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Hyunuk (SKYE) Profile and Facts

Hyunuk (SKYE) Profile and Facts

Hyunuk (현욱) is a member of the independent South Korean boy group SKYE, formerly known as IN2IT.

Stage Name: Hyunuk (현욱)
Birth Name: Han Hyunuk (한현욱)
Nationality: Korean
Position: Vocalist, Visual, Rapper
Birthday: September 26, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Zodiac Year: Dog
Height: 178.8 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 63 kg (139 lbs)
Blood Type: AB
Instagram: hyuuunuk
Tiktok: hhyunuk

Hyunuk Facts:
– He can play the piano.
– He seems calm and innocent but he likes to tease his two eldest members a lot.
Isaac is his best friend in IN2IT.
– He barely ever gets angry.
– His hobbies include soccer, gaming, writing poetry, and watching movies.
– His specialties are writing lyrics, shooting videos, and acting.
– He is from Suwon City.
– He has an older brother and an older sister who work at a café. His brother is majoring in music.
Yeontae once stated that Hyunuks brother is even more handsome than Hyunuk but Inho said Hyunuk is more handsome.
– Hyunuk said achiving his daily objectives makes him happy.
– He is good in sports.
– His fondest childhood memory is playing soccer with his friends. He has taken the 2nd place in Nike Futsal competition before.
– Hyunuk mentioned he owned a lot of land which making the fans think he is rich. He isn’t, it’s not money just land. (MTV Idols of Asia Live Studio IN2IT Practice Room)
– Sometimes Hyunuks thoughts are too complex for the others to understand.
– During a Vlive he demonstrated and explained how to calculate a heart-shaped graph.
– He offered fans to bring him their math homework to fansigns, he will solve it.
– For recuperation he likes to do ordinary things, like going back to his home town, eating what his mom cooked, talking with his dad, playing basketball with his brother, and sleeping in his own bed. (View of the Arts Interview)
– He likes eating together a lot because he believes eating favorite food together gives a chemistry between each other through the food. (Vlive MOMOPLAY EP.13)
– Has a good food chemistry with Isaac.
– He loves food and loves to talk about it.
– He once stated that he only exercises to be able to eat more.
– While IN2IT was living together in a dorm, he was one of the members who were rather in charge of washing dishes instead of cooking. (collaboration video with Blimey November 2018)
– When he was put on diets, he always found clever ways to cheat like when only allowed to eat breakfast he ate six meals as his breakfast or when only allowed to eat until 6 pm every day he would start eating right after midnight again. (Snapshot and SFME Behind The Scenes)
– When eating out he would choose a different food than the person he eats with so they can share and eat both.
– His favorite food is Mee Goreng cooked by Isaac and his all time favourite comfort food: “my one and only love jajangmyeon” (black-bean-sauce noodles). He is craving that a lot.
– When he’s excited he has spicy food but when he is stressed he leans towards sweet.
– He’s a tea person, not a coffee person.
– His ideal dating/vacation spot: blue sea of Jeju Island.
– His favorite colour always changes. Once he said his favorite colour is Isaac and in summer 2019 it was purple.
– His shoe size (VANS) is US8 / UK7 / EU 40,5 / S.korea 260 mm / Japan 26 cm.
– Sometimes he wears his sneakers like slippers and just steps on the back.
– He has bad eyesight and switches between lenses and glasses to keep his eyes healthy.
– He is good at arcade games like Tekken. (K-Rush Season 3 Episode 18)
– If he could have an animal as a pet he would like to be a monkey and it’s name would be Hyunsoongi (a wordplay with his name and the korean word for monkey)
– It was said that Hyunuk looks similiar to Lee Dongwook from Kdrama “Grim Reaper”. He agreed that in certain angles they look alike.
– He says he has a sixpack and he promised his fans to have a tenpack one day. Once in a while he shows his progress by exposing 1 cm² of his tummy through a gap in the button bar of his shirt. The first time he was seen without shirt was in the 2021 Korean Army Musical.
– While filming Snapshot he got selfconscious because the other members kept saying his suit shows to much skin. Between the takes he kept covering his chest with his hands because of that. But half a year later he said he’s never done a sexy concept before and wants to do that in the future.
– His favorite song from IN2IT: Geronimo.
– He wrote the lyrics to 2U, a song from their first single album dedicated to their fans.
– He’s learning English and is also practicing writing lyrics in English. (View of the Arts Interview)
– In February 2019 he was the face of a beer ad campaign for FiLite. He got a big blue elephant plushie from them as a memory.
– He says he’s not good at drinking and can drink one can of beer but the fans tease him by saying they don’t believe that. (“Remember Fanmeeting” October 2020)
