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Oerkoen Profile and Facts

Oerkoen Profile and Facts
Oerkoen is a Sakha actor, singer, screen writer, screen director and producer.

Oerkoen Social Media:
Instagram: orkonegorov

Stage Name: Oerkoen (Өркөн)
Birth Name: Aleksei Alekseyevich Yegorov (Алексей Алексеевич Егоров)
Birthday: February 5, 1983
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dog
Height: —
MBTI Type: E—

Oerkoen Facts:
– He was born in Churapcha village, Churapchinski district.
– His parents are renowned Soviet singers, Yekaterina and Aleksei Yegorov.
– He was raised in several places: Yakutsk; Tyympy village, Vilyuski district; Khamaghatta village, Namski district; Churapcha village. It is because his parents were very busy people and he had to stay at relatives from both sides.
– He has a younger brother (by 1.5 year) Andrei, who is a singer and an insurance agent.
– School education: Yakutsk City National Gymnasium, graduated as an externe.
– Graduated from Schepkin Supreme Theater Institute, Department of Drama & Cinema, 1999-2002. He entered it at his 16 years old.
– He was part of Yakutian club of humor, where he was a singer in musical parts.
– He also took courses in Russian Institute of Theatre Arts and RANEPA.
– He planned to apply to movie producing department at RITA, but got accidentally into theatrical department. By the way, he graduated from it, its diploma soon helped him.
– He is married and has three children, a son and two girls.
– He met his wife at Schepkin Supreme Theater Institute, she had been studying there for some time.
– He worked as a director of Yakutsk Variety Theater and of Lena cinema.
– In his free time he writes songs. He considers singing as his hobby.
– He loves sports yet he does not do any of them. He was interested in billiards and volleyball, for now it is soccer.
– His best holiday is when he is travelling.
– His favorite color is violet.
– His favorite food is chicken.
– His favorite movie is the Soviet movie Love & Pigeons.
– His favorite food is kebab, he struggled and learned a lot to cook it properly.
– He has role models in every genre of music.
– He plays World of Tanks.
– He cannot live without his laptop.
– He believes in fate and mysteries.
– He becomes emotional when watching a good film.
– He started singing in his three years old.
– His first performance on scene was at his eight years old, with his grandmother in Churapcha.
– He learned playing guitar and made his first song “Сулус” (“Star”) at fifteen years old with the help of his father.
– When asked which words he can describe himself by, he chose “successful”, “happy” and “optimistic”.
– He is a founding member of DETSAT actors creative group, which made many popular comedy movies.
– He has a title of Sakha Republic’s high achiever in culture.
– He thinks that his best works as a producer were Кэскил 2 (Keskil 2), Юбилей (Jubilee) and Көҥүл боотурдар (Hire Swords), and the worst work is В поисках радости (In Search For Joy).
– He is a member of the band Toghus.
– His first role to play in cinema was of a thug. Fortunately for him (he did not think he suits that role), that movie wasn’t released.

Oerkoen Filmography:
– Кэскил (Keskil) (2007) – building site foreman & military officer
– В поисках радости (In Search For Joy) (2007) – taxi driver
– Кыһын эрээри дьоллоох дьоҥҥо ичигэс (It’s Warm For Happy People In Winter) (2008) – radio MC
– Тайна Чингисхана (Chinggis Khaan’s Mystery) (2009) – Beltugei
– Арай Биирдэ (Once Upon A Time) (2011) – militia officer
– Орда (Horde) (2011) – Badakul
– Кэскил 2 (Keskil 2) (2012) – taxi driver
– Юбилей (Jubilee) (2012) – interviewer
– Эрчим уонна Ким (Erchim & Kim) (2013) – road inspector
– #taptal (2014) – chief journalist
– Сибэкки (Flower) (2015) – road inspector
– Гектар – байанайдаах сир (Hectare) (2016) – lawyer
– Уол оҕото (Dude) (2017) – weapons dealer
– Чээкэ (Cheke the Dancer) (2018) – Sakha folk dance crew leader
– Интересная жизнь (Interesting Life) (2018) – cameo
– K.Ц.Ф. (Freelance Call Center) (2022) – Prokopiy, call center chief
– Дикий челлендж (Savage Challenge) (2022) – Michil
– Почти как все (Almost Like Others) (2022) – night club owner

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