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XEED Members Profile

XEED Members Profile: XEED Facts

XEED (씨드) is a 4-member South Korean pre-debut boy group that consists of Doha, Bao, Jaemin and Roni. They’re under Nature Space Entertainment.

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XEED Official Sites:
Twitter: Xeed_Official
Instagram: xeed__official/
Tiktok: nature_space_ent

XEED Members Profile:

Stage Name: Doha (도하)
Birth Name: Park Hyo Jun (박효준), but legally changed it to Park Do Ha (박도하)
Position: Leader, Vocal
Birthday: March 27th, 1992
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 175 cm (5’8″)
Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: @parkdoha (verified account)
YouTube: 박도하
Soundcloud: 박도하

Park Doha Facts:
– Doha was the first XEED member to be revealed on March 14th, 2022.
– He is a former SM trainee.
– He was a contestant on BOYS24, but was eliminated and didn’t make it into IN2IT.
– During that casting show, he was the first member of Unit Black and also leader of Unit White.
– Before joining BOYS24 together, Doha used to attend Def Dance Skool with IN2IT’s Jiahn and Yeontae and DKB‘s E-Chan.
– He is best friends with IN2IT’s Jiahn and Yeontae since they were young.
– His fandom name is Ddallaemi (딸래미) which means Daughter.
– He was on the first episode of MIXNINE but only for auditions, not for the show.
– His rolemodels are TVXQ.
– His specialties are singing and dancing.
– He has dimples when he smiles.
– He rides his bicycle everywhere.
– He changed his name when he was 21 years old to symbolize that even in hard times, he can grow and flourish because Doha means Mud Lotus Flower.
– Has a pure image.
– Doha is the youngest among his siblings, an older brother and two sisters.
– He signed an exclusive contract with music label Million Market in May 2018 but didn’t debut yet because of his enlistment.
– He finished his military service on December 19, 2020.
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Stage Name: Roni (로니)
Birth Name: Jeong Rowoon (정로운)
Position: Vocal
Birthday: July 31, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 174 cm (5’8″)
Weight: 55 kg (121 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: roni_0731
Tiktok: Roni0731
Youtube: 로니RONI

Roni Facts:
– He introduced himself as XEED’s smile in a youtube video with Kim Miso/Ebtisam. This was a pun on her name because it means smiling in Arabic and she calls herself Miso in Korean which means smile.
– Doha said Roni is XEED’s vocal in one of his instagram stories.
– He was a member of Off The Cuff.
– He’s been to Japan and also knows some Japanese.
– He debuted as a soloist with the first single “You Are” on March 29, 2021 under stage name Roni.
– Roni really wants to show that he has lots of skills.
– He has dry skin.
– In his free time he watches Netflix and dramas.
– He likes pilsner beer and red lager.
– If he could change his body with someone else, it would be Off The Cuff‘s Peter because “his body is normal”.
– He wants to give good vibes with his music.
– He’s a sensitive man. Whem watching movies, he gets really absorbed in the scenes and feelings.
– He’s also warmhearted and easily gets hurt when others seem not to care about him as much as he does about them.
– His family only had one mp3-player so he had to share it with his brother and and imagined himself being a singer whenever he was listening to the music. He stated that mp3 was the most helpful thing in his life.
– He really likes listening to music and also feels the lyrics of the song. Because of that he wanted to become an idol and make music himself.
– His strength is understanding people and getting their heart when they come to him.
– His weakness is that he suppresses his feelings because he cares way too much and worries to hurt people even if they hurt him already.
– He appreciates that everyone in XEED has different positions and helping each other. Also he feels like they care well for him.
– Once when the members went out for lunch together, Doha ordered a side menu for Roni. That was unexpected for Roni but he also thought it’s sexy and very cool and felt touched by it.
– He’s determined to not cause any harm to the members. He will do his best and wants to be someone that the members need.


