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Kim Hyerim (ex-LIMESODA, Girls Planet 999) Profile and Facts

Kim Hyerim (Ex-LIMESODA, ex-AQUA, Girls Planet 999) Profile and Facts

Kim Hyerim
(김혜림) is a South Korean singer and dancer. She is currently an independent trainee and is competing on the survival show Girls Planet 999. She is a former member of girl-groups LIMESODA and AQUA.

Birth Name: Kim Hyerim (김혜림)
Birthday: June 30, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 167 cm (5’6”)
Blood Type: O
Twitter: hyerim06301

Hyerim Facts:
– Hyerim graduated from Paju Hanbit High School
– Hyerim has many specialties, including 2x speed dance, high notes and sitting in chairs for long periods of time
– Hyerim made it to the semi finals of KPop Star 6
– She is close friends to Kriesha Chu and Sohee from Elris
– Role model: Ariana Granda
– She used to train under JYP Entertainment with TWICE‘s Dahyun, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu. She is still close friends with them
– On March 6, 2020 it was announced Hyerim left LIMESODA due to conflicts and disagreement with the company.
– She is said to look like a smiling puppy
– She is currently a contestant on Girls Planet 999.

Girls Planet 999 Info
Introduction Video
– Signal Song Ranking (Episode 0): K-04
– 1st Top 9 Evaluation: Top 9 Candidate
– Introduction Key Word: “Main Vocal, it’s me”
– 1st Cell: Sunlight (with C-Group Ma Yuling and J-Group Okuma Sumomo)
– Connect Mission (Ep. 3): Keep Missing You (Main Vocal/Leader) [Voting Benefit Recieved / Whole challenge win)
– Episode 5 Cell Ranking: 20th Place (Planet Pass)
– Episode 5 Individual Rank: K-20

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