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Break (Girls Planet 999) Members Profile

Break (Girls Planet 999) Members Profile

Break was a temporary cell trio for the show Girls Planet 999 during the 2nd cell formation. The members consist of Fu Yaning, Suyeon and Shana. They made their first appearance near the end of episode 2 and finished with their last appearance on episode 8 on Girls Planet 999. Unfortunately, none of them made it to the final line-up of Kep1er.

Members Profile
Fu Yaning (Eliminated Episode 12)
Stage Name: YENNY / Fu Yaning (푸야닝)
Birth Name: Fu Yaning (푸야닝)
English Name: Jessie Fu
Birthday: July 14, 1997
Company: Gramarie Entertainment
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Kim Suyeon (Eliminated Episode 12)

Stage Name: Sheon (션)
Birth Name: Kim Suyeon (김수연)
Birthday: January 28, 2003
Company: Mystic Story Entertainment
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Nonaka Shana (Eliminated Episode 12)

Stage Name: Shana (샤나)
Birth Name: Nonaka Shana (노나카 샤나)
Birthday: March 13, 2003
Company: MLD Entertainment
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