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Cheng Xiao (Former WJSN) Profile

Cheng Xiao (Former WJSN) Profile and Facts

Cheng Xiao (성소; 程瀟) is a Chinese singer and a former member of the South Korean girl group WJSN under Starship Entertainment and Yuehua Entertainment.

Stage Name: Cheng Xiao (성소)
Birth Name: Cheng Xiao (程瀟)
Korean Name: Jeong Seong So (정성소)
Birthday: July 15, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Birthplace: Shenzhen, China
Blood Type: B
Sub-Unit: Wonder
Instagram: @chengxiao_0715

Cheng Xiao Facts:
– Cheng Xiao is from Shenzhen, China.
– She has a younger sister.
– She debuted with Cosmic Girls (WJSN) on February 25, 2016.
– She represents the Cancer zodiac sign in WJSN.
– She can play the guzheng (a Chinese string instrument).
– Cheng Xiao learned Chinese dance for 10 years.
– Cheng Xiao can’t pronounce her own name. (After School Club)
– Her role model is f(x)’s Victoria.
– She is very flexible. She won Gold on Rhythmic Gymnastics on ISAC.
– She doesn’t seem to talk much on camera, but in reality, she talks quite a lot.
– She was a former JYP trainee (Yizhibo live broadcast).
– Cheng Xiao is also a former SM trainee.
– She is very flexible. She won Gold on Rhythmic Gymnastics on ISAC.
– Cheng Xiao can flip without using her hands as support. (Weekly Idol)
– Cheng Xiao is one of the dance mentors of Idol Producer Season 1.
– Cheng Xiao and Xuan Yi skydived together. (Best Friends, Perfect Vacation)
– She was part of a project unit called Sunny Girls, with GFriend‘s Eunha, Oh My Girl‘s Yooa, Gugudan‘s Nayoung and MOMOLAND‘s Nancy. They released a single called “Taxi” in Nov. 2016.
– In 2017, she was a cast member of SBS’ show “Law of the Jungle“.
– In 2018, she was a dance mentor in the reality survival show “Idol Producer“.
– She is a really big fan of Red Velvet‘s Joy.
– In September-December 2018 he appeared in the show “Pajama Friends”, along with along with Red Velvet’s Joy, Song Ji-hy, and Jang Yoon-ju.
– Her favorite thing about being an idol is meeting the fans.
– Cheng Xiao doesn’t like wearing glasses.
– She acted in several Chinese dramas: “Legend of Awakening/天醒之路” (2019), “Detective Chinatown” (2020), “Falling Into Your Smile” (2021), “My Heart” (2021), “Lie to Love” (2021), “Vacation of Love 2” (2022).
– On a Chinese variety show her mother revealed she was only 16 when she left home to be a trainee.
– On December 28, 2020 she debuted as a soloist in China with the single “Focus-X“.
– Starting April 2022 Cheng Xiao is a mentor in the show “Great Dance Crew“, alongside Miss A‘s Fei and WayV‘s Ten.
– She’s been on hiatus with Cosmic Girls since 2018, due to her promotions in China.
– On March 3, 2023 it was announced that her contact expired and she will leave Cosmic Girls.
Cheng Xiao’s ideal type: During tvN’s ‘Life Bar’, Cheng Xiao picked actor Lee Min Ho as her ideal type.

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