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Joo Woojae Profile

Joo Woojae Profile and Facts:

Joo Woojae / 주우재 is an South Korean actor and model under YG Entertainment.

Official Accounts:
Website: YGFAMILY | Joo Woojae
Instagram: ophen28
YouTube: 오늘의 주우재
Twitch: 주좌재
Cafe Daum: 주우재
Naver Cafe: 주우재
Naver: 주우재 JOO WOO JAE

Name: Joo Woojae / 주우재
Birthday: November 28th, 1986
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 188.7 cm / 6’2″
Blood Type: AB
Nationality: Korean

Joo Woojae Facts:
– Born in Geojedo, South Korea.
– A nickname of his is bones.
– He made his debut as a model in 2013.
– Woojae made his debut as a singer on July 27th, 2017 with the project single album, ‘AWESOME VALLEY‘ with the title track, ‘끄덕 (NOD)‘.
– When he grew taller than 185 cm, he prayed that he would stop growing.
– He grew taller than 180 cm in 11th grade then he grew 2cm more in 12th grade.
– Woojae continued to grow until he was 23 years old.
– He is good at impersonating singers, comedians, etc.
– Woojae used to have poor eyesight, but he has had the correction surgery.
– Family: Parents, an older brother, and a niece.
– He cried at his older brother’s wedding due to his dad crying (his dad did the congratulatory address and his dad cried reading it).
– Education: Changwon NamSan High School, Hongik University (Mechanical Engineering).
– Woojae dropped out of Hongik Uni. during the 2nd semester of his 4th year.
– During his school days, he was always wearing his earphones.
– He likes math so he is sort of obsessed with dividing things equally. Woojae is super particulat about dividing things equally.
– When Woojae was in high school, he did an IQ test which resulted in 137. His current IQ is 134.
– He only solved problems during CSAT, he kept on buying practice books and solving the problems.
– When he was 18 years old, he got dumped by his first love so he stopped eating school lunches for 2 weeks and cried in the hallway. They dated for almost a year.
– He had liked her since they were in middle school then she went to a girls’ high school. She then moved to a place that was an 1 hour away from his home. But his feelings for her never changed. He ended up taking the bus to see her in his school uniform. They ended up going out.
– Back then, Woojae was very shy, he wasn’t experienced at all. For almost 300 days, he barely held her hands as he was too shy.
– He had his first kiss with her at a stair case near a bus stop. She stood a step higher than him and they were facing each other so he ended up kissing her at night.
– She ended up contacting him first so they met up however his feelings for her was already gone.
– He also went to a karaoke and sang, ‘Did you forget?‘ by H.
– He almost went to Yonsei University, but didn’t get in as his points were 437 and not 500. However to apply for Yonsei Uni. there’s a requirement for 460 points.
– He almost got a job at Samsung when he was 27 years old.
– During an TCI test, it was revealed that he has very little cooperativness and strong self-directedness (he weakens cooperativvness and strengthens self-directedness as he’s protecting and defending himself).
– Woojae doesn’t waste his energy on unnecessary things, and focuses on the necessary parts.
– Despite coming off as apathetic and indifferent, Woojae defends himself so that he can handle his inner stress and uneasiness.
– He usually chooses when to become extremely patient, when he needs to. He is persistent and have high standards for perfection sometimes. (Woojae can’t handle jumping over a question as he needs to solve it before moving on.)
– Woojae began drawing a house by drawing the ground plan first which is rare.
– He has interest in other people as well as a desire to have a personal relationship with people.
– Woojae has shown great result in guessing and judging based on auditory stimuli.
– He learned photography for 5 years.
– Woojae has worked in radio doing podcasts.
– He used to work as a waiter at a family restaurant in his freshman year at college, his nickname was Choco.
– Woojae worked at the restaurant for a month and a half.
– He quit before he got fired due to not smiling at the customers.
– It has been said that he resembles Wednseday.
– Woojae doesn’t like people with high energy / he feels very stressed around people with high energy.
– He likes being scientific.
– Woojae usually shadowbox.
– He doesn’t believe in ghosts.
– He eats two pizzas at the same time (he lay one on top of the other).
– Woojae has never smoked nor touched a cigarette in his entire life.
– He is a multitasker.
– Whenever Woojae’s resting at home, he usually have two screens on and sometimes even three screens.
– He doesn’t like going to saunas nor getting a massage in a massage chair.
– He doesn’t like the cold or feeling hot.
– Woojae cannot drink soju or beer that well, his face turns red almost immediately.
– He usually prefers to drink whiskey with ice.
– His favorite alcohol are Isultoktok (3%) and KGB (5%).
– Woojae has a sweet tooth, he would much rather eat sweets and desserts than regular food.
