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Jiahn (SKYE) Profile and Facts

Jiahn (SKYE) Profile and Facts

Jiahn (지안) is a member of the independent South Korean boy group SKYE, formerly known as IN2IT.

Stage Name: Jiahn (지안)
Birth Name: Yu Youngdoo (유영두), but he legally changed his name to Yu Ji Ahn (유지안)
Nationality: Korean
Position: Lead Vocalist, Main Rapper, Main Dancer
Birthday: April 1, 1992
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Zodiac Year: Monkey
Height: 175 cm (5’9″)
Weight: 61 kg (134 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Instagram: jiahnx_foolsday
Tiktok: jiahnx_foolsday
Soundcloud: J1AHNPOP

Jiahn Facts:
– He is the eldest member of IN2IT.
– He gets teased by the younger members a lot.
– Jiahn dislikes his chubby cheeks because the other members like to tease him because of them.
– He is usually calm and collected.
– His hobbies include watching movies and doing sports.
– His specialties are composing, Japanese, and choreography.
– Jiahn likes to appear cool and he doesn’t want to be called cute despite acting cute at certain times.
– He has a brother who is 4 years older.
– Before enlisting he spent time with his mother, sister and nieces.
– During lockdown, he was staying in his home town (2021).
– Jiahn said he misses his friends and fans a lot because of the pandemic (View of the Arts Interview)
– He’s learning to compose music.
– He likes hip hop and pop, but also most musical genres.
– Jiahn loved singing by himself since he was a kid and started dreaming of becoming a singer after he sang on stage in front of lots of students in middle school during multiple occasions.
– He wanted to become singer because even after he’s not on this earth he would his music to live on. He wanted to leave something memorable after he’s gone.
– He’s good at break dance.
– As a student he had participated in a dance for the ending song of a movie called “Marriage Blue”.
– Jiahn and Yeontae were part of Def Dance Skool together with Park Doha and DKB’s E-Chan before joining Boys24. They’re also still friends nowadays.
– He has always enjoyed singing but what really made him decide to try to become an idol were Big Bang and J. Park.
– He was ranked #5 in Boys24 with a total of 52.15 points.
– He was in Unit White and promotional Unit Black.
– His nickname in Boys24 was 갑분싸. It means mood killer.
– His fandom name during Boys24 was 뚜잇 (“dduit”). It was related to his old name name Youngdoo which he changed before debut.
– His light stick was a baby pink heart with his former korean name on it.
– During Boys24 there were rumors he was selling gifts he received from fans but he sold his own pair of shoes because of money issues and kept the identical pair that a fan gave him.
– He originally wanted to try to become a rapper but got the position of vocalist instead. After all the original rappers departed from IN2IT, he finally could rap in IN2ITs songs, as well as Isaac and Hyunuk.
– He acted as a member of White Ocean in the drama “Her Private Life” together with fellow members Inpyo, Inho, and Hyunuk and soloist ONE.
– While living in the dorm he was roommates with Yeontae.
– He watches Netflix and Discovery Channel to relax. He enjoyed watching “Queer Eye” and “Marooned” a lot.
– Favorite movies: Harry Potter and Avengers.
– His favorite colour is black.
– He has a tattoo. It’s a bible quote (Jeremiah 33:3) shaped like a cross from his neck to the middle of his back.
– Jiahn’s MBTI is ENTP. He fell asleep while doing the test.
– He likes Billie Eilish and would really like to stand on stage with her one day.
– His favorite bollywood song is “Aankh Maare”.
– He likes to travel and would find it awesome to try foods from all around the world.
– His all time favourite comfort food is Pork Cutlet without sauce (Japanese style) and Hamburger
– Jiahn likes mangosteens.
– He prefers sweet food over spicy.
– While IN2IT was living together in a dorm, Jiahn, Inho, and Hyunuk were the members who were rather in charge of washing dishes instead of cooking. (collaboration video with Blimey November 2018)
– He can drink one bottle of beer before he gets drunk. (Variety Show: IN2IT Game Life Bar)
– If he could get any animal as a pet, he would want a jaguar called Bef (short for best friend). (R/Kpop AMA)
– If he got 1 million dollars, he would buy real estate.
– He thinks he wouldn’t die early in a zombie apocalypse because he is good at running.
– On October 26, 2020 he was a runway model for E.FaRo during Seoul Fashion Week. The show was online only, streamed on Naver.
– On June 20th, 2021 he was the special guest in R1ANs Mini Concert.
– Jiahn is still friends with fellow former Boys24 contestants, e.g. he is very close with R1AN. They also wrote and composed the song “Act” together.
– He’s wearing a bracelet that he got from DKB‘s E-chan.
– If he had to try another field he is interested in acting even if he wasn’t before.
– His night routine: washing, eating yogurt, watching insta, shopping.
– During his solo fanmeet (January 2022) he covered Paul Kim 안녕 because it’s the song he often sings in karaoke.
– At the fanmeet he also recommend the film About Time.
– He has a barista license.
– He has a red iPhone XR.
– Jiahn has red-green color vision weekness.
– His favorite IN2IT song is Amazing.
– He prefers his last name to be romanized as Yu, not Yoo. He has written it like that before but also stated it in his 2022 Bday Vlive.
– His personal motto is: “Let’s not give up”. (RollingStone India)
– His advice for people wanting to become an artist: “Instead of waiting for an opportunity you should try and actively search for opportunities.”
– His advice for people chasing their dream is to believe to be able to do it and not give up in the middle.
– Jiahn’s ideal type: Someone that he can learn a lot from and has a cool personality.

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