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Okasian Profile

Okasian Profile and Facts:

Okasian오케이션 is an independent Korean-American Rapper from South Korea.

Rap Name: Okasian
Birth Name: Alexander Kim / 알렉산더
Korean Name: Kim Jiyong / 김지용
Birthday: 11th March, 1987
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 173 cm / 5’8″
Blood Type: N/A
Nationality: Korean-American
Instagram: chrt_okasian
Twitter: RealOkasian
SoundCloud: kkzznn

Okasian Facts:
– Family: Parents.
– His parents are both Korean.
– Born in the year of the Rabbit.
– He’s in the crew The Cohort.
– Also known as ₩ONDRIAN and KZN.
– Education: The Pennsylvania State University.
– Okasian can speak Korean and English fluently.
– Born in USA, but raised in Seoul, SK until he was 15.
– Between money and fame, he picks money.
– He made his debuted in 2010 with the mixtape ‘Preseason #1‘.
– His official debut was in 2011 with the single ‘You’re The One‘.
– He is an Independent artist as of 2020 and onward.
– He was in the label Hi-Lite Records from 2011 until 2016.
– Before joining Hi-Lite, he was a fan of the artists there.
– From 2017 to November 2020, he was in THE BLACK LABEL.
– He is friends with G-Dragon, after the ‘₩1,000,000‘ collaboration.
– Okasian went back to the States to finish high school and college, and stayed there until he was 24.
– During his school days, he was a good student but he still had some fun.
– He didn’t have the same passionate as he has now, music wise. But he has always loved music.
– Okasian got into Hip Hop through his friends, but he said that he would have found the genre on his own.
– When he was around 23 that’s when he began taking music seriously.
– He began music as a hobby before it quickly turned into an everyday thing.
– At first, he didn’t like SMTM, but as the show leads to good artists getting a platform, he doesn’t mind.
– Has yet to participate on Show Me The Money or any Korean HipHop shows.
– He did however appear on ‘My Major is Hip Hop /내 전공은 힙합.
– His favorite Korean rappers are Bryan Chase, Beenzino and The Quiett.
– He’s into the American rappers Future and Young Thug.
– The UK rappers he likes are Little Simz and Skepta.
– An artist he would like to work with is Masta Wu.
– He listens to various different artists so he doesn’t have any favorite songs, at the moment.
– Two songs he recommend listening to during a party are; ‘Good Night‘ and ‘LALALA ft. Beenzino‘.
– Okasian’s influenced by every artist he listens to, but if he had to pick it’s Kanye West and Curren$y.
– He has worked with artists; G-Dragon, CL, Kid Milli, dress, Zion.T, Bryan Chase, Beenzino, BewhY, Ugly Duck, Jay Park, etc.

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