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Oh My Girl X WJSN X Momoland X Fromis_9 Dance Collab Members Profile and Facts

Oh My Girl X WJSN X Momoland X Fromis_9 dance collab members profile and facts
Oh my Girl X WJSN X Momoland X Fromis_9 is a collab dance unit, that made a cover of the song Boy With Luv from BTS, they also participated of a Dance Battle of BTS songs, the members that compose this unit are: Mimi, YooA, Hyebin, Saerom, Binnie, Jane, Eunseo, Dayoung, Yeoreum, Nancy, Nagyung and Jiheon.

Collab Members:

Stage Name: Mimi (미미)
Real Name: Kim Mi Hyun (김미현)
Position: Lead Dancer
Birthday: May 1, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 164 cm (5’4″)
Weight:  47 kg (104 lbs)
Blood Type: AB
Youtube: 밈PD / [__-_____-_]mmmii

Mimi Facts:
– She is a Oh My Girl Member
– She born in Jeju Island, South Korea.
– She is the oldest member of the collab.
– Mimi’s spirit animal is the bear.
– Since JinE and Hyojung dropped honorifics, Mimi calls JinE ‘unnie’.
– Mimi is the only rapper of the group and is known for her husky voice.
– Her shoe size is 230mm.
– Her hobby is listening to music.
– Mimi is good at drawing. (“Pops in Seoul”)
– Mimi hates scary videos.
– Mimi feels intimidated by paparazzi and cameras.
Mimi’s ideal type: “Someone who only loves me; Someone who I have a lot in common with.” Among celebrities she likes actor Lee Jong-Suk.


Stage Name: YooA (유아)
Birth Name: Yoo Yeon Joo (유연주) but she legally changed it to Yoo Shi Ah (유시아)
Position: Main Dancer, Center
Birthday: September 17, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Blood Type: A
Height: 161 cm (5’3″)
Weight: 44 kg (97 lbs)
Instagram: @yoo__sha

YooA Facts:
– She is a Oh My Girl member
– She born in Seoul, South Korea.
– She has an older brother, called Junsun.
– YooA’s brother Junsun is a famous choreographer that works at 1MILLION Dance Studio (which is also very well know).
– The members tease YooA because she is so cute-looking.
– Previously, she was a trainee of WH Entertainment.
– Her hobbies a.re: having time alone and listening to music.
– YooA is often considered taller than she is, because her limbs look long.
– Her shoe size is 230mm.
– She acted in “Idol Drama Operation Team”.
– She was part of a group called “Sunny Girls” with GFriend‘s Eunha, WJSN‘s Cheng Xiao, Gugudan‘s Nayoung and MOMOLAND‘s Nancy.
– YooA was,  alongside other 6 female idols, in “Idol Drama Operation Team” tv program. They created a 7 members girl group, called Girls Next Doorwhich debuted on July 14, 2017.
– Yooa is ranked 23th on TC Candler “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2018”.
YooA’s ideal type: Someone around the height of 175 cm; Someone who is honest. Among celebrities, she likes actor Jung WooSung.


Stage Name: Hyebin (혜빈)
Birth Name: Lee Hye Bin (이혜빈)
Position: Dancer
Birthday: January 12, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 165 cm (5’5″)
Weight: 48 kg (105 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Instagram: @hyebinmm

Hyebin Facts:
– She is a Momoland member
– She born in Andong, South Korea.
– Hyebin has a younger brother.
– Hyebin’s nicknames are Hyebni and Hyeb Jjang.
– She don’t like Pinnaple in Pizza.
– She sleeps a lot. (Pops in Soul)
– She eats the fastest (Pops in Seoul)
– She speaks really fast. (Pops in Seoul)
– Charm Point: Cat Face
– She’s a B2M ex-trainee.
– She joined Duble Kick early 2015.
– She used to be a model.
– Hyebin trainee period was 4 years.
– Her pre-debut stage name is “Cherry”.
– Her favorite color is Red.
– Her least favorite food are spicy foods and beondegi.
– She appeared in Kim Youngchul – Andenayon (ft. Wheesung) music video.
– Her special talent is voice impersonations of game characters and zombies. (Pops in Seoul)


