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Park Geonwook Profile & Facts

Park Geonwook Profile and Facts

Park Geonwook
is currently a trainee at Jellyfish Entertainment. He is best known for his appearance on MBC‘s survival show Extreme Debut: Wild Idol.

Stage Name: Park Geonwook (박건욱)
Birth Name: Park Geon-wook (박건욱)
Birthday: 2005
Zodiac Sign:
Nationality: Korean
Height: 183cm
Weight: 73kg
Blood Type:

Park Geonwook Facts:
– His specialty is jump rope
– On Extreme Debut: Wild Idol he auditioned as a rapper and was known as Contestant 16
– He received a lot of praise for his rap but was ultimately eliminated in the final episode
– He was part of a dance team in junior high school
– His favourite colour is red
– A nickname he wants his fans to call him is 황금막내 (Golden Maknae)
– He thinks the animal he resembles is a tiger
– He thinks his charm is his big eyes and big hands
– His bucket list is to improve his singing skills and make a lot of memories with his fans
– His goal is to make a mark in Korean popular music
– The nickname he would give his fans is 건아 (Geon-ah)
– The music genres he is interested in are R&B and Jazz
– His favourite season is winter because he likes the mood and also because his birthday is in winter
– His favourite snack is chocolate ice cream
– He has a habit of biting his lips when he’s nervous or concentrating
– He wants to learn to play the piano
– When he’s stressed he eats delicious food
– His favourite movie is La La Land because of the OST, colours and the cinematography
– He likes to watch action movies and thrillers
– The song he listens to when he’s having a hard time is Die For You by The Weeknd
– His role model is Chris Brown
– If he had one wish he would wish for everyone to be healthy
– His unique eating habit is dipping sweet and sour pork in soy sauce with vinegar and red pepper flakes
– The last thing he wants to eat before he dies is braised spicy chicken made by his mom
– He said Kijoong was the contestant who took care of him the most on Extreme Debut: Wild Idol because he chose his team in the teamwork mission and bought him food and coffee
– He was the student vice president of his middle school for two years in a row

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