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Hyunjin (Stray Kids) Profile and Facts

Hyunjin (Stray Kids) Profile and Facts
Stage Name: Hyunjin (현진)
Birth Name: Hwang Hyun-jin (황현진)
Birthday: March 20, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 179 cm (5’10.5”)
Blood Type: B
Spotify: You Will Love Hyunjin’s Favorites

Hyunjin Facts:
– He was born in Seoul, South Korea.
– He is an only child.
– When he was a kid he lived for a while in Las Vegas (he went to kindergarten in Las Vegas for a short while when he was 6-7 years old).
– When he lived in Las Vegas he used the name Sam.
– His nicknames are Jinnie and “The Prince”.
– He attended SOPA (School of Performing Arts) in Seoul, where he studied Practical Dance. (Graduated in Feb 2019)
– He trained for 2 years.
– He can speak basic English.
– He thinks his charming point is his lips.
– Hyunjin has a beauty spot/mark under his left unlid.
– His shoe size is 270 mm.
– He has a dog named Kkami, which he raises since he was 16.
– Hyunjin is allergic to cat fur. (vlive)
– His hobbies are dancing, reading books and playing sports.
– Hyunjin’s favourite colours are black and white. (vLive)
– His favorite season is autumn.
– His favorite food is sushi.
– He can’t eat onions, carrots, or eggplants.
– His favorite fruit is watermelon. (Twitter Live Q & A)
– He said he likes all the fruits except for persimmon. (Stray Kids show)
– Wants to travel a lot. (Hyunjin and Jeongin’s Dazed magazine interview)
– He was really curious as a child, so he participated in many competitions.
– He wanted to become a singer because being on stage made him very happy and music is very appealing to him.
– He likes to listen to Dean and Crush sunbaenims’ songs. (Hyunjin and Jeongin’s Dazed magazine interview)
– Before going to sleep he reads fans comments on the fancafe because it makes him very happy and then check what tomorrow’s schedule is. (Hyunjin and Jeongin’s Dazed magazine interview)
– Hyunjin helps I.N a lot. About 10 times a day. (Hyunjin and Jeongin’s Dazed magazine interview)
– If he wasn’t in Stray Kids, he would be an interior designer. (vLive 180424)
– He talks in his sleep.
– Hyunjin is the hardest to wake up.
– He says he looks like his mom but with his dad’s nose. (Ceci Korea)
– His favorite killing part in a song is his rap in “Grow Up” which Han wrote for him.
– He uses a mask at night and drinks lots of water. (Ceci Korea)
– He eats a lot in the morning and stops eating after 4pm. (Ceci Korea)
– Hyunjin’s friends and classmates call him the “Prince” because of his handsome looks and talent.
– Hyunjin, D-CRUNCH‘s Chanyoung, and VERIVERY‘s Yongseung are SOPA classmates.
– Hyunjin prefers mulnaengmyeon (cold noodles) over bibim naengmyeon (spicy cold noodles).
– I.N said Hyunjin cries the most out of all members. He once entered the room and saw Hyunjin crying while reading comic because he was touched.
– The one Hyunjin talks to the most on the phone is I.N.
– Hyunjin’s must wear accessories are ring and necklace.
– He has a cross necklace that he wears often.
– Hyunjin chose dogs over cats because he has Kami. (Stray Kids Amigo TV ep 1)
– Expensive things Hyunjin bought recently was his ring (actually his mom bought it for him).
– Hyunjin has a bracelet that supports abandoned cats and dogs.
– Things he’d like doing during vacation: going at a water park and eating delicious food
– Things he dislikes doing during vacation: hiking on a difficult track
– If he has to describe himself in five words, it is “The Passionate Final Round Boss” (yeol-jeong kkeut-pan-wang in Korean) (Stray Kids Amigo TV ep 1).
– He was born on the same day as TOO‘s Minsu.
– He’s friends with Younghoon of The Boyz and Bomin of Golden Child, Daehwi of AB6IX.
He wants to travel to France. (“Idol Radio”)
– I.N used to be his roommate.
– Update: In the new dorm Hyunjin, Bang Chan, Lee Know and Seungmin share a room.
– Hyunjin has the loudest alarm that can be heard by the whole dorm.
– Since they moved to a new dorm, and uses a different room from I.N, I.N hears the alarm and comes into Hyunjin’s room to wake him up.
– Hyunjin made a cameo in the Web drama “A-Teen Season 2” ep 16 (2019) alongside I.N.
– His motto: “Let’s try even when you regret it later.”
– His role model is GOT7‘s Jinyoung.
– He is an MC on “Show Music Core”.
Hyunjin’s ideal type: “Someone who would listen to my worries well and can empathize to them as if it’s their own worries.”

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