Stage Name: Saerom (새롬)
Birth Name: Lee Sae-rom (이새롬)
Position: Main Dancer, Visual
Birthday: January 7, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 163 cm (5’3″)
Weight: 43 kg (94 lbs)
Blood Type: B

Saerom Facts:
– She is a Fromis_9 member(She is the capitain[Leader])
– She  born in Suwon, South Korea.
– Her 2020 birthday video was pre-recorded.
– Education: Hanlim Multi Art High School, Applied Music Department Badge 4th (Alumni), Dongduk Women’s University (Broadcasting Department)
– Her nicknames are “Visual Saerom”, Rom-Sae, “Suwon Visual”
– Saerom older brother served at Korean Marines (channel_9 season 2)
– Her favorite food is tuna.
– She has a sexy aura.
– She is a model.
– She was a contestant on Mnet’s Dancing9(2014)
– She starred in KBS’s Ad Genius Lee Taebaek as young Go Ah-ri.
– She won a gold medal for jumping rope.
– She has a flexible body so can do splits.
– Saerom can speak English and she and the other Fromis member Gyuri are the best English speakers of Fromis_9
– Her favorite music genre is jazz. She listens to MoonMoon and Hoody the most.
– She really likes home-style cooked meal and healthy meals such as black rice and anchovies. (Fromis_Room)
– Saerom doesn’t like chocolate (KCON NYC edition Part 1)
– She likes all colors of the rainbow and also black.
– She is a slow talker.
– She has great fashion sense.
– Her favorite color is Green.
– Saerom is the only person on fromis_9 that has a driving license. (The 100)
– Saerom is said to look like actress Han Chaeyoung. (Hello Counselor)
– She ranked 3rd in Idol School with 71,037 votes.
– Saerom appeared in BEAST & APINK‘s “5! My Baby” MV. (She is the robot girl in the start of the MV)
– Unnies line (Saerom, Hayoung, and Gyuri) cry the most and also cry easily. (V LIVE)
– Saerom says that the Harom’s Yoga Class scene on Idol School shows her charms. (CECI Interview)
– In the future Saerom wants to try to be a music show MC (fixed MC). (Love bomb fansign)
– Her motto: “Happiness is a habit. Carry it with your body.
– She born in the same day of Dreamcatcher Yoohyeon and RedSquare Green
– She, Jisun, Seoyeon and Nagyung share a dorm.

Stage Name: Binnie (비니)
Real Name: Bae Yu Bin (배유빈)
Position: Dancer
Birthday: September 9, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 161 cm (5’3″)
Weight: 44 kg (97 lbs)
Blood Type: O

Binnie Facts:
– She is a Oh My Girl Member and she is the youngest member of Oh My Girl in the collab.
– She born in Chuncheon, Gangwon, South Korea.
– She has an older brother.
– She was a child model.
– She was also a child actress and played minor roles in dramas ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’, ‘King of Baking Kim Takgu’, ‘I Love You, Don’t Cry’, ‘More Charming by the Day’, and ‘Beethoven Virus’.
– She is known as the short haired girl of OH MY GIRL.
– People say she looks like the actress Lee Yoobi.
– Her hobbies are solving problems and discovering new songs.
– Binnie said she’s a sensitive person who wants to visit and see her parents regularly.
– Binnie can do a lot of facial expressions. (“Pops in Seoul”)
– Binnie is known as a look-alike of SEVENTEEN’s Joshua.
– She speaks Korean and Japanese.
– She is in a ’97 liner group with Dreamcatcher‘s Dami, Gfriend‘s Yuju, Momoland‘s Jane, HINAPIA‘s Minkyeung and Gyeongwon and Uni.T‘s Yebin. (BNT interview with Dreamcatcher)
– Binnie’s ideal type: “I don’t have a specific ideal type, but someone who I has a good first impression.” Among celebrities she likes actor Song Joong-Ki.


