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What Was The Best 2018 Release? (Girl Groups)

What Was The Best 2018 Release? (Girl Groups)
2018 girl group songs
2018 had a lot of quality girl group releases. Out of these options, what was your favourite girl group release of 2018?

AOA – Bingle Bangle

Apink – I’m so sick

Blackpink – DDU-DU DDU-DU

CLC – Black Dress

Cosmic Girls (WJSN) – Save Me, Save You

DIA – WooWoo

Dreamcatcher – You and I

EXID – I Love You

fromis_9 – Love Bomb

GFriend – Time For The Moon Night

(G)I-DLE – HANN (Alone)

Girls’ Generation-Oh!GG – Lil’ Touch

Gugudan – Not That Type

GWSN – Puzzle Moon

IZ*ONE – La Vie en Rose

LOONA – Hi High

Mamamoo – Egotistic

Momoland – BAAM

Oh My Girl – Remember Me

Pristin V – Get It

Red Velvet – Really Bad Boy

TWICE – What is Love?

Weki Meki – Crush

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What Was The Best 2018 Release? (Girl Groups)

What was your favourite girl group release of 2018? Feel free to comment below and let us know. 🙂

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  • jo yuri stan

    Lil’ Touch, La Vie En Rose, I’m So Sick, Get it, and Save Me Save You are my faves. All of the releases this year were so good. 2018 was definitely the year for girl groups

  • molly

    how do i choose when i stan almost every group on this list lol

  • Sad Cate

    I’m a multi fandom guy. The struggles of choosing a fave music comebacks. 🙁

  • Lissandra123

    Egotistic, my favorite song of 2018 🙂

  • Ghozydane Ihsan Abdullah

    Simple you just need to click the name of the song, what you cannot do is to click all of them😭

  • Karissa Thai

    I llike Wind Flower

  • Rahmita Razzak

    So many choices…

  • Eliza Gevorgyan

    Please add Dreamcatcher’s “You and I”

  • Red

    Hi high was so good, why so low 😮

  • Christina Mulloy

    Why did you put Really Bad Boy instead of Bad Boy? Bad Boy was loved so much more by the fans… I would have picked Bad Boy if it was on the list too

  • yell

    It’s sad how you bias group and because of that vote….
    Even tho I stan some groups from list I can’t say it’s best when it’s not for sure.

  • hoseoksblackbarbie

    love blackpink but ddu-ddu-duu-du was NOT the best girl group comeback. underrated groups really came through this year. cosmic girls, dreamcatcher, loona dominated the girl music scene in terms of quailty music. stan them y’all you won’t regret.

  • JustinClyve9-Diamond Morada


  • Hawa Muhammad

    BAD BOY WAS THE BEST OF THIS YEAR!!! FOLLOWED BY Lil Touch, Egotistic, Starry Night, and La Vie en Rose

  • Hawa Muhammad

    omg i knowwww

  • purplebeck


  • Apink_Panda01

    Apink is the best!… %%

  • akita16


  • Kyndall


  • Kyndall

    Blackpink is the best what do you mean



  • AprilStan

    Song of the years is OH! MY MISTAKE – APRIL!!!!!! Sksksksk

  • Martina Nyström

    April – Oh! My Mistake

  • KookieChim

    Egoistic for the winnnn… Mamamoo are QUEENS

  • KookieChim


  • Syaina17


  • Red Velvet, SNSD, Dreamcatcher, Mamamoo , Apink.etc!


    we all know, 2019 gonna be all about that blackpink, twice, izone, and rv

  • OnceRvancs


  • mxlonz

    no offense but like 4d wasnt even thay good (in my opinion) lmAo

  • mxlonz

    THANK YOU OMG i like bp but its getting annoying how everyones saying 4d was so aMazing when really it was just mediocre with easy choreo

  • Hoe101

    black dress by clc was iconic and i feel sorry for the cowards who didnt let them win next

  • Hoe101

    the only good thing about du dududud was jisoos visuals next

  • Hoe101

    literally i love you by exid was superb

  • Amberlie Vu

    Blackpink always has the most votes because of how many fans they have. I really thought DDDD was the best comeback but right now I just feel like when listening to BP songs a few times it gets boring(Except their masterpiece “Stay” BP fans dont appreciate as mush as other songs OMG I JUST LOVE THAT SONG). If I choose I pick Gugudan,WJSN, and CLC.
    I just love these underrated groups and they need more attention I wanted to mention how underrated Weki Meki, Pristin and DIA are. They are so underrated I feel bad for them so I started listening to their music. It’s weird for some reason because all of these underrated groups I mentioned (Except CLC) WJSN, GUGUDAN, DIA, Weki Meki, and Pristin have all IOI members I guess a few IOI fans dont support these groups and only want IOI to comeback. I really didnt like IOI tbh I only like the song Very Very Very(sorry if I spelled it wrong) but when I see them back to their other groups I noticed how talented IOI members are lol…(Sorry for my bad grammar)

  • Blackpink d4 was just overrated. It was basic af .Actually all of their songs are just too basic expect for STAY. many of these surpass d4 easily ! I hate how people overhype some groups esp when they clearly aren’t worth the hype. There are tons of underrated groups out there that has better bops than these overrated groups! I’m tired of blinks and armys always voting for their faves when they actually don’t even know any other groups.. no ofFeNce

  • Momoland

    I think:
    Red Velvet- Bad Boy
    Momoland- BBoom BBoom
    Twice-What is Love?
    IZ*ONE- La Vie En Rose
    GFriend-Time For The Moon Night
    Mamamoo- Starry Night

