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22U (Girls Planet 999) Members Profile

22U (Girls Planet 999) Members Profile

was a temporary cell trio for the show Girls Planet 999 during the 2nd cell formation. The members consist of May, Cai Bing and Choi Yujin. They made their first appearance near the end of episode 2 and finished with their last appearance on episode 8 on Girls Planet 999.


22U Members Profile
Cai Bing

Stage Name:
 Cai Bing (蔡冰)
Birth Name: Cai Bing (蔡冰)
Position: Rapper, Vocalist
Birthday: December 22, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Pig
Nationality: Chinese
Height: 165 cm (5’5″)

Cai Bing Facts:
– Her hobbies are kart racing, skating and bungee jumping.
– Her specialties are dancing, dance covers of boy groups, rapping.
– Motto: “A charismatic kitty woken up from sleep ♡ CAI BING”
– Cell: [22U] Choi Yujin (K), Cai Bing (C), May (J)
– She was introduced with the connect keyword “Girl who loves chicken feet”
– In episode 1, she ranked C27 for the Signal Song.
– In episode 1, Sunmi praised Cai Bing for how alluring she is.
– In episode 2, the masters picked the TOP 9 and she ranked 8th.
– In episode 5, her cell ranked 1st.
– In episode 5, she was ranked 7th in the TOP 9.
– She performed “How You Like That” by BLACKPINK with team 1 for the Connect Mission.
– She performed “Salute” by Little Mix in a dance-based team of 9 for the Combination Mission.
– In episode 8, she ranked C04, also ranking 8th in the TOP 9.
– She performed “Snake” with team ‘Medusa’ for the Creation Mission.
– She performed with Team 2 for the O.O.O Mission.
– Final rank: C08, 26th
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Choi Yujin

Stage Name:
 Yujin (유진)
Birth Name:
 Choi Yu Jin (최유진)
 Vocalist, Dancer, Visual
 August 12, 1996
Zodiac Sign:
Chinese Zodiac Sign:
 South Korean
 163 cm (5’4″) / 162.1 cm (5’3″)

Choi Yujin Facts:
– Yujin’s representative fruit: Strawberry.
– Her nicknames are Yu-mouse, rabbit, Jinni.
– Education: Hanlim Multi Art School.
– She was born in Jeonju, North Jeolla, South Korea.
– She trained the longest among the CLC members, for over 4 years.
– Yujin is fluent in Japanese, she took a JLPT exam.
– Yujin can play the harmonica.
– She’s good at different types of dances such us belly dance, popping, locking.
– Her hobbies are pilates and watching movies.
– It is said she has the best body proportions in the group.
– She’s very flexible and can do splits.
– She takes long showers.
–Yujin prefers pizza over hamburgers. (Instagram)
– She appeared in G.NA’s “Pretty Lingerie” MV and BtoB’s “Beep Beep” MV.
– Seunghee and Yujin are the CUBE girls who sing ‘Perfume’ ft BEAST/Highlight’ Yeoseob.
– She gets teased a lot by the members.
– She’s the fake maknae of the group.
– She appeared on TV show “Real Men” in August 2015.
– She acted in “Green Fever”.
– Yujin acted in “Nightmare Teacher”.
– She has her own room in the dorm.
– Her ideal type: Nam Joohyuk.
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Stage Name:
May (메이)
Birth Name:
Hirokawa Mao (廣川茉音)
November 16, 2004
Zodiac Sign:
Chinese Zodiac Sign:
173 cm (5’7″)

May Facts:
– She is from Japan.
– May has a baby face and her personality matches it so well. She’s just a giant baby. (Cherry Bullet – Insider Channel)
– Her nickname is Giant baby.
– She dislikes exercising.
– She has a dog named Sora.
– Her favorite color is white.
– She makes her own foam cleansing for her face in the morning. (Cherry Bullet – Insider Channel)
– She can do rhythmic gymnastics.
– Her hobbies are oil painting and drinking coffee.
– Her concept specialty is X-ray vision.
–  She loves eating. She even states that her specialty is eating deliciously.
– She can play the piano.
– She admires Momoland.
– Her motto is “Anytime, anywhere – fighting!
– She characterized herself with these words: “Cheerful and bubbly MAY comforts others’ eyes with great physique and cheerful performance!”.
– Her first rank was J12.
– She performed “Boogie Up” by WJSN with  (Team ‘Sparkling Girls’).
– She was ranked 6th by the jury in the episode 2.
– She made a cell with Choi Yujin and Cai Bing for the first round Connect Mission.
– She performed “How You Like That” by Blackpink (Team 1 ‘Plan Girls’) for the Connect Mission. Her team won.
– Her cell was ranked 1st in the episode 2.
– Her second rank was J04.
– Her cell was ranked 1st in the episode 5.
– She chose to perform “Fate” by Lee Sunhee (6-girl Team ‘Present’). Her team won.
– Her third rank was J08.
– She was chosen to perform “U+Me=LOVE” team.
– She performed “U+Me=LOVE” (Team ‘7 LOVE Minutes’). Her team won.
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