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Inho (SKYE) Profile and Facts

Inho (SKYE) Profile and Facts

Inho (인호) is a member of the independent South Korean boy group SKYE, formerly known as IN2IT.

Stage Name: Inho (인호)
Birth Name: Hwang Inho (황인호)
Nationality: Korean
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: June 21, 1993
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Zodiac Year: Rooster
Height: 177 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 67 kg (128 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Instagram: from.eno
Tiktok: hwang_eno

Inho Facts:
– Inho is left-handed.
– He is the loudest member. Together with Inpyo and Isaac he is part of the Diva Line.
– He has a very characteristic laugh.
– His hobbies include watching movies, dramas, and musicals.
– His specialties are photography, video editing, and washing dishes.
– He is from Jeolla-do.
– He’s sorry that he can’t see his family often.
– When he told his family about his dream to become a singer, they all supported him. (View of the Arts Interview)
– He has two sisters, one is younger and the other is two years older.
– He would introduce his older sister to Riho (former IN2IT member) or Yeontae because she likes someone who looks sharp.
– He wouldn’t like to introduce his younger sister to any of the members but if he had to choose it would be Inpyo because Inho thinks that girls prefer guys who are tall but warm-hearted. Inho himself prefers Hyunuk because he owns lot of land. (MTV Idols of Asia Live Studio IN2IT Practice Room)
– While IN2IT was living together in a dorm, he was one of the members who were rather in charge of washing dishes instead of cooking. (collaboration video with Blimey November 2018)
– He lives together with his best friend Inpyo (fellow IN2IT member) and Hongin (Boys24 contestant, also known from Chunghas “Play”).
– Inho is friends with Youngbin from SF9 and Loudi from 14U.
– In 2019 he hosted “The Show” together with Isaac regularly.
– He has also been at Arirangs Idol Class together with Inpyo weekly.
– Inpyo, Jiahn, Inho, and Hyunuk act as the members of White Ocean alongside soloist ONE in the drama “Her Private Life”.
– While watching movies, anyone sitting beside Inho should be a bit careful because their ears might hurt at the end of it. Inpyo said: “Inho is always screaming loudly when we watch scary movies”.
– He likes science fiction and fantasy, especially the “Avengers” and “Dr. Strange”. (Interview with Goofed Out)
– If he could get any animal in the world as his pet, he would get a lab and name him Hey.
– Inho thinks Hyunuk would be the one to survive a zombie apocalypse.
– According to Riho he is decisive and very outgoing and Inpyo says he’s talkative.
– According to Hyunuk Inho has the best body in IN2IT.
– He likes to wear shoes with high soles.
– He doesn’t like hot weather.
– Inho went viral on twitter three times with a video from June 2019 where he dropped his self-decorated birthday cake twice in a row.
– Inho likes all colours that exist in the world because there’s a reason for everything that exists.
– Steamed beef rib is favorite night snack and ramen is his all time favourite comfort food. He also loves Inpyos food.
– It’s difficult for him to say if he prefers sweet or spicy food. It depends on if he has to sing or on his mood.
– When asked if he prefers chocolate cake or vanilla, he said he likes carrot cake. He also likes cheese cake and tiramisu.
– He can drink two cans of Seul Tok Tok (peach-flavored cider) but according to Inpyo his face gets bright red. (Variety Show: IN2IT Game Life Bar)
– If he feels down he listens to music that matches his mood and empowers him. It helps him calm his mind and gives him strength to overcome his difficulties.
– He likes musical numbers and original scores from movies.
– In middle school he was really interested in musicals. He was impressed by the singers (especially Cha Jiyeon and Park Euntae) and the way they sing and thought he had to become a musical singer too.
– Inho went to Taiwan in middle school.
– He chose Chinese as his second language. Back then he had lots of fun learning it.
– He stylizes his given name as ENO in autographs.
– Before becoming an idol he worked at a clothes shop called “Joyrich”.
– Also before joining Boys24 he was known as an ulzzang on instagram.
– Before joining the casting show he was Liveworks Company trainee together with Inpyo. They were background dancers for Shinhwa in 2015.
Years later he revealed that he felt like didn’t was a good dancer back then when he was a trainee.
– In the casting show Boys24 he was ranked #1 with a total of 71.90 points.
– Because of his ranks in the casting show he was known as Hard Carry Top 1. His fandom name was HIH1 (하이하이) which stands for (H)wang (I)n(H)o Top(1). His light stick also had Top 1 and ENO written on it.
– He was in Unit White, Unit Blue (as Leader) and in the promotional Unit Black.
– Other contestants were intimidated by him because of his fierce first impression but after getting to how him they said he’s a very sweet person, good leader, and caring hyung.
– Filming Rising Star MV, the choreo part with 49 members left a very deep memory. He felt like it was the most tedious part of the MV. They filmed it 10 times late at night in different angles to capture everyone of the 49 well. No after effects were added, they really were all in sync and that is a very satisfying memory for Inho.
– The most important thing he learned during his years as an artist is patience because when being impatient one may jeopardize long-term goals. (R/Kpop AMA)
– If he got 1 million dollars, he would invest them in everything IN2IT needs so they can move to the next level.
– His personal favorite songs from IN2IT are their debut song “Amazing” and “Paradise” (also from their debut album “Carpe Diem”).
– He said they practiced over 8 hours a day for their “Run Away” comeback.
– He likes Sia, Adele and Lady Gaga. He also likes Voiceless by Day6 Wonpil.
– He would like to collaborate with Sia, Billie Eilish, Shawn Mendes, Sam Smith, and Jessie J as well as tell stories of the world through music and healing and empowering people with it. (Interview with RollingStone India)
– He thinks he would enjoy being a rapper and already tried it with the help of Jiahn. He also knows Blackpinks Rap from “DDU-DU DDU-DU”.
– He can sing falsetto.
– He loves when he can give someone strength through his songs.
– He is inspired by people who dream and go after their dream.
– His advice for people chasing their dream: “I have also been on the brink of many choices and there will be many for you too in future. But whatever you choose it’s important not to be disappointed or have regrets. Just move with your mind and thoughts even if the result is not good believe in yourself and love yourself. It’s said that dreams go on a lifetime! I am living hard every day only for my dreams and i hope that all of you will be able to draw some strength from my life as well as I have lived with heart!”
– He wanted to enlist together with the other korean IN2IT members and was the last one to get his enlistment date. He went to basic training camp on December 31st, 2020, and finished public service September 30, 2022.
– Inho’s ideal type: Someone that is good at making decisions and pretty at the same time.

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