Stage Name: Bao (바오)
Birth Name: Bae Seongyeob (배성엽)
Position: Main Rapper, Visual
Birthday: May 12th, 1996
Zodiac: Taurus
Height: 182 cm (5’11”)
Weight: 63 kg (139 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: bowwow__bao
Tiktok: bowwow__bao (verified account)
Youtube: Turnㄴup

Bao Facts:
– He introduced himself as XEED’s main rapper in a video with Kim Miso/Ebtisam. He will be the rapper for her debut song too.
– His specialities are rap and dance.
– He has a dog.
– Bao wasn’t interested in music at all when he was younger but started beeing a trainee when he was in high school.
– He was a trainee for 8 years.
– He is a former Nega Networks trainee.
– He was supposed to be a member LC9 but the group disbanded before he was announced.
– He’s still friends with NIK‘s Kang Hyeonsu and LU:KUSKim Jonghyo who were also in LC9.
– He was a member of LUCENTE but in April 2021 his contract with Noga Entertainment ended and he left the group.
– After finishing the contract with the previous company, he was a streamer and realised that it wasn’t making him happy because he still had a big wish to be an idol.
– Has done many, many part-time jobs, the physically hardest was loading and unloading parcels and the mentally hardest was being a streamer.
– Currently, he is practicing with XEED members on weekdays and working in convenience store on weekends (May 2022).
– His dream is to have his own studio and do music.
– Bao has a big butt which Z.Hoo sometimes used as a pillow when they were fellow members of LUCENTE. (Pops In Seoul).
– He has a Youtube channel together with LUCENTE’s Taejun where they upload k-pop dance covers.
– According to LUCENTE’s U.Seong, Bao is a rapper who has a innocent and lovely charm.
– His only role model ever is BTS’ V. He’s learning a lot from him.
– He has a snaggletooth and was asked by his dentist if he wanted it removed back to when he had braces but he refused because he likes it (Pops In Seoul).
– He has an interest in collecting shoes.
– He likes taking selfies.
– He likes vacationing on Jeju Island.
– Bao is the kind of person who will do everything and anything for the people around him.
– He would like to go to a festival where he can walk around wearing a Yukata and eat a lot of Japanese food. He also wants to see the fireworks display.
– He said he might have a habit of raising his nose when thinking.
– His vocal coach says, aside from his innocent image he has a different side when he raps.
–  Ideal type: a girl who is boyish with her own virtue.


Stage Name: Jaemin (재민)
Birth Name: Shin Jae-min (신재민)
Position:  Main Dancer, Vocal, Rapper, Maknae
Birthday: June 8, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 177 cm (5’9”)
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: jae_minee

Jaemin Facts:
– Together with fellow member Doha he was a contest of BOYS24.
– During the show he gained attention for his amazing dancing skills.
– Jaemin was in Unit Yellow with IN2IT‘s Jung Yeontae, Lee Louoon, Choi Seonghwan, Oh Jinseok, Kim Hongin, and DKB‘s Lee Changmin.
– Because the units during the show changed he was also in Unit Blue with IN2IT’s Hwang Inho, JWiiver‘s Chae Hocheol and others.
– He made it to the semi-finals of BOYS24.
– Even though he wanted to win, he has no regrets because he learned a lot there.
– Jaemin used to be a backup dancer for TXT and BTS.
– He’s also been to Road to Kingdom with ONF (“New World”) and Kingdom with Stray Kids as their backup dancer.
– In school he had friends who danced and tried to follow them because he had never danced before but wanted to try it.
– Then, he was part of a dance team named 훈민정음 (“hunminjeongeum”) in high school but he doesn’t remember why he named the team like that.
– In that dance team he practiced a lot to be on stage for the school festival, he even danced more than he studied. That’s why he recalls his childhood everytime he’s dancing.
– He is a person who likes dancing and is passionate for singing.
– Jaemin used to listen to G-Dragon’s Heartbreaker and Shinee’s Replay when he was young and started dreaming from that moment on.
– He specifically has the dream to become an idol, not just a singer in stage.
– He enjoys camping.
– He likes exciting stuff.
– He said he really enjoys being with the other members and feels like they’re soulmates because even though everyone is very different, they get along well.
– Jaemin talks a lot with Bao because they’re the same age and feels safe with Doha and Roni.
– He’s happy when he can dance for others.
– He has watched the anime Chibi Maruko Chan.

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