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What Was The Best 2018 Release? (Boy Groups)

What Was The Best 2018 Release? (Boy Groups)
Kpop 2018 Boy Group Releases

A.C.E – Take Me Higher

Astro – Always You

ATEEZ – Treasure

BTOB – Only one for me


DAY6 – Shoot Me

EXO – Tempo

GOT7 – Lullaby

iKON – Love Scenario

JBJ – My Flower

MONSTA X – Shoot Out

NCT 127 – Regular



NU’EST W – Dejavu


SF9 – Now or Never

SHINee – Good Evening

Stray Kids – My Pace

Super Junior – Black Suit


VIXX – Scentist

Wanna One – Spring Breeze

WINNER – Everyday

Post by twixorbit

What was the best 2018 boy group release?

What was the best 2018 boy group release in your opinion? Feel free to comment below and let us know! 🙂

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  • Anonymous

    Honestly, if there is one thing ARMY can do best as a fandom is what every fandom wishes they did best… support. Yeah, sure, other fandoms stream and whatever, but never as much as ARMY. Go see for yourself, compare views. All I’m tryna say is… that’s why BTS is as head in this poll. But all the groups there released some great music. That was tough

  • YoonTaeKyung

    SF9 – Now or never, ATEEZ – Treasure, NU’EST – Deja Vu, Monsta X – Shoot out, NCT U – Boss, The Boyz – No air❤️

  • softforskzz

    You know that ARMY is the biggest K-Pop fandom?? It’s logical that there is much more support then… every fandom supports their favs but not every fandom is that big as ARMY is. Just think of the big amount of ARMY. BTS is internationally so popular, it’s clear that there is so much more support

  • Or maybe Army is just a bigger fandom huh?

  • Azuray

    Super Junior is underappreciated xD

  • Azuray

    Yup, the fandom is gigantic, so a lot of people vote BTS. I voted IDOL, Super Junior and NCT. But personally I think a lot of great songs aren’t on this. ARMY is a special fandom, that’s true, and in several ways they are definitely set apart from other fandoms, but the polls go after number, so ARMYs vote BTS, just like NCTzens will vote NCT. Therefore IDOL has a lot of votes, regardless of ARMY’s ability to support or not.

  • Rea

    there should be an option for ALL

  • taewoo26


  • Azuray

    no kidding.

  • Linnea Boqvist

    Please add 14U – N.E.W.S

  • Univerland

    Where is Pentagon?!

  • skzhyunjxn

    hhh yeah

  • skzhyunjxn

    honestly all are great songs soO

  • Linnea Boqvist

    But Also bts aren’t at first Place on all recent votes and so on.
    Like if there’s any group that are overrated right now it’s exo.
    ARMY’s aren’t even that biased. And Also new ARMY’s don’t know this side since it’s more multifans that are on sides like this.
    So um, yup. xD

  • sxph

    my pace honestly was That Song and you can’t convince me otherwise

  • Oh My <3

  • Carats lets get SVT to #1 <3

  • IArmyOnce7

    A.C.E Is Underrated But They Beats Be Bumping On 100 They Have A Great Dance To , Bette rThan BTS And They Need More Fan s I’m Kinda A Fan A A.R.M.Y And IGot7
    And Me Right Now Think That A.C.E Needs.To Be Overrated After Generation If They Don’t Disband They Can Be Number One 😊 Who is with me

  • Linnea Boqvist

    They are my ULT group.
    And yes they deserve more attention and i don’t see Why people keep sleeping on them. They are much betten than tex: EXO lol

  • And Bts. Just shut up 😪

  • part time carat

    take me higher and deja vu saved 2018, always you saved me, & tempo saved kpop

  • part time carat

    that shit was song of the year

  • Azuray

    EXO isn’t overrated, imo. They make good songs, and their choreo isn’t bad either. Not an EXO-L, but loads of my friends stan them for several things.

  • kevin ong


  • Linnea Boqvist

    Uh no 🙂

  • Uh yes.

  • Na Jaemin


  • YoonTaeKyung

    i’m so fking done with u, going in every single post hating on exo, she’s just talking about a.c.e and bts why tf u have to bring exo?

  • YoonTaeKyung

    stop sleeping on sf9

  • Linnea Boqvist

    Why do you even care.

