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Jessi Profile and Facts

Jessi Profile and Facts

Jessi (제시)
is a Korean rapper and singer under P NATION. Jessi debuted as a soloist September 15, 2015 under YMC Entertainment.

Jessi Official Fandom Name: Jebbies
Jessi Official Fan Colors:

Jessi Official Accounts:
Instagram: @jessicah_o
TikTok: @itsjessibaby

Stage Name: Jessi (제시)
Birth Name: Ho Hyun Joo (호현주) / Jessica Ho
Birthday: December 17, 1988
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Birthplace: New York
Height: 164.8 cm (5’4’’)
Weight: 47 kg (104 lbs)
Blood Type: O

Jessi Facts:
– Jessi was born in New York, but grew up in New Jersey
– She has 2 older brothers
– She moved to South Korea when she was 15
– She attended Korea Kent Foreign School
– Jessi went to the same school as Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany and Jessica
– She is a former SM trainee but left as she felt that SM didn’t fit her style of music
– She said she had a hard time getting used to Korean culture
– She used to have to sleep in saunas when she didn’t have enough money for a place to stay
– She is Christian
– Jessi’s parents are Korean immigrants
– Her Chinese zodiac sign is the Dragon
– Her IQ is 137
– She has tattoos on her left ear, left scapula and her eyebrow
– She’s admitted to getting plastic surgery and says that she regrets it
– She loves shopping
– Jessi’s pet Chewie has their own instagram account: @softandchewie.
– She originally debuted as a soloist in 2005 with the song “Get Up” and had her first comeback with the album “The Rebirth” in 2009
– She took a 5 years break from music, and left Korea to return to America
– Jessi’s surname, Ho, is a rare surname in Korea. Only more than 5,000 people have this surname.
– In 2014, Jessi returned to Korea and debuted in the trio Lucky J
– In 2015, Jessi appeared on “Unpretty Rapstar” season 1 and won 2nd place
– She featured on JYP’s song “Who’s Your Mama?” in 2015
– J.Y. Park revealed Jessi’s featuring in “Who’s Your Mama?” was Suzy‘s idea
– She appeared as a guest in various popular variety shows, like “Running Man” and “Happy Together”
– She appeared as a mentor in several episodes of “Unpretty Rapstar 2” (2015)
– She was a permanent cast of “Sister’s Slam Dunk” season 1 (2017)
– In 2018 Jessi starred on the show “Yo! MTV Raps”.
– Jessi is close to Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany and to Ailee
– Jessi is also close to Hyorin (ex member of Sistar).
– On January 2019 Jessi left YMC Entertainment and joined PSY‘s label, P NATION.
– In October 2020 she debuted as a member of the project girl group Refund Sisters / Refund Expedition.
Jessi’s Ideal Type: Ha Jung Woo

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    I’m sorry, but Jessi’s zodiac sign is Saggitarius not Libra 🙂

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  • softchangkyunn

    jessi’s fandom name is jebbies

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    Her fan name is jebbie she has said it on instagram

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    Jessi admitted that she has peed in a pool before when she was younger. You can search up the video on YouTube for evidence.

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    I have the same birthday as her!!!

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    Anyone else a Jebbie?

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  • Jay Tolentino

    Jessi was just a guest on Fun with Dumb (Dumbfoundead’s podcast) and revealed she’s the first artist signed under P Nation (Psy’s new label)


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    Jessi is a queen

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    Now she’s under P nation not YMC anymore

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    She joined Psy’s new label

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    jessi has joined p nation

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  • maryxdenzelle

    Ha Jung Woo is that Haruto and Park Jeong Woo ship name

  • Qi Xiayun

    Jessi’s surname is Ho which is a rare surname in Korea. Only more than 5,000 people have this surname.

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    I thought Jessi was 167 cm (5’6″)?

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    jessi doesn’t regret getting plastic surgery, she’s proud of it. she says this quite often.

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    Jessi is also close to Hyorin of Sistar