung (The Rose)…
– If he had a lead role in a movie of his choice he would want to be the youngest gangster of a gang. He likes actor Jason Momoa.
– He always carries lip balm in his bag items whenever he has to go out.
– Some of the must-have foods he needs on tour are chicken breast and protein shake.
– He would love to collaborate with some of Korea’s top rappers (f.e. Monsta X‘s Joohoney) and Jay Park.
– He has been an MC for the talk show ‘After School’ and a guest on variety shows such as JTBC’s ‘Shall We Walk Together’ & MBC’s ‘Video Star’.
– He has appeared in Rainbow ‘Sunshine’, KARA ‘Mamma Mi’, Goo Hara ‘Choco Chip Cookies’ and Z.SUN (K.A.R.D’s choreographer) where he was also featured at ‘I’m On My Way’ MV’s.
– His solo works include songs such as ‘BOY2MAN’, ‘Beastmode’, ‘Better Myself’ and ‘Be Mine’.
– He has been ranked 47th on TC Candler ‘The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2017’ and 71st on TC Candler ‘The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2018′.
– In January 2019, BM opened up on Instagram about his struggles with insomnia.
– BM wrote his rap line of “Bomb Bomb” 15 minutes after he listened to the track. (Arirang Radio’s Sound K)
– BM was on the cover of the May 2019 issue of Korea Men’s Health magazine.
– In 2019, he joined SBS’ ‘Law of Jungle’.
– BM ranked 82nd on TC Candler’s “The 100 the Most Handsome Faces of 2019”.
– BM loves wearing beanies.
– He sees Jay Park as an inspiration. (The Daebak show with Eric Nam)
– BM created the producer tag “BM Make It Bang” which will be at the beginning of all the songs he produces.
– He’s friends with Stray Kids.
– BM has donated 20 thousand dollars to the breast cancer research association from the profit that came from his merch.
– BM has established his own clothing line. The brand name is “Staydium”, with the motto “Stay motivated. Stay Inspired”. Since his parents are working in this business they helped him to create it. Their current main product is pants.
– KARD’s second mini album “Dumb Litty” was produced by BM. This would be the first KARD official song produced by BM as he has produced “Gidd Up (pronounced as Get Up)” in the past though this song remains unreleased despite KARD performing it at concerts.
– Has a podcast with Ashley (Ladies Code) and Peniel (BtoB) called “Get Real”.
– He mentioned in a “Get Real” podcast that he wanted to be a choreographer and a counselor for kids with drug problems.
– He used a popular Korean couples’ app “Between.” (GET REAL Ep.36)
– He gets very influenced by movies. (GET REAL Ep.36)
– He exchanges girl advice with J.Seph. (GET REAL Ep.36)
– He debuted as a soloist on June 9, 2021, with the single “Broke Me”.
-He was featured in AleXa ‘s “Xtra” MV
– BM currently likes to listen to Kiana Ledé’s R&B songs. (Cr. Young Hollywood KARD interview)
– BM is featured on Jessi’s song, “Put it on ya”.
BTC: He is the founder of the BTC also known as “Big Tiddie Gang” or “Big Tiddie Committee”. It first started from a Vlive when a fan asked which body part he worked out the most and he said ” either his back or chest because a man gotta keep his tiddies big”. After some time It became a brand and has its merch and it supports breast cancer awareness and research, some of the profit from the Merch is donated to the breast cancer foundation. There are other idols who are part of the BTC, He himself said that the vice president is HongSeok from PentagonShownu from Monsta x, Wonho, Jay park, BaekHo, Bangchan from Stray kids, Mingyu from Seventeen, and others.
– His legal Korean name is Jinseok but his grandma didn’t like the name so they call him Woojin. On paper, his Korean name is Jinseok but his family calls him Woojin and he prefers Woojin. (Dive studios Catching up: Bm Kard KPDP ep #32)
BM’s ideal type: He used to be particular with who his ideal type will look like and be, however, nowadays he wants someone with a healthy mind and soul. A girl who matches well with him.

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