Stage Name: Jane (제인)
Birth Name: Sung Ji Yeon (성지연)
Position: Main Dancer
Birthday: December 20, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 166 cm (5’6″)
Weight: 44 kg (97 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Instagram: @janeeexxyeon

Jane Facts:
– She is a Momoland member
– She born in Changwon, South Korea.
– Her nicknames are Sung Jane, Ratatouille, Usami and Siraegi.
– Charm Point: Glittering Eyes
– Jane auditioned to FNC and Source Music but she didn’t make it.
– She is a SS Entertainment ex-trainee.
– Her hobbies are reading webtoons, riding the bicycle, writing in a diary, web shopping and taking pictures.
– She speaks really fast. (Pops in Seoul)
– Her weakness is kissing the other members. (Saipan Land)
– Special talent: she can do an impression of a pressure rice cooker. (Pops in Seoul)
– Jane revealed to be an ex fansite admin for Infinite L & Sunggyu, called “Baby’s Breath”.
– Her favorite foods are sushi and perilla leaves.
– Her least favorite foods are tomato, sesame oil, and chocolate.
– Her favorite colors are pastel tones, black and rose gold.
– Jane speaks Japanese.
– She is in a ’97 liner group with Dreamcatcher‘s Dami, Oh My Girl‘s Binnie, Gfriend‘s Yuju, HINAPIA‘s Minkyeung and Gyeongwon and Uni.T‘s Yebin. (BNT interview with Dreamcatcher)
– Motto: “Do as you say!”
– Daisy said that Jane and Yeonwoo are the messiest members.(BFF test with Momoland)


Stage Name: Eunseo (은서)
Birth Name: Son Ju Yeon (손주연)
Position: Main Dancer
Birthday: May 27, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 169 cm (5’7″)
Blood Type: B
Instagram: @_eunseo_v
Weibo: Eunseo

Eunseo Facts:
– She is a Cosmic Girls (WJSN) member
– She  born in Incheon, South Korea
– She has two older sisters.
– She represents the Gemini (zodiac sign).
– Her nickname is “Sunlight Girl”.
– She can play the piano, guitar, drums, tambourine.
– Eunseo and Dayoung are the best cooks.
– Eunseo doesn’t drink coffee because she cant sleep if she drinks one. (Battle Trip)
– Eunseo is nicknamed the “dad” of the dorm.
– If Eunseo concentrates on one thing, she can’t multi-task. (After School Club)
– She is the fastest runner among WJSN. She once won Bronze on ISAC.
– Eunseo is classmates with BTS Jungkook.
– Seola, Dayoung, Exy, Eunseo, Cheng Xiao, Soobin, and Yeoreum are in YTeen which is the Starship unit with Monsta X.
– Eunseo is friends with GFriend’s SinB. (Would You Like Girls Ep.3)
– Eunseo appeared in Monsta X “Rush” MV.
– Eunseo is a former Pledis trainee.
– Eunseo modeled for the 2018 S/S Metro City Runway.
– She is a cast member of “Real Men 300”, where she was the only female recruit capable of doing a full set of push ups.
-She is one of the vitamins of Cosmic Girls


Stage Name: Yeoreum (여름)
Birth Name: Lee Jin Suk (이진석) but legalized her name to Lee Yeo Reum (이여름)
Position: Dancer
Birthday: January 10, 1999
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Height: 162 cm (5’4″)
Blood Type: A
Instagram: @s_ummer_e

Yeoreum Facts:
– She is a Cosmic Girls(WJSN) member
– She  born in Seoul, South Korea.
– She has a younger brother.
– She represents the Capricorn (zodiac sign).
– Education: SOPA (graduated)
– She can play the piano, pipe and janggu.
– She’s a quiet person, but once she talks, it’s full of aegyo.
– It’s said she looks like Taeyeon from SNSD.
– Yeoreum sleep talks. (After School Club)
– She is Christian. (“Would You Like Girls” ep 7)
– Seola, Dayoung, Exy, Eunseo, Cheng Xiao, Soobin, and Yeoreum are in YTeen which is the Starship unit with Monsta X.
– Yeoreum’s stage name means ‘Summer’ in English.
– She is an absolute foodie.
– According to Dayoung, Yeoreum is in charge for cuteness and aegyo.
– She is friends with Twice’s Chaeyoung
– Yeoreum is a certified scuba diver.
– Yeoreum wants to try acting and musical plays.
– According to Bona, Yeoreum is sharp and one of the strongest members. (“Star1”)