– During “Remember Fanmeeting” he mentioned that Inho has the best body in IN2it but because he never mentioned that before Inho scolded him for making him flustered.
– According to Inho Hyunuk is very restrained but he opened up to all the members very well.
– He suffered from sleep paralysis for at least 2 years (2016 to 2018) but during “Remember Fanmeeting” he said he always sleeps well.
– At “Remember Fanmeeting” he performed “Someday, the Boy” by Kim Feel (part of the OST for “Itaewon Class”) and later confessed that he was so anxious that his hands felt numb backstage after the performance.
– Becoming one with the music and letting himself follow the melody and rhythm of a song is what he enjoys most while singing.
– When he’s sad, he listens to music.
– He had a dream of becoming a singer from a young age. (RollingStone India)
– His mother and brother were against it but while he also studied hard he never let go of music. (View of the Arts Interview)
– Before joining Boys24 he was an engineering student.
– He passed the KAOCS (Korea Army Officer Candidate School) test but decided to become an idol instead.
– Because of his stiff dance moves in his audition video he got the nickname “log”. Later he recreated this “log dance” on stage with other members from his Unit. Also, he worked hard to improve and become one a great dancer.
– His fandom name in Boys24 was Tok Tok and his light stick was a dinosaur with his name on it.
– In Boys24 he was ranked #9 with a total of 38.44 points.
– He was chosen as a wildcard member by the staff to join IN2IT.
– He was in Unit Red, Unit Sky, and promotional Unit Black.
– The most important thing he learned during his years as an artist is harmony and how to work together to achieve something great because he believes that nobody can achieve anything alone. (R/Kpop AMA)
– He is interested in acting. If he gets more opportunities to act he wants to attempt it. Hyunuk would like to try playing a character who is more intense in the future.
– Hyunuk said he’s a shy person and acting is his way to overcome that.
– Hyunuk has acted in the 2nd season of “Lemon Car Video“ as one of the main characters.
– Inpyo, Jiahn, Inho, and Hyunuk act as the members of White Ocean alongside soloist, ONE, in the drama “Her Private Life“.
– Lately, he is inspired by ASTRO a lot (October 2020).
– His advice for people chasing their dream: “When i first started as an idol, i could not really dance, i had a nickname “log”. It was really hard for me to dance at that time but as i continued to try and practice with a sincere heart i found myself covering EXO seniors’ dance successfully! If you try hard and earnestly, it will be done someday. Fighting!”
– He succesfully covered dances of EXO: “The Eve” together with Isaac in February 2018 and and “Love Shot” in April 2019.
– He would like to perform “The Eve” or “Love Shot” with his seniors EXO.
– During lockdown he lived at his brother’s place.
– He enlisted on Dec 21, 2020 and was discharged on June 20, 2022.
– During basic training in the army, Hyunuk was in charge of medical service for his comrades. He completed his basic training in one of the coldest places in South Korea, known for their hard winters. He said on certain days it has been -23 °C (-9,4 °F) and it was snowing a lot.
– The person he called first in training center was his mom.
– On his first phone call with his parents after joining the army, he cried.
– The most difficult was Baekdusang Tiger Training but he’s proud that he did it all.
– He was getting lots of internet letters from fans during basic training. His squad leader sighed when he gave them to him because there were so many.
– His fellows in military know he is an idol and he said they asked him a lot about how an idols’ life is.
– During his time at the troops, he sometimes sang for his army friends.
– He also said these days his back hurt a bit when he wakes up because he trains abs everyday (2021).
– The first thing he does after opening his eyes in the morning is stretching and drinking water.
– To relax after a stressful day he exercises.
– During service, he was part of the Korean Army Musical called 메이사의노래 (“Meissa’s Song”) that played from October 2021 to January 2022. He acted alongside EXOs Chanyeol, former B.A.P member DaehyunINFINITEs MyungsooCross Genes Yongseok, KARDs J.SephIMFACTs Jian, fellow IN2IT member Inpyo,  VAVs Baron, ARGONs Gon, Park Sunho, as well as multiple professional musical actors and other enlisted soldiers. He had multiple roles and was in Team Meteor with Chanyeol, they even performed EXOs “Growl” together.
– In the second version of that musical called “Meissas Song: Blue Helmet” he was seen less on stage because he was the cover for Laman, the role that Chanyeol played, so he only acted as part of the crowd during the regular performances.
– Hyunuk’s ideal type: Someone that loves him for a long time and makes him a better person.

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