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MONSTA X: Who is Who?

MONSTA X: Who is Who?

[2015.5.14] Trespass

[2015.09.06] Rush

[2015.10.01] Hero

[2016.05.17] All In

[2016.08.07] Stuck

[2016.10.03] Fighter

[2017.03.21] Beautiful

[2017.06.19] Shine Forever

[2017.07.27] Newton

[2017.11.07] Dramarama

[2018.01.09] Spotlight

[2018.02.06] In Time

[2018.03.26] Jealousy

[2018.04.24] Puzzle

[2018.08.01] Livin’ It Up

[2018.10.22] Shoot Out

[2019.02.18] Alligator

[2019.03.04] Shoot Out (Japanese ver.)

[2019.03.27] Play It Cool

[2019.06.21] Who Do U Love?

[2019.07.15] X-Phenomenon

[2019.09.09] Pepsi For The Love Of It

[2019.10.16] Someone’s Someone

[2019.10.22] Find You

[2019.10.28] Follow

[2019.12.06] Middle Of The Night

** Due to personal reasons Wonho had decided to withdrawal from the group and until further notice he will not be promoting with MONSTA X **

[2020.03.30] Wish On The Same Sky

** Jooheon did not participate in this music video in order to focus on his mental health **

[2020.04.17] You Can’t Hold My Heart

[2020.05.26] Fantasia

[2020.11.02] Love Killa

[2021.02.13] Wanted

[2021.04.23] Flavors Of Love

[2021.05.17] Fantasia -Japanese ver.-

[2021.06.01] Gambler

[2021.09.10] One Day

[2021.11.19] Rush Hour

** Shownu did not participate due to enlistment **

[2021.12.10] You Problem

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