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Sungjin (DAY6) Profile

Sungjin (DAY6) Profile and Facts:

Sungjin (성진) is a member of the South Korean boy group DAY6.

Stage Name: Sungjin (성진)
Birth Name: Park Sung Jin (박성진)
Nationality: Korean
Birthday: January 16, 1993
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 178 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 75 kg (165 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Instagram: @sungddenly
Youtube: @ParksungJjin_2YA

Sungjin Facts:
– Sungjin’s hometown is Busan, South Korea, however he later moved to Seoul, South Korea.
– In Day6 his positions are Leader, Main Vocalist, and Rhythm Guitarist.
– Sungjin can play the guitar, piano and bass guitar.
– His fellow members noticed that when they are performing Sungjin tends to shake his hips unknowingly.
– Sungjin has an older sister.
-He is under JYP Entertainment.
– His hobbies include playing sports and games.
– Some fans think he looks similar to Jungkook of BTS.
– Sungjin was a member of 5LIVE, which was the original formation of Day6, and made a soft debut in 2014. Later the band changed their name to Day6 after fans compared them to the American band Maroon 5.
– On Twitter Sungjin likes to post about the foods he has eaten that day, especially if he goes abroad.
– He speaks basic English.
– Something that makes him happy is when Wonpil sleeps instead of talks to him, because Wonpil asks a lot of questions he doesn’t know the answer to.
– The maknae line gets nagged by Sungjin a lot.
– Sungjin was accepted into JYPE in 2010 after singing the song “Why Goodbye” by Peabo Bryson at his audition.
– He trained with Jinyoung and JB before they debuted in GOT7.
JB of GOT7 and Sandeul from B1A4 are two of his good friends (He has known Sanduel since elementary school).
– In 2009, the Korean movie “Wish” was being filmed at Sungjin’s high school, so he can be seen in the background during one scene for 6 minutes and 8 seconds.
– Sungjin thinks his best feature are his eyes.
– One of Wonpil‘s nicknames for Sungjin is ‘Bear’, which eventually became his nickname for the fans.
– He can speak in the Busan dialect.
– When Sungjin first became a trainee he didn’t know how to play any instruments.
– In 2009 Sungjin won a singing competition called Jin Chin Chin Song Festival.
– Sungjin has said that before he debuted he used to be really shy, but as he was exposed to the spotlight he became more confident.
– Sungjin feels proud of himself when he finishes writing a song when he is not feeling well, and the song turns out good.
Jae thinks he looks like Lee Min-Ho.
– Sungjin doesn’t like it when Wonpil does aegyo.
– If Sungjin wasn’t in Day6 he would want to be a therapist.
– On the ‘Duet Song Festival’ Sungjin sang the song ‘For Her’ with Sin Hyo-beom.
– He can imitate Spongebob’s laugh and Mr. Crabs.
– Sungjin is actually a really good dancer, he just tends to do ugly dances in broadcasts.
– Sungjin’s favorite color is orange.
– Sungjin feels doesn’t like doing skinship.
– Sungjin confessed to eating soap when he was a kid during a game of would you rather.
– When asked by Dowoon which group he would like to get close to, Sungjin said Monsta X.
– One of Jae‘s nicknames for Sungjin is “Bob” because he thinks he looks like Bob the Builder.
– Sungjin appeared on an episode of the second season of ‘Hidden Singer’, in which he competed against JYP.  Sungjin had to try to make his voice sound the same as JYP‘s, however he was eliminated in the third round (his voice did not imitate JYP good enough).
– For Day6’s Halloween performance of ‘Sweet Chaos’ on ‘M Countdown’ Sungjin dressed as ‘Bob the Builder’.
– One of Young K‘s nicknames for Sungjin is the “Mosquito head hunter” since he always kills mosquitoes (Day6’s first DJ Vlive).
– Sungjin appeared on the 305 episode of Weekly Idol as a masked idol.
Wonpil used to be Sungjin’s roommate. (Bugs! live)
– Update: In the new dorm, each member has their own room.
– Sungjin announced that he enlisted in the military on March 8, 2021. He was discharged on September 7, 2022.
– Sungjin’s Ideal Type: A girl similar to his mom. He said he prefers shorter hair, and somebody sexy and tall. (Ariran Radio interview).

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