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Alfred Sun Profile & Facts

Alfred Sun Profile & Facts
Alfred Sun (孙英豪) is an independent Singaporean singer-songwriter and actor. He made his debut with his first single, ‘Vampire (重生)’, on February 25, 2022.

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Alfred Sun Social Media:
Instagram: @sealfred
YouTube: Alfred Sun 孙英豪
Facebook: Alfred Sun 孙英豪
Twitter: @alfredsunn
TikTok: @alfredsunn
Weibo: Alfred Sun 孙英豪

Stage Name: Alfred Sun (孙英豪)
Birth Name: Alfred Sng
Chinese Name: Sun Yinghao (孙滢皓)
Birthday: November 16, 1991
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Blood Type:
Nationality: Singaporean

Alfred Sun Facts:
— Birthplace: Singapore
Education: Nanyang Polytechnic, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Graphic Design Department)
(Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Graphic Communications)
— Nicknames: Fred, White Rabbit, Uncle
— Alfred has trained in South Korea, China and Taiwan.
— His current activities are being managed by RELE.
— He co-wrote his debut single ‘Vampire (重生)’. It represents self-captivity, self-growth and celebrates new beginnings. The song took 10 months to create.
— Alfred can speak English fluently.
— In 2010, he took part in the JYP and Alpha Entertainment auditions in Singapore. One of his closest dance crew friends convinced him to take part. He passed both rounds of auditions and was offered a contract with Alpha Entertainment.
— Alfred would spend a short period of time in South Korea, training in singing, dancing, and language. He trained with former SKarf members Tasha and Ferlyn, and Elaine Yuki.
— Alfred served in the Singaporean military for two years, and it was because of this that he was unable to go back to South Korea for further training. He and Alpha Entertainment tried to defer the enlistment, but it didn’t work.
— Alfred and Jackson Wang were part of the same audition. They would sometimes text before and a while after Jackson’s debut.
— He would rank himself 7 out of 10 (because he is short), but 8, judging by face value.
— He doesn’t like belly buttons. If he had to touch his own one, he would cringe.
— His favorite singer is JJ Lin.
— Alfred’s shoe size is 40.
— He likes having blonde hair the most.
— He likes singing, dancing, photography, filmmaking and designing. Anything that has to do with Arts and Music.
— He has been dancing for about 12 years. He took part in dance recitals.
— One of Alfred’s favorite music genres is dance pop.
— He has been singing for about 6 years.
— Alfred uploads dance covers on his TikTok account quite often.
— He doesn’t like spicy foods and vegetables.
— He likes to sit in the shower.
— He likes seals. This is also why he named his Instagram @sealfred.
— He has a YouTube channel, where he sometimes uploads videos of his experiences, and would upload covers.
— Alfred was a contestant on the 2020 Chinese survival show ‘We Are Young’. He was one of two Singaporean contestants, and was the only independent contestant to make it to the top 30 and stand in the A-Zone for the theme song filming.
— Alfred is very talkative.
— Alfred came in first place when he submitted an audition video for We Are Young, and so he got to ‘represent Singapore’.
— He was the oldest contestant on We Are Young.
— Alfred was a contestant on The Voice Singapore & Malaysia. He made it to the final four in Ding Dang (Della)’s team.
— He used to be in a dance crew. In 2010, his crew wanted to participate in a K-POP dance competition held by Teenage Magazine. He listened to K-POP and watched the performance videos for inspiration, and this is when he started to gain respect for the artists.
— He made his acting debut in 2018, playing one of the lead roles in The Authority’s fashion film Summerdaze. He also had a guest role in the Taiwanese drama, HIStory 3: Make Our Days Count, as Xiao Ying (class two student) in 2019.
— He has appeared in many advertisements for McDonalds, Innisfree, Huawei, etc.
— He has appeared in Estelle Fly’s ‘Blue’ and The Sam Willows’ ‘Keep Me Jealous’ music videos.
— Alfred appeared on the first season of ‘Jungle Voice’ in 2018.
— Alfred started playing the piano when he was 10 years old. This is when he was exposed to music.
— Alfred has worked on a freelance basis, doing graphic design and animation.
— His first encounter with K-POP music was when he got into an argument with his sister who was, back then, a huge fan of 2AM. She had attended one of their concerts, and took lots of photos. He had borrowed her camera for a photography assignment, and had deleted all the photos, not knowing she hadn’t transferred them yet.
— Alfred likes the song ‘Sixteen Going On Seventeen’ from The Sound of Music.
— David (Summerdaze castmate) thinks Alfred looks like a tadpole.
— Alfred is good friends with former SKarf member Tasha.
— He is set to star in Summerdaze: The Series. This will be Singapore’s first BL drama.

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