    The reason Why i bringed exo?
    Well That’s because those are untalanted and ACE a much better.
    That’s it sweetie😘

  • YoonTaeKyung

    you’re clearly a hater, gtfo

  • softforskzz

    Why are you hating over EXO so much? I saw that you always hate over them in almost every reply or comment, also in this one. I was talking about ARMY and just wanted to make clear that ARMY is just a bigger fandom then Stay for example, not about EXO-L. You are totally missing the point of the discussions and also of the voting ;(

  • Blushing

    why did you like your own comment? because you know it wouldnt have gotten any likes

  • star exol

    well exo IS talented otherwise they would have been underated.

  • star exol

    If A.C.E. is better than exo then how come they aren’t that famous??

  • IArmyOnce7


  • Linnea Boqvist

    Cuz exo are overrated 🙂

  • STAY-NCTzen

    All the way😄

  • Ghozydane Ihsan Abdullah

    isn’t Black Suit by Super Junior is an 2017 song? you should put Lo Siento or Otra vez instead and where is Pentagon, Highlight, Infinite and TVXQ and even Shinhwa? i remember they release a song in 1st quarter of 2018 and for Highlight in november. if you were newer into to kpop i don’t mind, but knowing newer group while the old one is not is quite weird because they just release their song with same method with everyone else

  • Lia Giba

    Honestly I can bet my left kidney that AT LEAST HALF of BTS’s votes here is from new ARMYs. That’s how it is. And ARMYs aren’t biased? That’s like saying you DON’T shit on exo on every poll I happen to come across. Lmao what a joke. I ain’t an EXO-L nor am I generalizing ARMYs or whatever, but you stan a group cuz you are biased to them. It’s the same for every fandom.
    So um, YUP.


    cries T^T were bwood sbeat and wears lol im that one aegyo filled girl but where is BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS or where is JUST RIGHT by got7 or DNA by bts huh huh ya meanies


    my pace good evening and idol but all of them are amazing


    no wait OH MY wait no spring breeze T^^T HELP MEH PPL

  • William Baharian

    It’s only songs released in 2018

  • a derpy seal

    where is shinee?

    a legendary group that has been here for 10 years, deserves to be at least on the top 10…..
    Shinee deserves better.

  • a derpy seal

    I’m saying this as an ARMY, EXO-L, NCTzen, Stay, and Carat as well.

  • a derpy seal

    I’m not saying that other groups shouldn’t win, but I wish Shinee could be a bit higher..

  • a derpy seal

    please don’t hate me for this

  • Julianna

    monsta x deserves better, such talented boys.
    day6 does as well.
    and tempo was the bop of all bops, that song is art,

  • Julianna

    i’m not a shinee fan, but i agree

  • Lia Giba

    P R E A C H

  • star exol

    Well I won’t say anything if u think so but how come A.C.E. couldn’t become popular if they r so talented? Now don’t give the excuse that they r from a small company or whatever. If u think that way then explain Bts.

  • star exol

    if u can’t justify then don’t reply.

  • Linnea Boqvist

    Exo is overrated 🙂

  • star exol

    Exo will forever be better than ur faves ^_^

  • Bops: Tempo, Nct, Take me higher, Now or Never, Love Scenario, Shoot out, Dejavu, Good Evening, Scentist WAIT-

  • Sansaversity

    Man I love them all you can’t tell me to choose only 3

  • Sansaversity

    Yo man I love all of them you can’t make me only choose 3.

  • Sonnet Shreya

    yeah same

  • Sonnet Shreya

    regular is such a bop song. why are people sleeping on this

  • jinholic

    where’s shine and naughty boy :((

  • Yoongi_Baozi

    Stop sleeping on Monsta X!!!!!! Shoot Out should definitely be on the top three on this list! And, don’t start hating on me for saying this because I stan all of the groups listed above




  • Joshua Marinas Alto

    They’re all bops… You can’t make me choose only 3… 😭😭😭

  • hedda

    okei, don’t get me wrong, but I’m tired of ‘Idol’ I’ve just heard it soooo many times to the only version I like now is the one version they showed on ‘love yourself in Seoul’
    I love bts, but ‘idol’ is just not their best song.

  • tag1981

    Because “Simon Says” was way better.

  • kayoruka

    maybe pirate king instead of treasure (ateez)? and help me instead of dejavu (nu’est). and love shot instead of tempo (exo)..