  • kpop darling

    La vien rose, egotistic, rbb, lil touch, i’m so sick, you and i

  • Ana

    DDU-DU DDU-DU, What is Love? and BAAM

  • GTBM Distribution

    La vie en rose
    What is love?
    And save me save you

  • pikachu sunbaenim

    Loona’s hi high, mamamoo’s starry night, wind flower & no more drama, snsd ohgg’s fermata and iz*one’s la vie en rose obviously. (but some of these are not in this list since some of these came at the end of 2018… or wern’t title songs (ref to fermata & no more drama) or just wern’t added to this list at all…

  • pikachu sunbaenim

    mamamoo is also really underrated compared to most “popular groups” and they slayed mama 2018 despite getting only 1 fake award.. even tho they won nr 1 spot for best vocal artist/group…. (but that award went to nr 2 instead and they got fake new award called favorite vocal) (msnake being the usual in this case tho obviously…)

  • pikachu sunbaenim

    as much as I love red velvet, starry night got all year kill tho, mamamoo even slayed mama 2018 like it was nothing and got a freaking fake award because msnake as usual.

  • Running Girl

    The tops are the 1st generation legends
    1) SNSD
    2) AOA
    3rd Generation legends
    1) Gugudan
    2) Red Velvet

  • ɴɪᴋɪᴛᴀ

    TBH DDDD wasn’t even a bop

  • *insert clever username*

    No.. they are just famous bc of YG. If they came from a small company like Loona did they would be extremelly hated because of their weak vocals and easy dances. (like twice). Stan LOONA

  • *insert clever username*

    Mamamoo>>>>>>> everyone’s faves

  • *insert clever username*


  • *insert clever username*

    My favourites from this year:

    Mamamoo- Egotistic
    Oh! GG- Lil’ Touch
    Red Velvet- Bad Boy
    Pristin V- Get It
    Dreamcatcher- You and I
    Twice- What Is Love
    Momoland- Bboom Bboom
    A.O.A- Bingle Bangle
    Loona- Hi High
    IZ*ONE- La Vie En Rose
    EXID- I Love You
    Mamamoo- Starry Night
    GFriend- Time For The Moon Night
    Apink- I’m so sick
    CLC- Black Dress
    WJSN- Save Me Save You

  • hansol park

    true tbh

  • hansol park

    MAMAMOO – Wind Flower
    Oh!GG – Lil’ Touch
    EXID – I Love You

  • Star Guardian Soraka

    t h i s

  • Toxic

    Honestly, Duu-du-duu-du was a bop. You people don’t have taste

  • a KOOKIE with a cup of TAE and

    People have different tastes. Respect that

  • a KOOKIE with a cup of TAE and

    Oh well my opinion:
    Mamamoo – Egotistic
    Gugudan – Not That Type
    (G)idle – Hann
    CLC – Black Dress
    Oh!GG – Lil’ Touch
    Blackpink – Ddu Du Ddu Du
    Twice – What Is Love?
    Red Velvet – Really Bad Boy
    AOA – Bingle Bangle
    Momoland – Baam
    IZ*ONE – La Vie En Ross


    We know its a bop but respect other ppls taste


    IZ*ONE-La vie en rose
    Weki Meki-Crush
    Oh! GG-Lil’ Touch
    Fromis_9-Love Bomb

  • arvy

    It was a bop, but lyrically speaking it was quite simple.

  • arvy

    For me it’s definitely Hann. The lyrics are beautiful and the music is unique.

  • I wish Crush by Weki Meki was more appreciated! That is such a good song, definitely better than most of the rest of the songs on this list in my subjective opinion

  • Kyo

    People say d4 is the best… Bruh there are LOTS of OTHER groups and OTHER songs you guys haven’t listened to….. For instance crayon pop… Their song is really catchy but only a few people listen to it… T-T

  • kkk

    but definitely more popular than your bop song..

  • to hipocrites

    everyone hating in ddd.. ends up saying bad things(butthurt) that does not want to be said on your bias’ songs.. what’s with respect others own taste? lololol

  • Aquaria

    It was entirely pedestrian and overrated.

  • Aquaria

    Argument ad populum. Just because something’s popular doesn’t make it any good. Lots of #1 songs are proof of that.

  • Aquaria

    Isn’t that true of most of what they do?

  • Mar Gummibear

    My Multifandom Heart is aching, they’re all good soongs D: I can’t vote

  • orbitzy!

    la la la la vien rose, rose!

  • Gabby

    4D is kind of overrated. I really loved Remember Me, Baam, RBB, Black Dress, and La Vien Rose

  • ローキーデッドインサイド

    Apink – I’m so sick
    CLC – Black Dress
    EXID – I Love You

  • ローキーデッドインサイド

    Ddu du ddu du got annoying. I bet you only stan the popular groups like BLACKPINK & BTS (I still <3 them) but, please try to appreciate the underrated artists like CLC & EXID.

  • ローキーデッドインサイド

    I 100% agree. Black dress sister snatched my weave. Jeffree Star approved.

  • ローキーデッドインサイド

    Groups I stan:
    Red Velvet
    Triple H
    Solo Artists I Stan
    Groups I’m Trying To Stan
    Cherry Bullet

  • loonanoona

    LVR WIL and HH

  • Tyler

    crayon pop aint that great….

  • Rayrizo-san

    egoistic and blackdress

  • parlisse

    ily, hi high, black dress and more like not that type, you and i, woowoo, love bomb, crush and get it 🙁

  • parlisse

    except that they danced infront of a mosque

  • Ann

    For me it’s Girls’ Generation & Mamamoo 🤔😨

  • Nakook_BunnyCouple

    Go!!!!!!!!!!!Twice Go!!!!!!!!Once

  • hobi’s sprite

    twice had like 3, my fav was yes or yes but from this list what is love, egotistic, la vie rose, and I love you are still my top bops. 💗👌I’m so sick and black dress were very very good too.

  • Amber

    DDU-DU DDU-DU of course