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2nd Cells Formation (Girls Planet 999) Profile

2nd Cells Formation (Girls Planet 999) Profile

The Cells
were temporary trios composed of 3 contestants of different nationalities: Korean, Chinese and Japanese. The 2nd Cell Formation took place in Episode 2 of Girls Planet 999 when the 99 girls were given the choice to form a new cell or stay with their old cell. The cells officially disbanded during Episode 6.

Cells (Episode 5 Ranking)
Rank 1

Cell Name: 22U
K-Group Member: Choi Yu Jin
C-Group Member: Cai Bing
J-Group Member: May

Rank 2

Cell Name: yxy
K-Group Member: Seo Young Eun
C-Group Member: Shen Xiao Ting
J-Group Member: Kawaguchi Yurina

Rank 3

Cell Name: Avengers
K-Group Member: Jeong Ji Yoon
C-Group Member: Su Rui Qi
J-Group Member: Ezaki Hikaru

Rank 4

Cell Name: Let’s Go Up The Mountain
K-Group Member: Kang Ye Seo
C-Group Member: Huang Xing Qiao
J-Group Member: Sakamoto Mashiro

Rank 5

Cell Name: Standby Cue
K-Group Member: Kim Chae Hyun
C-Group Member: Li Yi Man
J-Group Member: Kuwahara Ayana

Rank 6

Cell Name: BOO
K-Group Member: Kim Do Ah
C-Group Member: Xu Zi Yin
J-Group Member: Arai Risako

Rank 7

Cell Name: Angel World
K-Group Member: Huening Bahiyyih
C-Group Member: Hsu Nien Tzu
J-Group Member: Sakamoto Shihona

Rank 8

Cell Name: Break
K-Group Member: Kim Su Yeon
C-Group Member: Fu Ya Ning
J-Group Member: Nonaka Shana

Rank 9

Cell Name: Lucky 7
K-Group Member: Kim Da Yeon
C-Group Member: Wu Tammy
J-Group Member: Sakurai Miu

Rank 10

Cell Name: Thrillien
K-Group Member: Choi Ye Young
C-Group Member: Chen Hsin Wei
J-Group Member: Kubo Reina

Rank 11

Cell Name: +2
K-Group Member: Guinn Myah
C-Group Member: Yang Zi Ge
J-Group Member: Kamimoto Kotone

Rank 12

Cell Name: AJA
K-Group Member: Huh Ji Won
C-Group Member: Chia Yi
J-Group Member: Yamauchi Moana

Rank 13

Cell Name: Smile
K-Group Member: Lee Chae Yun
C-Group Member: Leung Cheuk Ying
J-Group Member: Kishida Ririka

Rank 14

Cell Name: So Cute
K-Group Member: Lee Hye Won
C-Group Member: Liang Jiao
J-Group Member: Nagai Manami

Rank 15

Cell Name: Frying Pan
K-Group Member: An Jeong Min
C-Group Member: Wang Ya Le
J-Group Member: Fujimoto Ayaka

Rank 16

Cell Name: Wishlist
K-Group Member: Kim Bo Ra
C-Group Member: Zhang Luo Fei
J-Group Member: Hayase Hana

Rank 17

Cell Name: Do Mi Sol
K-Group Member: Yoon Ji A
C-Group Member: Zhou Xin Yu
J-Group Member: Shima Moka

Rank 18 (Eliminated)

Cell Name: Triangle
K-Group Member: Kim Se In
C-Group Member: Wen Zhe (Planet Pass)
J-Group Member: Okazaki Momoko

Rank 19 (Eliminated)

Cell Name: Black Hole
K-Group Member: You Da Yeon
C-Group Member: Xu Ruo Wei
J-Group Member: Kamikura Rei

Rank 20 (Eliminated)

Cell Name: Sunlight
K-Group Member: Kim Hye Rim (Planet Pass)
C-Group Member: Ma Yu Ling
J-Group Member: Okuma Sumomo

Rank 21 (Eliminated)

Cell Name: Pretty Savage
K-Group Member: Lee Yeon Gyung
C-Group Member: Xia Yan
J-Group Member: Inaba Vivienne

Rank 22 (Eliminated)

Cell Name: DanCell
K-Group Member: Sim Seung Eun
C-Group Member: Chien Tzu Ling
J-Group Member: Ando Rinka

Rank 23 (Eliminated)

Cell Name: KoMinQi
K-Group Member: Joung Min
C-Group Member: Liang Qiao
J-Group Member: Hayashi Fuko

Rank 24 (Eliminated)

Cell Name: Palette
K-Group Member: Lee Sun Woo
C-Group Member: Poon Wing Chi
J-Group Member: Hiyajo Nagomi

Rank 25 (Eliminated)

Cell Name: KIL
K-Group Member: Kim Ye Eun
C-Group Member: Liu Shi Qi
J-Group Member: Ikema Ruan (Planet Pass)

Rank 26 (Eliminated)

Cell Name: GuLeeYu
K-Group Member: Lee Yun Ji
C-Group Member: Gu Yi Zhou
J-Group Member: Murakami Yume

Rank 27 (Eliminated)

Cell Name: KimTteokMan
K-Group Member: Lee Ra Yeon
C-Group Member: Cui Wen Mei Xiu
J-Group Member: Oki Fuka

Rank 28 (Eliminated)

Cell Name: Nine-Tailed Fox
K-Group Member: Suh Ji Min
C-Group Member: Wang Qiu Ru
J-Group Member: Ito Miyu

Rank 29 (Eliminated)

Cell Name: Cat Butler
K-Group Member: Ryu Si On
C-Group Member: Chang Ching
J-Group Member: Terasaki Hina

Rank 30 (Eliminated)

Cell Name: 890
K-Group Member: Choi Hye Rin
C-Group Member: Liu Yu Han
J-Group Member: Aratake Rinka

Rank 31 (Eliminated)

Cell Name: +1
K-Group Member: Kim Yu Bin
C-Group Member: Lin Shu Yun
J-Group Member: Nakamura Kyara

Rank 32 (Eliminated)

Cell Name: LinNaNa
K-Group Member: Han Da Na
C-Group Member: Lin Chen Han
J-Group Member: Kitajima Yuna

Rank 33 (Eliminated)

Cell Name: Rainbow
K-Group Member: Cho Ha Eun
C-Group Member: Ho Sze Ching
J-Group Member: Kanno Miyu

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