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Isaac (SKYE) Profile and Facts

Isaac (SKYE) Profile and Facts

Isaac is a member of the independent South Korean boy group SKYE, formerly known as IN2IT, and Malaysian solo artist.

Stage Name: Isaac (아이젝)
Birth Name: Isaac Voo Kai Meng (邬凯名)
Korean Name: Isaac Voo (아이젝부)/ Oh Kei Myung
Nationality: Malaysian
Position: Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer
Birthday: December 12, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Zodiac Year: Dog
Height: 176 cm (5’9″)
Weight: 58 kg (127 lbs)
Blood Type: O

Isaac Official Sites:
Facebook: Isaac vkm
Twitter: isaacvkm_1212
Instagram: isaacvkm_1212
Tiktok: isaacvkm1212
YouTube: Isaac Vkm
Weibo: IsaacVkm邬凯名
Douyin: Isaac Vkm 邬凯名

Isaac Facts:
– Isaac is the first malaysian kpop idol.
– His nicknames include Jek (from the korean pronounciation of his name), Jekjek, Bang Jek, Fake Maknae, and Global Prince.
– He doesn’t like it when his name gets written wrong which happens regularly, e.g. Isac, Issac, Isacc, or even Isasc. The correct way is Isaac.
– He comes from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
– He says his family is big. He has two older sisters and an older brother and lots of nieces and nephews.
– He can speak Malay, English, Korean, Cantonese, and Mandarin.
– Isaac is also learning sign language, Japanese, and Spanish.
– He is known for his long hashtags and cheesy pickup lines in four languages (Korean, Mandarin, Englisch, Malay).
– He puts a lot of effort into pleasing his fans and greets them in their mother tongue (e.g. Arab, German) when he recognizes them.
– Isaac has “Sparkle” tattooed on his inner bicep and another tattoo saying “family together” on his ribs (left side). He has a third tattoo on his tummy/hip in a geometrical design.
– Former member Sunghyun complimented him by saying he is innocent and a child at heart.
– After Sunghyuns departure he became a rapper for IN2IT.
– When trying to copy Hyunuk jumping over a little river during the filming of the “Amazing” MV in Kazakhstan he fell into that river. He didn’t hurt himself but the other members had a good laugh.
– Their former practice studio was haunted. Some of them had paranormal experiences, for example when Isaac was alone in the bathroom something passed behind him. At first he thought is eyes were tricking him but when he went back to the dance room he had the feeling that someone was next to him and he saw that shadow again. (Interview for Zany TV in December 2018)
– When he was the last one to go home he had to switch off all the lights and had to check whether they really are off. Sometimes he felt like something was running towards him from the darkness. Then he just ran out.
– While the group lived in a dorm, Hyunuk was his room mate. They often ate Mee Goreng together.
–In the dorm, Isaac sometimes dodged dish washing when it was is turn.
– In hotels his room mate is usually Inho.
– When Hyunuk advertised FiLite beer, Yeontaes mom often fed Isaac this beer even though he doesnt like beer.
– His night snack is pizza and his all time favourite comfort food is Dim Sum. He also loves his mums home cooking.
–His mum sells korean food. Isaac designed the sticker for it.
– He can’t really eat spicy food but he likes to eat it.
– Food that he doesn’t like: fish, onion, spicy, green pea.
– While staying in Korea for several years, he missed malay food like nasi lemak (a rice dish) or rendang (spicy meat) a lot. Sometimes he made malay dishes like mee goreng (fried noodles) or cornflake madu (a sweet dish) for the other members.
– For “Amazing” dance practice Halloween Version he was dressed up as a green pea.
– Isaac thinks he can drink well but he gets flushed after one can of beer. (Variety Show: IN2IT Game Life Bar)
– His favorite colours are black, grey, and white.
– He changed his personal tiktok account into the official group’s account. Later he opened a new personal tiktok account.
– His mum filmed some of his tiktoks.
– Both his parents are singers.
– His fondest childhood memory is Christmas Eve. On every Christmas in his childhood, Santa Claus visited him and left presents while he was sleeping. He always enjoyed celebrating Christmas with his family.
– If he feels down, he talks to his family on the phone, or just tries to find some funny videos. And he just sleeps early on that day because he can forget about it when he wakes up on the next day.
– If he’s not working, he likes to be in the nature to relax. He also likes travelling with his family, especially to quiet beaches to listen to the waves, or eating fresh fruit. (View of the Arts Interview)
– If he could get any animal as his pet he would want a lion and name him Mau Mau (“fluffy” in Chinese).