Stage Name: Dayoung (다영)
Birth Name: Lim Da Young (임다영)
Position: Lead Dancer, Center
Birthday: May 14, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 161 cm (5’3″)
Blood Type: A
Instagram: @dayomi99

Dayoung Facts:
– She is a WJSN member and is the youngest group member in the collab
– She born in Jeju, South Korea.
– She doesn’t have siblings.
– She represents the Taurus (zodiac sign).
– Education: SOPA (graduated)
– She can play the triangle and tambourine.
– Dayoung and Eunseo are the best cooks.
– Dayoung’s nickname is ‘Dayeob’ because she is said to look like the comedian Shin Dongyeob. (Hello Counselor Ep.269)
– Despite being young Dayoung is nicknamed the “mom” of the dorm.
-While filming an MV, she was nicknamed “Poppy” because she resembled a Yorkshire Terrier (Idol Radio ep#420)
– Dayoung and Mina (Gugudan) were school mates on the past. (Happy Together)
– Dayoung can dance 2x speed of ‘MoMoMo’ without any trouble. (Weekly Idol Ep.234)
– Dayoung was not allowed to do a pigtails-hairstyle because of her resemblance to Shin Dongyup when she debuted, so her agency suggested that she should lose weight. But now she’s allowed to. (Happy Together)
– Dayoung & ATEEZ‘s Yunho were classmates at SOPA.
– Seola, Dayoung, Exy, Eunseo, Cheng Xiao, Soobin, and Yeoreum are in YTeen which is the Starship unit with Monsta X.
– She was a contestant on K-Pop Star 1.
– Dayoung is part of a variety show called “Water Girls”.
– Dayoung participated in “King of the Masked Singer” as “Brachiosaurus” and she won.


Stage Name: Nancy (낸시)
Birth Name: Nancy Jewel Mcdonie (낸시맥도니)
Korean Name: Lee Geuroo (이그루)
Position: Lead dancer, Center, Visual.
Birthday: April 13, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 162 cm (5 ft 3¾ in)
Weight: 46 kg (101 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Instagram: @nancyjewel_mcdonie_

Nancy Facts:
– She is a Momoland member.(She is the Maknae)
– She  born in Daegu, South Korea.
– Nancy’s father is American and her mother is Korean. (MOMOLAND Facts page on Facebook)
– She has an older sister, who is a cellist.
– Her nicknames are Aenaen, Jonaensi.
– She was given a nickname “Spinach” during her childhood days. (Vlive)
– Education: HanLim Art School (graduated on Feb 9, 2018)
– She speaks English, but she said she’s more fluent in Korean. (Pops in Soul)
– Since she was a child, she was an actress and model.
– Her hobbies are watching movies and singing Disney OSTs.
– She is the girl in SNUPER’s “Stand by Me” MV and the girl in MC GREE’s “Dangerous” MV.
– She is a former trainee of Nega Network with Cignature Yeah and Cherry Bullet Jiwon.
– She trained for 6 years, and have the longest trainee time from Momoland(She debuted on 2016)
– Her favorite color used to be burgundy, but her new favorite color is blue. (FB live)
– Her favorite foods are foods with cheese and mint chocolate flavor.
– She collects elephant dolls.
– Her motto is “do not lose the opportunities you receive.”.
– Her role model is f(x) Krystal.
– She is the wink fairy of the group because she can wink repeatedly and alternately.
– She acted in the web music drama “Thumb Light”.
– She was the main cast of Tooniverse’s Nangam School Season 2.
– She used to be in a hip-hop dance group called Cutie Pies and they auditioned on Korea’s Got Talent.
– Nancy is friends with KNK Seungjun, MYTEEN Yuvin and LOONA‘s Hyunjin.
– Nancy is part of a group called “Sunny Girls” with GFriend‘s Eunha, WJSN‘s Cheng Xiao, Oh My Girl‘s Yooa and Gugudan‘s Nayoung.
– Nancy was the host of the show ‘Pops in Seoul’ from March 27, 2017 to June 1st, 2018.
– Nancy and JooE share a room. (Celuv TV Interview)
– Nancy is ranked 18th on TC Candler “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2018”.
– On 9th May 2019 she confirmed that she changed her Korean name from Lee Seungri to Lee Geuroo. (“TMI News”)
Nancy’s ideal type: Someone with lot of dignity and someone with goals.


