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Inpyo (SKYE) Profile and Facts

Inpyo (SKYE) Profile and Facts

Inpyo (인표) is the leader of the independent South Korean boy group SKYE, formerly known as IN2IT.

Stage Name: Inpyo (인표)
Birth Name: Lee Inpyo (이인표)
Nationality: Korean
Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist, Dancer, Maknae
Birthday: August 14, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Zodiac Year: Pig
Height: 182 cm (6’0″)
Weight: 72 kg (158 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Instagram: lee1npyo
Tiktok: lee1npyo

Inpyo Facts:
– He wanted to be a singer since a very young age. It seems like it has been his calling to be an artist.
– His dream of becoming a singer started in first year of elementary school and he became interested in dancing when he got into middle school. (View of the Arts Interview)
– His biggest inspiration is his family ecause everyone in his family enjoys singing and likes dancing too.
– He has an older brother.
– Inho wouldn’t want to introduce his younger sister to any of the members but if he had to he would choose Pyo because he is family oriented and knows a girls heart well. He also has a reverse charm by being tall and yet having a warm heart.
– Sometimes the members call him ‘Eomma’ (‘Mother’) or Mompyo.
– He is best friends with fellow member Inho. They live together, alongside former Boys24 contestant and dancer Hongin.
– If they could be reborn, Inho would choose Inpyo because he envies his height and his talent in dancing and Inpyo would choose Hyunuk because he thinks that Hyunuk is very handsome.
– He says Hyunuk has sexiness.
– He prefers cooking over cleaning and book reading over manhwa reading. (Fancafe Q&A)
– He is the best cook among the members, his ramen is really good. (Interview with Goofed Out)
– According to Hyunuk Pyo doesn’t eat noodles.
– His all time favourite comfort food is Tteokbokki. They are never tiring to him even 365 day of a year.
– For his night snack he likes fried chicken or grilled pork rib.
– He prefers spicy food over sweet food.
– He likes putting kimchi on his pizza and could also imagine putting pineapple on pizza.
– He believes that getting good sleep is very important and a great gift for yourself.
– If he could have any animal as a pet, he would choose a cute dog and give him the name Baby. (R/Kpop AMA)
– Isaac said that Inpyo loves cats.
– If he has a vacation he would like to visit India again because of the many beautiful places.
– Inpyos favorite colour is white because it’s a clear color that goes well with any colours.
– How much he can drink depends on his mood. (Variety Show: IN2IT Game Life Bar)
– He is really competitive.
– He once had to kiss a fish after losing fishing game in Hongdae at K-Rush Season 3 Episode 18 in Summer 2018.
– If he got one million dollar, he would donate some of it to UNESCO and then build housing for the people who can’t afford it. (R/Kpop AMA)
– He said their former practice room was haunted. (Interview with Zany TV in December 2018)
– Together with Inho he practiced his English skills at Arirangs Idol Class where the two have been at weekly for  while.
– His hobbies include cooking, calligraphy, and drawing (profile on japanese website)
– His specialties are hair, make-up, styling, and photographing.
– In “Get It Beauty” he did a make-up tutorial for the look of Mamamoos Hwasa.
– He is knowledgeable about makeup and has done Isaac’s makeup for a stage.
– He started using his mom’s cosmetics since he was in elementary school.
– He also likes purchasing cosmetics. He even tried snail cream but he doesn’t like it.
– He was Liveworks Company trainee together with Inho before joining the casting show Boys24. They were background dancers for Shinhwa.
– He wants to collaborate with Beyoncé and do a stage together. He impressed the other contestants by performing “7/11” and “Partition” during Boys24.
– In Boys24 most of the boys said Inpyo would be the best leader.
– He was in Unit Green.
– His fandom name was 쉼표 (swimpyo) and his light stick was a heart-shaped diamond with a crown inside.
– He was ranked #8 with a total of 38.58 points in Boys24.
– He was chosen as a wildcard member by the staff to join IN2IT.
– His favorite song from IN2IT is Snapshot.
– Someone like you by Adele makes him feel warm when the weather is cold outside.
– If he could try acting he would like to be in “The Heirs”.
– Alongside soloist One, Inpyo, Jiahn, Inho, and Hyunuk act as the members of White Ocean in the drama “Her Private Life”.
– He likes Iron Man.
– Inpyo admitted that the neighbors at their former dorm reported them for beeing too loud once. They were doing karaoke with a bluetooth mic on their movie-in night. This was the only time they were doing it. (Vlive MOMOPLAY EP.13)
– He likes to listen to senior artists to experience and learn from them because he wasn’t able to experience the emotions of that times himself. He thinks that the music of artists that debuted before him has been a big contributor to the growth of kpop. (RollingStone India)
– His advice for people chasing their dream: “Do not give up on what you want to do, even if it is difficult now, follow your dream and that dream is your path.” These words kept him going everytime he wanted to give up.
– He enlisted on November 9, 2020.
– He said the most difficult in the army is marching and the most fun is shooting.
– He keeps his nails neat even during service.
– He wakes up at 6:30 am.
– On weekdays, he is allowed to use his phone at 5:30 pm.
– He likes exercising a lot these days, for example aerobics and weight lifting. (2021).
– Inpyo said their members group chat is very active (2021).
– From October 2021 to January 2022 he is part of the Korean Army Musical called 메이사의노래 (“Meissa’s Song”) alongside EXOs Chanyeol, former B.A.P member DaehyunINFINITEs MyungsooCross Genes Yongseok, KARDs J.SephIMFACTs Jian, fellow IN2IT member Hyunuk, VAVs BaronARGONs GonPark Sunho, as well as multiple professional musical actors and other enlisted soldiers. He played multiple roles, e.g. a local in Khamur, a fictional country raged by war, a korean soldier serving in said country, and an idol survival show contestant.
– In the second version of the musical called “Meissa’s Song: Blue Helmet” he was one of the second lead roles. During this show he got friends with enlisted ONF members who also took part in this musical.
– He announced his discharge on May 8th, 2022 during the curtain call of his final performance. The audience asked him to enlist again but he jokingly asked back if they liked Chanyeol to enlist again too and then refused by saying that he has a life too.
– Right after becoming a civilian again, he opened up his personal instagram account.
– Inpyo’s ideal type: someone that resembles his personality. Also someone that can give consideration and understanding because he thinks these two qualities are the most important in building a relation with a person.

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