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A Song Of Meissa (Meissa’s Song) Musical Idol Cast

A Song Of Meissa (Meissa’s Song) Musical Idol Cast
A Song Of Meissa (Meissa’s Song) (메이사의노래) (2021), and Blue Helmet: A Song Of Meissa (블루헬멧 : 메이사의 노래) (2022), is a musical by Republic of Korea Armed Forces, where many male idols and actors, who were serving in the military that time, took part in. The plot of the musical tells a story of Rahman, whose country, Khamur, was saved by South Korean peacekeeping forces, and who came to South Korea to become a K-pop idol and to meet the Meissa.
This post below doesn’t include all actors, who took part in the musical, but only performer idols and actor idols. Did you watch this musical? If not, go here

Idols participating in 2021 performances:
Main roles
EXOChanyeol (Rahman Shadi)

former B.A.P‘s Jung Daehyun (Yeon Jun Seok)

INFINITE‘s Myungsoo (Yeon Jun Seok)

Moon Yongseok (Yun Seonho)

Secondary roles
KARD‘s J.seph (Meteo idol group member, Gaon task force team member)

Cross Genes Yongseok (Informant soldier, Meteo idol group member)

IMFACTs Jian (Gaon task force team member)

IN2IT‘s Inpyo (Black Dragon idol group member)

IN2IT‘s Hyunuk (Meteo idol group member)

VAVBaron (Black Dragon idol group member)

ARGONGon (Meteo idol group member)

Park Sunho (Lee Jung Hyuck)

Idols participating in 2022 performances:

Chanyeol (Rahman Shadi)

Jang Kiyong (Yeon Jun Seok)

ONF‘s Hyojin (Yun Seonho)

SF9‘s Inseong (Yun Seonho)

ONF‘s J-US (Lee Jung Hyuck)

IN2IT‘s Inpyo (Lee Jung Hyuck)

VAV‘s Ziu (ensemble member)

VAV‘s Lou (Yun Seonho cover)

IN2IT‘s Hyunuk (Rahman Shadi cover)

Other idols with no picture:
MONT‘s Jung Hyunwoo – Narachan
NOIR‘s Shin Seunghoon

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