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AY-EN Members Profile and Facts

AY-EN Members Profile; AY-EN Members Facts

AY-EN is a Sakha girl group under YS Entertainment. The group consists of Gulya, Tuyaara, Sarkho and Edita. They were first announced on December 13, 2021. They debuted with the single “Ый” (“Moon”) on February 27, 2022.

AY-EN Official Media:
Instagram: ayen_ys
Tiktok: ayen.ys
YS Entertainment Instagram: ysentertainment.official
YS Entertainment Youtube: YS entertainment

AY-EN Members:

Stage Name: Edita (Эдита)
Birth Name: Edita Eduardovna Sleptsova (Эдита Эдуардовна Слепцова)
Probable Position: Soft Vocalist
Birthday: April 25, 1997
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Ox
Height: 159 cm (5’2″)
MBTI Type:
Instagram: editabyedita
TikTok: editabyedita/editabyedita97

Edita Facts:
– She is from Mayya village, Meghino-Kangalasski district.
– Her family consists of her parents, older sister, younger brother, and younger sister.
– She attended musical school and took violin classes.
– Graduated from Yakutsk Institute of Water Transport, Department of Electric Energy and Electric Technics.
– She learned singing from her grandmother, who was a singer.
– She enjoys babysitting, especially with her niece.
– She likes Musa from WinX cartoon series.
– She can play guitar.
– She loves watching sunrises.
– She likes eating pasta and ramen.
– She likes the smell of earth, cellars, wet concrete and taste of clay.
– She is interested in soccer.
– She loves Disney princesses.
– Her favorite singer is Chris Brown.
– As she says, she is confident due to intense practicing and audience giving their support to the group.
– Her favorite movies are Ready Player One, Pitch Perfect 3, Perfetti Sconosciuti, In Time (2011) and Fall (2022).
– Her favorite Korean actresses are Lee Sung Kyung and Park Shin Hye.


Stage Name: Sarkho (Сархо)
Birth Name: Sardaana Arkadiyevna Khovrova (Сардаана Аркадьевна Ховрова)
Probable Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Lyricist
Birthday: May 27, 1998
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Tiger
Height: 160 cm (5’2″)
Weight: 43.7 kg (90.3 lbs)
MBTI Type:
Instagram: capxoo
TikTok: capxowa
YouTube: САРХО Сардаана Ховрова

Sarkho Facts:
– She is from Ust-Aldanski district. She was born in Kurbusakh village, studied at school in Borogontsy village.
– She loves to take challenges and tries to find something new everyday, as she says.
– She is a postgraduate student at Ammosov North Eastern Federal University, she studies Chinese.
– She was part to the student union in NEFU.
– She was a member of the student comedic league.
– She has drawing skills.
– She used to study Chinese in Harbin, and still studies it sometimes.
– She loves visiting Seoul.
– She often dyes her hair.
– She easily eats lemon.
– Her favorite genre of music is R’n’B.
– She thinks the style that suits her is vintage.
– Her favorite movie is The Greatest Showman.
– She is a fan of Jackson Wang.
– Her favorite contestant on Boys Planet was Park Gunwook.
– Things she loves are adventures, stylish looks, hugs with her family, good deeds, learning something new, dancing, coziness, being on full display and life itself.
– She values her family, friends, being intimate with them; art, creativeness and its manifestations; liberty of mind and opinions; spiritual development; kindness to all things, respect for your and others’ deeds.
– She works as a sales manager full time.
– According to Edita, she looks like a cat.
– She loves reciting poetry, she won some contest in it.
– She was a winner of her school’s beauty and talent pageant.
– She had participated in translating the olonkho, the Sakha folk epic.
– She was an announcer in a concert in Saint-Petersburg, probably related to Chinese culture.
– She works as an SMM manager.


Stage Name: Tuyaara (Туйаара)
Birth Name: Tuyaara Gavriliyevna Petrova (Туйаара Гаврильевна Петрова)
Probable Position: Power Vocalist, Rapper
Birthday: September 27, 1998
Astrological Sign: Libra
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rabbit
Height: 157 cm (5’1″)
MBTI Type:
Instagram: yara_ptrv_
TikTok: ayen_tuya

Tuyaara Facts:
– She is from Oktyomtsy village, Khangalasski district.
– She has 3 brothers.
– She describes herself as a person, who seeks balance in all things.
– Despite being serious and professional in people’s eyes, Tuyaara thinks she is very funny person.
– Graduated from Ammosov North Eastern Federal University, Faculty of Law, in 2020. She also finished postgraduate program there in 2022.
– She began performing on scene since 7 years old.
– Before debut she released her own song “Be Yourself” in March 12, 2021.
– She can sing with a child’s voice.
– She works as a consultant in the bankruptcy lawyer office.
– She composed the melody for the group’s song “Сыдьаай” (“Shine Brightly”).
– She has a lot of nephews, with whom she loves to go out.
– She had frequent sleep paralysis when she was a child.
– She has a driver’s license since 2017.
– In her singer job, she likes recording songs the most.
– She is very intelligent.
– She can make envelopes very fast.
– Her favorite color is green.
– Her favorite numbers are 9 and 27.
– Her favorite food is shawarma.
– Her favorite Korean noodle type is bibimmyeon.
– Her favorite cuisines are East Asian, Russian and Sakha.
– Her favorite drink is watermelon lemonade.
– Her favorite cartoon movie is The Lion King.
– She is a cat person, but loves all animals.
– She has two cats in her house. Peach is the name of one of her cats.
– She would like to have a shiba inu dog.
– Out of South Korean movies and dramas, she recommends watching Gonjiam, Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Midnight, Goblin, Pinocchio, Love in the Moonlight, Reply 1988.
– Her favorite seasons are spring amd autumn, as she thinks there is a temperature balance during them.
– She is a fan of Suga (Agust D) and Jessi.
– Her another bias in BTS is J-hope.
– Her shoe size is 37.
– She is afraid of sharp things and spiders.


Stage Name: Gulya (Гуля)
Birth Name: Aigul Raviliyevna Neustroyeva (Айгуль Равильевна Неустроева)
Probable Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist, Youngest
Birthday: April 15, 1999
Astrological Sign: Aries
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rabbit
Height: 157 cm (5’1″)
MBTI Type:
Instagram: gulya_gulya.n
TikTok: gulya_gulya.n

Gulya Facts:
– She is from Yakutsk.
– She is a student at Arctic State Institute of Culture and Arts, Folklore branch.
– She graduated from Yakutsk College of Culture, Variety and Jazz branch.
– She has been doing music since her 4 years old.
– She can play piano and ukulele.
– She describes herself as Sakha-speaking Southern girl.
– She loves pink color.
– She works as a music teacher in a kindergarten.
– Her favorite K-pop group is Stray Kids, her biases are Hyunjin and Felix.
– She wants to visit South Korea.
– She is a fan of Korean cuisine, her favorite Korean dish is bibimpap.
– She likes spicy foods.
– Her favorite sweets are cinnamon buns.
– She is interested in soccer, her favorite football club is Paris Saint-Germain.
– She likes Porsche cars.
– She does cuisine and makes arrangements in music in her free time.
– She also reads biographic novels and watches documentary films about famous musicians.
– Other members think that she is the most mysterious person they had ever met.

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