– If he got 1 million dollars he would travel all around the world with his family. (R/Kpop AMA)
– Playing a random song and dancing to it freely helps him get focused.
– He says he can do anchovy dance sexily.
– He tried to prove to Jiahn that he has a sixpack during CCCV Vlive.
– Also in this Vlive Jiahn mispelled his name as Issac Bukaiming. This has become a meme among fans.
– Together with Yesung from Super Junior, Dongwoon from Highlight, and U-Kwon from Block B as well as the actors Kevin Woo and Kim Namho, Isaac was casted for a musical called Altar Boyz which was held in Osaka on February 8 and 9, 2019.
– In 2019 he regularly hosted “TheShow” together with Inho.
– He also hosted a radio show together with Benji (former B.I.G member).
– He likes Sam Kims “Seattle” because of the lyrics. They sound like his own story: he wants to learn Korean better so can express himself better. (Vlive MOMOPLAY EP.13)
– When he was a student, around 14 years old, he saw TVXQs Mirotic on TV and decided he wanted to be an idol. It was pretty late actually, he wishes he had known about kpop earlier and feels a bit of regret.
– He was not confident about himself in the past but that changed when he started to chase his dream and grew a lot in the process. He encourages everyone to chase their dream.
– Isaac originally tried becoming the tenth member of AlphaBAT in April 2014.
– In 2015 he joined Kpop International Dance Cover competition in Busan to represent Malaysia with a dance crew called P.A.S. Isaac revealed when his friends went home, he stayed in Korea to join more auditions.
– On Boys24 he was ranked #6 with a total of 43.58 points.
– He was in Unit Sky.
– His fandom name was Sparkle and his light stick was a self-drawn stick man that made a heart pose with his arms.
– One of his inspirations is GOT7s Jackson. Isaac is his fan and was very nervous when they met.
– In kpop, he would like to do a collaboration stage with BTS’s Jimin Sunbaenim, and for worldwide he really hopes that he can meet Bruno Mars and sing a song together one day.
– He was part of the OST for the Chinese Webtoon Adaptation “Lookism”. He sang the opening “Hero” and also wrote the lyrics for it.
– He is friends with lots of idols, for example Benji, Jisung from Stray Kids, BC and Rubin from 1TEAM, Yoojun from D1CE, AleXa, Loudi from 14U, Hajoon from TheRose, and Beta from AlphaBAT.
– Back then in dorm life after debut, Jek told a story about their usual morning routine: Riho was the one to set the first alarm, followed by Inho , Hyunuk and lastly Sunghyun with rock music but none of them would get up so several alarms would ring for a while at the same time. During these times Jek felt like at a music show while still sleeping.
– He stayed at Yeontaes place during Covid-19 lockdown before going to Malaysia to visit his family.
– Due do Covid-19 restricitions he wasn’t able to return to Korea so he stayed in his home country. He isn’t staying with his family but rented a place for himself.
– While the korean members of IN2IT were enlisted he continued with personal schedule in his home country.
– In December 2022 he joined The X Project Asia. He was in Team Ribbon together with Clara Wong, who won the show.
– On May 7th 2022 he was the special guest at the finals of the kpop dance competition JeoreoMou.
– In May 2022 he signed an exclusive contract with Prodigee Asia Talent.
– He had his solo debut on August 5th, 2022 with “TIME BOMB”. The MV was filmed in Thailand.
– He would like to collab with malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna, Ismail Izzani and girlgroup DOLLA.
– If he has to eat one food for the rest of his life, he would choose makchang.
– His must daily routine is drinking 2 liters of water. At first he accidently said 2 milliliters in the interview. (Arirang Radio’n Us)
– He drinks a lot of bubble tea/milk tea. That’s how he’s able to drink so much water per day.
– His favorite time together with the members is when they’re practicing.
– Isaac has never been to Jeju Island, so he really wants to visit.
– He listens to his own song Time Bomb at least once per day.
– The biggest challenge while preparing for his solo debut was the lyrics be. He’s from east Malaysia and was asked to sing in west Malaysian dialect so the pronounciation was a little bit different.
– While recording, he sometimes wrote the Malay lyrics in Korean for pronounciation. He often mixes all the languages he knows.
– The music video, taking place in Ampang Jaya, was filmed within only a day . Isaac found that fascinating because shootings with the group usually took longer (The Seoul Story Interview)
– Isaac’s ideal type: Someone that is a good person and treats her parents well.

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