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SinB (VIVIZ/former GFriend) Profile

SinB (VIVIZ, ex GFriend) Profile and Facts:

is a member of the South Korean girl group VIVIZ under BPM Entertainment. She was a member of the South Korean girl group GFriend under Source Music.

Stage Name: SinB (신비)
Birth Name: Hwang Eun Bi (황은비)
Birthday: June 3, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 166.7 cm (5’5″)
Weight: 47 kg (103 lbs)
Blood Type: AB
Instagram: @bscenez

SinB facts:
– She was born in Cheongju, South Korea.
– She has an older brother, named Hwang Jungwoo, born in 1996..
– She attended School of Performing Arts Seoul.
– SinB’s baptismal name is Esther.
– She’s a good dancer and likes acting.
– She is known for looking like Jessica Jung.
– SinB is a former child model for kids clothing. (She was part of Ulzzang Kids)
– SinB starred in the kids show “The Fairies in My Arms” on Korean TV – she was in every episode as Shawing (grasshopper fairy).
– SinB is a former trainee of BigHit and she was a trainee there for 5 years.
– Along with Sowon, she can learn the fastest a choreography.
– SinB once partnered with Yu Seungwoo on his song “You’re Beautiful” at MBC Show Champion.
– She loves Bungee Jumping.
– SinB also loves paragliding and want to try sky diving with Sowon and Eunha.
– SinB and Astro’s Moonbin are childhood friends. (They are neighbors).
– SinB, Astro’s Moonbin and iKON’s Chanwoo were in the same agency called ‘Kidz Planet’.
– SinB and Eunha were friends when they were in their childhood days.
– One of SinB habits is to put things in her skirts.
– She hates to watch horror movies because she gets scared easily.
– She once felt annoyed and jealous of Umji
– She also hates to do aegyo.
– SinB can rotate her hand to 360 degrees.
– She’s a fan of Harry Potter series.
– She’s allergic to grapes.
– She is the 2nd noisiest member after Eunha.
– Her role model is CL but she’s also a big fan of Song Ji Hyo.
– SinB featured in JoKwon’s “I’m Da One” MV along with predebut BTS members
– She can eat green grapes but not purple.
– SinB wants to learn kickboxing.
– She said that if she wasn’t a member of GFriend, she would be a female soldier.
– Her stage name SinB means “secret/mysterious”.
– In January 2019, SinB became the new model of Evisu.
– SinB’s all-time favorite K-pop group is BIGBANG.
– She is part of SM Station X girl group project: Seulgi x SinB x Chungha x Soyeon.
– Update: In the new dorm she has her own room. (Apartment 1 – Upstairs)
– SinB was officially announced to have signed under BPM Entertainment with Eunha and Umji on October 6, 2021.
– SinB’s ideal type is G-Dragon.

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