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Yeontae (SKYE) Profile and Facts

Yeontae (SKYE) Profile and Facts

Yeontae (연태) is a member of the independent South Korean boy group SKYE, formerly known as IN2IT.

Stage Name: Yeontae (연태)
Birth Name: Jeong Yeontae (정연태)
Nationality: Korean
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: July 6, 1992
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Zodiac Year: Monkey
Height: 177 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 64kg (141 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Instagram: yeontae_j
Tiktok: tikitaeka
Youtube: 연태레비

Yeontae Facts:
– He is the second oldest in IN2IT and best friends with Jiahn.
– He has no siblings but feels like IN2IT members are his younger brothers including older member Jiahn. (MTV Idols of Asia Live Studio IN2IT Practice Room)
– His mom has a hair salon and his dad owns a store.
– He was roommates with Jiahn while they all lived in a dorm. According to Jiahn, Yeontae was an extraordinary roommate.
– He has his own place now and often invites IN2IT members and former Boys24 contestants over.
– When IN2IT hang out at his place, they usually get as comfortable as if they lived there themselves and also like wear his tracks suits.
– After parting ways with their former company, Yeontae set up a recording studio at his home.
– He has two white dogs named Rui and Yomi but Rui lives with his parents.
– End of 2022, he also adopted a kitten.
– His hobbies include watching anime and taking a walk.
– His specialties are composing and driving.
– Before joining Boys24 Jiahn and Yeontae were part of Def Dance Skool alongside Park Doha and DKB’s E-Chan.
– Yeontae was ranked #2 in Boys24 with a total of 69.17 points.
– He was eliminated twice in Boys24 (episode 4 and episode 8) but was brought back through fan voting.
– He was in Unit Purple (1st generation), Unit Red, Unit Yellow, promotional Unit Black, and Unit Purple (2nd generation). Therefore he was known as unit hopper and received the “Unit Master” award at the 2016 Boys24 Awards.
– His fandom name during Boys24 was Yeonriji, meaning insoculation. That’s when two trees growing next to each other become connected by a branch. This is also known as love tree in Korea.
– His light stick was a clef with wings. The clef is still in his autograph.
– He was in 2015 SBS Fashion King alongside LUCENTE‘s Taejun.
– Yeontae won 1st place in PUBG solo round in the 2018 Game-dolympics.
– He sang an OST called “My Way (내 멋대로)” for the drama “Revolutionary Love”.
– When collaborating with Dreamcatcher and AleXa, he was a little awkward at first because he never got the opportunity to works with other artistes before. But in the end he thought they all had great synergy. (View of the Arts Interview)
Inho said several times that Yeontae’s voice is really special and that he can sing sad songs very well.
– He wants to collaborate with the band One Direction because their bright energy and IN2IT’s can meet and produce some good synergy.
– Has also tried rapping and Jiahn said it was good.
– Yeontae is popular among Japanese fans. He speaks Japanese well.
– If he wasn’t an idol he would have been a mathematics or science teacher. He really liked maths and science classes back in school.
– He would also like to work as wetoon artist or mangaka sometime and if he had the chance to open a business he would open a café.
– One day at daycare/kindergarten, he lead all the kids to escape and play at the playground.
– The most embarassing thing that ever happened to Yeontae was when he was class president in middle school. He was supposed to say “Attention! At ease! Attention! Bow!” in Korean when the teacher walked in, but Yeontae said “여보세요!” instead (yeoboseyo, the way you say “hello” when getting a phone call). The teacher was mad at him and made him leave the room and clean.
– Yeontae’s nickname in middle school was 여보세요 since then.
– In school he was in the Cooking-Seeking club. (collaboration video with Blimey November 2018)
– He thinks he is the one among the members who would survive a zombie apocalypse but the others say he might die first. However, he will not survive alone but he would survive together with all the members. (Interview with Namaste Hallyu)
– If he could have any animal as a pet he would want a ferret named Gilijuggi. (R/Kpop AMA)
– If he got 1 million dollars he would buy a house and then flip it.
– Yeontae has a fear of balloons. (Anniversary Vlive)
– He likes to get on a bus or train without a destination in mind to relax.
– He said he didn’t drink much during his uni time but he actually knows some drinking games. (Variety Show: IN2IT Game Life Bar)
– He can drink two bottles of beer before he gets drunk.
– He was voted as the best driver in IN2IT and also shared driving tips with the fans. (“Remember Fanmeeting” October 2020)
– During “Remember Fanmeeting” he revealed that they founded their own entertainment agency but the name has yet to be announced.
– He also stated that they wanted to release an album before enlisting but the time to prepare that wasn’t enough.
– Inho stated that he often got frustrated when he asked Yeontae to take a picture but he has gotten a lot better with advice.
– He treats the other members with good food.
– His all time favourite comfort food is Pork Belly.
– He has no preference between sweet and spicy food, but if he has to sing after, he’ll choose sweet because he can’t stand the spiciness
– His favorite colour is purple because it seems to have a mysterious element to it.
– His favorite song from IN2IT is Snapshot.
– In the beginning of 2020, fellow member Isaac lived together with him.
– Before enlisting, he was joking about going bald and not having to use shampoo and hair dryer. End of 2021 his hair got long again and he joked about missing the times where he had barely any hair.
– He enlisted on November 12, 2020 and was in the same military unit as Crush. He finished service on August 11, 2022.
– Recently (July 2023) he opened a youtube channel called “YeonTaeRV”. He asked his fans on fancafe beforehand what he should call it. His first videos were a camping vlog with his mom, his dogs Yomi and Rui, and his kitten Rubi.
– His advice for people wanting to become an artist“If you feel like you might regret not trying, it would be better to just go and try it out. You might as well be trying it out already in the time that you spend thinking about it.”
– His advice for people chasing their dream“Opportunity comes to everybody but it takes a lot of effort to grab that opportunity. So I hope it comes to you and that you have the strength to pursue it. A good day will surely come!”
– Yeontae’s ideal type: Someone that has nice feelings.

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