– He likes hamburgers a lot. If Woojae had to pick a meal to eat, he picks hamburgers in a heartbeat.
– Woojae is known for making delicious food look unappetizing, especially during his livestreams on YouTube.
– He likes macaroon, pancakes, hamburgers, and beef briskets.
– He likes cream-filled fish shaped buns.
– A food that he doesn’t like is eggplant (due to the texture).
– He doesn’t eat malatang, mushrooms, tofu, cucumbers, carrots, nor celery.
– He likes spicy marinated crabs.
– Woojae likes drinking carbonated drinks.
– He is in the project group, Unbalance created through ‘Beat Coin‘ with producer Rado and La Chica who choreographed for their debut.
– Woojae got aknowledeg for his dancing skill by Gabee of La Chica.
– He is also in the project group, ONE TOP created through ‘Hangout with Yoo (놀면 뭐하니?) (How Do You Play?)’.
– Woojae really enjoys listening to music.
– Woojae is a huge fan of the Korean band, Noel.
– He is a fan of STAYC, IVE, MONSTA X, Red Velvet, NewJeans, Calm Down Man, and Parc Jae Jung.
– He has been a fan of STAYC since their debut.
– Woojae pre-listened to STAYC‘s song, ‘Bubble‘ with Rado.
– He doesn’t have a favorite member in STAYC.
– He enjoys listening to melodic songs.
– The biggest reason he likes MONSTA X is because of all the members have their own twist.
– ‘GAMLBER‘ of MONSTA X is his favorite song of the group.
– He really likes Kihyun of MONSTA X, he thinks he’s the main vocalist in idol world.
– He enjoys teasing Joohoney of MONSTA X.
– Woojae can dance to dances right away after simulating in his head.
– He got acknowledge by Rado (Song Jooyoung), Rado stated that Woojae’s singing voice reminds him of the singer, Ra.D (Lee Dohyun).
– Woojae hates medical check-ups. He can’t have anything down his throat (gastroscopy).
– He is scared of being unconscious during a gastroscopy.
– Woojae likes to play League of Legends.
– After waking up, he usually stays in his bed for 2 hours.
– He rarely eats breakfast.
– Woojae doesn’t get scared easily.
– He doesn’t like balloons nor when they pop.
– He is currently a cast member on ‘놀면 뭐하니? (Hangout with Yoo)‘, he officially joined as a regular cast member on episode 190.
– Woojae joined the cast on the episodes 182 and 183 on the episode, ‘Hangout with Yoo on Jeju Island‘.
– He is friends with Gikwang of HIGHLIGHT, Jinu of WINNER, and Lee Sangyeob (they met at an award show, MAMA).
– Woojae is also friends with Bomi (Apink), Wooyoung (2PM), and Heo Kyung Hwan (comedian).
– He sometimes ask people for their numbers.
– Woojae can sometimes feel comfortable around people without himself realizing it.
– He gets mad when people do something that harms others, or if they make situations that hurt others.
– He doesn’t like it when people doesn’t show common etiguette.
– Woojae doesn’t like it when people doesn’t respect others’ opinions.
– Woojae doesn’t go to places where he has to wait in a long line for a long period of time. He would much rather go to another place than having to wait in a long line for more than 10 minutes.
– Woojae is the type of person who doesn’t approach first. He prefers it when the other person takes initiative and contacts him first.
– Woojae gets tired easily.
– He suffers from insomnia.
– Woojae is usually livlier at night.
– He doesn’t like the clicking sound of pens.
– If he were to become a global superstar, Woojae would want to donate or help those in need. He wants to give back to society.
– In 10 year, Woojae sees himself as a streamer who streams about science, math, music, or mechanical engineering.
– Woojae’s motto is “The faith I always have.” (Whatever you do, moderately).
Jang Doyeon helped Woojae get the courage in pursuing a reality show-based career.
– Woojae prioritized efficiency from when he was young.
– He likes Korean romance movies that were released in the late 90s to the early 2000s.
– Woojae likes calm and things that doesn’t get on his nerves.
– He cannot stand people with the MBTI type, ENFP.
– He doesn’t like it when someone approach him abruptly and show affection.
– Woojae used to look back when a girl wearing a biker jacket with a mini dress passed by.
– Between kissing someone by asking first or kissing someone without asking / saying anything, he picks the latter.
– He has stated that he’s skillful in physical contact when dating.
– Woojae really likes people with a similar personalities like him.
– He doesn’t necessarily care about MBTI’s however he has stated that he fits best with someone who is also a T.
– If he were in contact with a woman with zero T type characteristics, he would try and get along with her if everything else was great.
– He usually save his partner’s name as their first name.
– He will call his future girlfriend “자기야 (Jagiya) (Baby, Honey, Darling)”.
– As of 2023, he has no plans on getting married yet.
Joo Woojae’s Ideal Type: Women whose MBTI is T type. Someone who isn’t whiny.

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Come and Hug Me / 이리와 안아줘 | MBC, 2018 – Kang Yoon Sung

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