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B. I (iKon) Profile and Facts; B.I’s Ideal Type

B. I (iKon) Profile and Facts; B.I’s Ideal Type
Stage Name: B.I (비아이)
Birth Name: Kim Han Bin (김한빈)
Position: Leader, Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Center
Birthday: October 22, 1996
Zodiac sign: Libra
Height: 175 cm (5’9″)
Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Instagram: @shxxbi131

B. I facts:
– He was born in Seoul, South Korea.
– He has a parent and one younger sister which is 15 years younger, named Hanbyul.
– He was a contestant on “Show Me The Money 3”
– B.I hates aegyo and said he wouldn’t do it even if YG asked him to, but he did it anyways for the fans.
– B.I uses movies and books to get inspiration for his songs cause he didn’t experience a lot of things.
– He never had a girlfriend before so he was depending on his imagination to write songs.
– He appeared in Taeyang’s “Ringa Linga” MV
– He appeared in Epik High’s “Born Hater”
– He loves Mickey Mouse and Pringles snack a lot.
– He was a part of Team B on WIN.
– Once in Mix and Match, where he couldn’t take it anymore, he disappeared and then was spotted on a bench at Hangang river, gathering his thoughts while writing lyrics. He said ”I wanted to escape. I wanted to get out of the world.”
– B.I is really nice to animals. (Profile wrote by the members – Arirang TV)
– The members said that he likes boxing as a form of exercise. (Profile wrote by the members – Arirang TV)
– He wrote/composed all their songs and composed Winner’s “Empty”, contributed in Epik High’s “Born Hater”, Blackpink’s “Whistle” and three of PSY’s songs: “Bomb”, “Last Scene” and “Auto Reverse”.
– YG says he is the next G-Dragon
– iKon have moved out of their dorms and now live in 2 seperate houses, each member having their own room.
“Clean members” House: BI, Chan & Song
– He likes going to bowling or playing video games with the other members in his free time. (“Oppa Thinking” ep 9)
– He recently got close with the YG rapper One (Jung Jaewon).
– He is very hard to wake up. Chan called him once 20 times without him waking up. (konic tv)
– Chan said that B.I is the one who suggests to practice early but in the end he’s the one who sleeps in and doesn’t wake up.(konic tv)
– Out of Jay, Bobby and him, he learned dancing first and taught the other two. (“Oppa Thinking” ep 9)
– He joined YG in 2011 (“Oppa Thinking” ep 9)
– June said it’s good that B.I is the leader because he is the only one with leadership skills, but he shouldn’t frown so much because it makes him look scary. (“Oppa Thinking” ep 9)
– He really likes South American culture (“Weekly Idol” ep 306)
– He got three tattoos so far: one on his left chest saying “Nihilism”, one on his right hip bone saying “like father like son, like master like man, for the kingdom of heaven” and one on his shoulder blade of a paper lane being carried by balloons.
– B.I. and Jay were both members of the variety show, ‘Mari and I’.
– B.I is a fan of Red Velvet‘s Seulgi and TWICE‘s Dahyun.
– On June 12, 2019 Dispatch reported that B.I was accused of attempting to illegally purchase drugs in 2016.
– It was related that he wasn’t investigated by police, even if police knew about it.
– On June 12, 2019 YG announced that following the drug scandal, B.I decided to leave the band and terminate his exclusive contract.
B.I’s ideal type is a pure and innocent girl who owns slender look. Fit well in over sized cardigan and blue jeans with sneakers under slim ankles. He also said that actress Kim Jiwon from “Fight For My Way” fits his ideal type. (“Oppa Thinking” ep 9)

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  • Shravya

    Here are some recent facts about B.I! 🙂
    B.I and DK were Radio MCs recently on Honki Kiss the Radio!
    He likes to go hiking. He wants the others to join him but, they won’t. (iKON TV)
    He does a small workout routine before going to bed. i.e: Pull ups, push ups, sit ups etc.
    He has a younger sister called, Hanbyul. She loves Twice. He recently appeared with her on The Game With No Name. They both performed on Heart Shaker together on the same show! 🙂

  • Hazel

    I heard that he’s a beagle boyfriend on get it beauty HAHAHAH

  • My bias in iKON😍

  • 가끔 🕊 | 𝔱𝔢𝔪𝔭𝔬

    can we get B.I’s ideal type updated? he and bobby’s profiles use “My Type” lyrics as their ideal type which i don’t think is very accurate. B.I said in a vlive in 2017 that My Type lyrics aren’t his actual ideal type and that he just used the lyrics because they worked well. what he HAS said:

    his ideal type is someone who he can write a song about, a person’s energy/spirit is very important to him (ch+, Star Road)

    some other interesting facts about him:

    he’s explained that he got nihilism tattooed on his chest because he was really into Nietzsche and nihilism for a while, and even though his mindset has changed, he doesn’t regret the tattoo because it reminds him of how he was at 19-20 years old (ch+)

    Jinhwan says B.I has a hard time talking to girls and gets really nervous (Idol School Trip ep.1 & 5)

    he’s a big fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion (on stage during tour, fan accounts)

    he likes arranging flowers (Weekly Idol, Mimi Shop)

    he’s a fan of Twice’s Dahyun and Red Velvet’s Seulgi (Idol Room)

    he doesn’t have many friends because he has a hard time maintaining personal relationships, he isn’t very social and can be shy in real life (ch+)

    he loves physical affection (Arirang tv, Idol Room, vlive)

    he has really bad allergies, Donghyuk says his nose runs and his palms get itchy if he doesn’t take his medication (ch+)

    it’d be really cool if we could add these things, iKON are gaining a lot of new fans and i wanted to keep his profile updated and interesting, let me know if i can help in any way, thanks! 🙏🏽

  • Renn1sm

    Hanbin has new tattoo in his bellow right chest. “Fear and loathing in Las Vegas”??

  • Maria Chezza Mae Lachica

    bi is also a fan of twice dahyun

  • Hannah Asencio

    177cm is 5’8″ in feet, so I don’t think the height is correct.

  • H.

    hanbin won best songwriter of the year in melon music awards 2018

  • belle

    also, he just collaborated with LEE HI on the song NO ONE.

  • Nana Kirsten Green

    …. He just left ikon and YG……😭

  • Nyny

    stay strong ikonics

  • conspiratorial microwave

    Thanks so much YG. I mean, B.I was asking for drugs, but YG dropped him so quickly without any support or any hope of helping him. I hope that Hanbin will continue to pursue a music career, and overcome this. ikonics, fighting!

  • goodbye

    it was his choice actually and i am crying so hard right now

  • Porshea Kim

    It actually wasn’t his choice. YG decided to let him go and put out the statement before even discussing anything with Hanbin.