Stage Name: Nagyung (나경)
Birth Name: Lee Na-gyung (이나경)
Position: Lead dancer, Center, Visual
Birthday: June 1, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 159 cm (5’2″)
Weight: 42 kg (92 lbs)
Blood Type: A

Nagyung Facts:
– She born in Bundang, South Korea.
– She thinks her most charming point is her eyes.
– She`s the maknae of Bbang-bbang sisters (2000 liners) of Fromis_9.
– Nagyung childhood nickname is Lee Nakko. (V LIVE)
– Nagyung studied abroad in China and can speak Mandarin.
– She has a lot of aegyo so the members call her “the cutest member of Fromis_9”
– It’s said she looks like Tzuyu from TWICE.
– Her catchphrase is “Right..right..”
– Nakyung is a very serious gamer.
– Nagyung is a fan of Oh My Girl.
– Her favorite food is cheese tteokbokki but she also likes western foods.
– Her favorite colors are Purple and Grapefruit color.
– Nagyung’s favorite game is Overwatch.
– She ranked 5th in Idol School with 64,001 votes.
– Nakyung says she’s the best in aegyo out of fromis_9. (CECI Interview)
– Nagyung likes sleeping and she`s really hard wake up in the morning (The 100 & DKDK Award)
– Her motto: “Doing everything but regret it later rather than be stupid for not doing anything.
– She, Saerom, Jisun and Seoyeon share a room.
Nagyung’s ideal type: A guy who makes her feel like she wants to protect him (fromis’s room Ep 4)


Stage Name: Jiheon (지헌)
Birth Name: Baek Ji-heon (백지헌)
Position: Dancer, Maknae
Birthday: April 17, 2003
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 167 cm (5’5″)
Height: 41 kg (90 lbs)
Blood Type: B

Jiheon Facts:
– She is a Fromis_9 member.
– She born in Boseong County, South Korea.
– Her nicknames are Kkulging or Honey Maknae.
– Jiheon is also often nicknamed as Smartest Member of Fromis_9. (Idol School & Fromis_room)
– Education: Jeungpyeong Middle School (senior)
– In 2019 Jiheon will enroll at SOPA high school (Film And Theater Department), same as IZ*ONE‘s Ahn Yujin.
– Jiheon is close to Ahn Yujin from IZONE because they are from the same agency and are the same age.
– She is a former IFI Training Center and Ti Agency trainee.
– Her specialty is dancing, playing the guitar, acting, and Hapkido (Korean martial arts).
– Jiheon doesn’t like egg soup.
– She doesn’t like to exercise and likes to stay at home laying on the bed.
– She likes to read books.
– Her favorite colors are Black and Blue.
– Her worst test score so far was 92 points.
– Her favorite subject is history even though she is not good at it.
– Her favorite colors are black and white.
– She thinks her charming point is her teeth. (Idol School Ep. 1)
– Jiheon have acrophobia (phobia of heights). (Vlive)
– She passed an audition for Woolim Entertainment but did not become a trainee.
– Jiheon says the out of fromis_9 she is the most ambitious. (CECI Interview)
– Some members are afraid to Jiheon because she can read members’ mind. (NCT Night Night Radio)
– Her motto: “My Way.
– Jiheon switched room with Jisun, now Jiheon and Gyuri share a room(Before she shared room with Saerom, Seoyeon and Nagyung).

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