  • spongefan1

    I like Idol, but it’s also not my favorite song by BTS. I think Fake Love should have been on this list. I would have picked Fake Love and two songs of other groups over Idol.

  • Sonnet Shreya

    actually all of them are bops

  • Girl, I could’ve sworn this poll is “vote your favorite”, not “complain about the results not being tailored to you”… maybe I read wrong tho!

  • Didn’t Black Suit by SJ come out in 2017? Maybe I’m crazy but I could’ve sworn that was late 2017

  • hedda

    im not complaining, calm down. I’m just saying Im tired of Idol. no need to hate

  • I’m not hating either. I’m just saying this poll isn’t about what song you’re ‘tired of’, it’s about your favorite song. If other people liked Idol… then they liked Idol lol

  • ItzVickeh

    WHO COULDN’T CHOOSE ??? **Me o.o**

  • ItzVickeh

    I don’t stan Monsta X, but the song is DEFINITELY good 🙂

  • LaDream

    I know you’re supporting bts and stuff but please do some research and quit with the kboo tone thanks

  • LaDream

    Lmao. Fake Love should have been on the list. The song got SOTY at KMA by critics review. It’s the real song of the year y’all just blind by the fact that bts released too many bops.

  • Just Happy

    Idol was a better song though

  • yell heah

    idol was a more recent release. each group is only supposed to have one song on the list

  • day6deservesbetter

    agree,in my opinion fake love wasn’t that good

  • day6deservesbetter

    all of these songs are bops,but love scenario was THAT song

  • *insert clever username*

    All of these songs are great and all, but iKON really did THAT

  • LaDream

    I’m not bashing on Idol because it’s a bop and I bop to it every now and then but Fake Love was still release in 2018. And uwu not sure how you hear Fake Love wasn’t good but it was definitely the bop.

  • My TaeTae

    idol and treasure

  • Sansaversity

    Yo I listen to all of them and CAN’T CHOOSE!!!!!!!!

  • allie

    stop sleeping on the boyz hhhsagdadwjsw they didnt win 7 rotys for this slander

  • ᴬᴸᴱˣᴬ

    Bts is the talent!

  • name

    ofc idol was a bop, but fake love was so much better in my opinion. (dna > idol > fake love, dna and idol were these songs that are catchy and you wanna dance to it, but if you hear them more often you eventually get tired of em, but fake love is so atmospheric and overall fascinating in every aspect, fake love is a masterpiece. It is THE song tbh)

  • lilith

    I just can’t pick between Tempo, Lullaby, Boss, Regular and Shoot Out.


    im sorry but idol was NOT the best

  • Nadira NKBTS

    People have different opinion and taste and for me it’s the best😊 maybe not FOR YOU

  • Nadira NKBTS

    Yess love shott please

  • Nadira NKBTS

    You just have to know that we’re all different….maybe for you it’s not their best song but other people might think it is their BEST song…..and maybe it’s just because you always heard it

  • KookieTran

    Yas BTS IDOL. But honestly it was so hard for me to choose because I liked a lot of the songs on there. But BTS IDOL got more votes and I’m a proud ARMY!

  • Liver

    I Love Idol t’s just it’s not the best (Out Of Thee) I think personally Love Scenario is the best.

  • Liver

    Yeah, November 6th 2017 it released .

  • jasmin

    I’m an army bts are my ult but if we’re being honest idol wasn’t that good of a song. Tbh there side tracks were better than title track this year. Also stop sleeping on sf9, day6, and the boyz

  • Xaizhun

    I second this!

  • kinoski

    stan btob cowards

  • cosmic gays

    Pentagon’s shine not being on this list is blasphemy smh

  • kyo

    The Boyz deserve more recognition they’re all so talented and hardworking, but ya’ll decided to and continue to sleep on them 😪
    and Shoot Me should at least be in the top 5, while Oh My should be no. 1 on the list

  • YoungHan

    I expected Love Scenario to be #1 I mean like its 2019 and people are still dancing to Love Scenario.

  • Rh

    It’s like what is your fandom not which song is the best 😅

  • AZ Haskell

    Where’s Pentagon’s Shine??ㅎㅅㅎ

  • kennedy

    this is one of the tough parts when you’re a multi-stan…