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Yeva Shakor Profile and Facts

Yeva Shakor Profile and Facts

Yeva Shakor is a Sakha actress, singer and choreographer. She debuted with the single “Ийэбэр” (“To My Mother”) on March 4, 2021 under her real name.

Yeva Shakor SNS:
Instagram: @eve_diamonda

Stage Name: Yeva Shakor (Ева Шакор)
Birth Name: Yevdokiya Mikhailovna Kuzmenko (Евдокия Михайловна Кузьменко)
Birthday: June 30, 1991
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Goat
Height: 162 cm (5’2″)
Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs)
MBTI Type: E—

Yeva Shakor Facts:
– She was born in Yakutsk.
– She was raised in Boronuk village, Verkhnoyanski district, Sakha Republic.
– Her mother is Even, her father is Ukrainian.
– She has four sisters.
– School education: Yakutsk Republican Lyceum, Mathematician class.
– College education: MISIS University of Science and Technology (graduated from in 2014); East-Siberian State Institute of Culture (graduated from in 2015); Yakutsk Governmental Management Institute (graduated from in 2016); Arctic State Institute of Arts and Culture (graduated from in 2020).
– She is married and switched her surname to Shamayeva.
– Her husband is an actor too, whom she met at The Fence movie shootings.
– She has dogs named Cholbon-Syrbai (it has heterochromic eyes) and Rex.
– She has driver’s license and a car.
– She describes her personality as emotional and emollient.
– She planned to go to work to Mirnyi mines, but she didn’t want to because she wanted to stay close to her parents.
– Soon after her mother opened a theater of peoples of the North, and asked Yeva if she wanted to work there.
– She has been dancing Northern peoples fok dances since 3 years old in her mother’s ensemble named Gulun.
– With her ensemble she visited half of the Earth.
– She wanted to become a movie actress since childhood and didn’t tell this wish to anyone.
– She has claustrophobia. During filming of Ghostly Khomus she experienced it deeply.
– Her religion is Orthodox Christianity.
– She is a certificated fitness trainer.
– Her hobbies are travelling and reading.
– When asked why she is so skinny she answers it that she is pretty fit, she wakes up at night to refill.
– Her mother urged her not to follow her in culture path, but, as she says, her fate thought otherwise.
– She loves being with no ruckus around.
– She works as a folk dances choreographer for a student college troupe since 2013.
– In 2012-2014 she had worked in Olonkho Theater.
– She visited Canada in 2019.
– She is also a voice actress in a cartoon series.
– She doesn’t take offers on crowd shots.
– She wears lenses.
– She can sew, draw portraits and do splits.
– She can play drums, khomus and guitar.
– The kinds of dances she can do are Waltz, Bachata, Zumba, Duet, Oriental, Arabic, Disco, Classical, Indian, Contemp, Historical, Modern, Folk, Theater, Belly Dance, Gypsy, Ethnic.

Yeva Shakor Filmography:
– Суорумньу (Love Meeting) (2010) – ?
– Kүлүк хомус (Ghostly Khomus) (2018) – Sardaana
– Экспедиция (Expedition) (2019) – ?
– Враг по крови (Enemy By Blood) (2019) – ?
– Дьол тааhа (Jewel of Happiness) (2021) – ?
– К.Ц.Ф. (Freelance Call Center) (2022) – Vika
– Граница (The Fence) (2024) – she
– Абаасылаах хаус (House With A Ghost) (2024) – ghost wife
– Вахтовик (Shift Worker) (?) – Lena
– Хируурдар (Хирурги, Surgeons) (?) – surgeon

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