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Hwiseo (H1-KEY, EL7Z UP) Profile and Facts

Hwiseo (H1-KEY, EL7Z UP) Profile and Facts

Hwiseo is a member of the South Korean girl group H1-KEY under Grandline Group and of the project girl group EL7Z UP.

Stage Name: Hwiseo (휘서)
Birth Name: Cho Hwi Hyeon (조휘현)
Birthday: July 31, 2002
Astrological Sign: Leo
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Horse
Height: 169 cm (5’7″)

Hwiseo Facts:
– She was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea.
– Family: parents, younger sibling.
– Graduated from Hanlim Multi Arts School, Practical Dance Department, in 2021.
– Her nickname is Na Heeyong.
– She has a male dog named Richie. She put his picture as a background image on her phone. (source)
– She also has a cat named Woody. (source)
– She named herself as Sexy Sugar Girl of her group. (sources 1, 2)
– She named Jeon Soyeon as her role model.
– She had been a trainee for nine and half years since her 5th grade.
– She was a trainee at Source Music, The Black Label and FNC Entertainment. (source)
– She thinks that her charm points are eyes and “reverse beauty”, which is a bright smile different from the expressionless one.
– She dreams about being an all-rounder that can do everything. She explained that all-rounder is the person who has the ability to write lyrics, compose, and produce. She also wants to become an artist who resonates with the public.
– Her favorite color is red.
– She likes drinking coffee.
– She knows Korean folk singing and uses it for her aegyos. (source)
– She loves tigers. She used to come to a local zoo to watching tiger cubs grow. (source)
– She also likes capybaras. (source)
– She likes making things, watching movies and going for a walk with her co-members on their day off. (source)
– She likes staring sometimes at the stars in the night sky. (source)
– Her index finger size is 11. (source)
– She made a friendship ring for Yel, and received one from Riina. On that ring Riina called Hwiseo Hwinique (Hwiseo + Unique). (source)
– She is not scared of amusement rides. (source)
– She has a driver license and her own car.
– She can do flips and splits and beatbox.
– She is good at racing video games. (source)
– She was a competitor in King Of Masked Singer as Picnic Place. (source)
– She had not been last in any competition she took part in until the Queendom Puzzle Remix Battle. (Queendom Puzzle Ep.4)
– She is good in expressing game, but is bad in headphones game. (source)
– She used to practice ballet and performed a few times on stage. (source)
– Her favorite plants are monsteras and stuckyis, and she thinks that flowers live short. (source)
Seoi thinks that Hwiseo is a funny member that is in charge of entertaining. (source)
– Her favorite line in “Rose Blossom” is “standing strong getting by moment to moment”. (source)
– She thinks her co-member are all pretty when they are asleep. (source)
– She is described as timid but passionate by Riina. (source)
– Her charm is her smiling face according to Riina. (source)
– She reminds of character Choigosim especially with her smiling eyes according to Riina. (source)
– Riina describes Hwiseo’s style as very fancy and fashionable. (source)
– She would like to borrow Yel’s interesting piercings. (source)
– Her laugh consists of three consequent different tones. (source)
– She always sings “Slow Heartbeat” by Layone. (source)
– She would like to try a dark concept performance with Yel.
– She prefers wearing a colored dress over a black dress.
– She likes pizza and baekseolgi.
– She thinks she has the best chemistry with Sangah because they are the same age and she is very charismatic. (QP Queen Interview)
– Her motto is: “Just do what you’ve always worked hard for. We can all do well together”.
Queendom Puzzle Facts:
– She wrote such hashtags for describing herself: #AllRounder #UniqueAndFancy #PrettyExpression.
– She named as her epic skills confidence and tension control.
– She said she is a fancy queen.
– She and Riina were ranked in Tier 4 out of 4, the lowest rank at the beginning.
– On the Up Down Battle she performed on the remix of “Rose Blossom” by H1-KEY & “Tomboy” by (G)I-DLE.
– On the Up Down Battle she got 23 Up votes & 4 Down votes, and was ranked in Tier 1 out of 4. Her personal rank was 4th.
– For the 7 vs 7 Team Battle she was not picked by Bora and got into DROP Team.
– She performed “SNAP” with her DROP team Athena. She was chosen by jury as the Puzzler, who arranged members into teams for the next battle.
– On the Remix Battle she performed “Shut Down” by BLACKPINK. Her team came out to be the last with 152 votes from audience.
– On the All-Rounder Battle at first she got into Queendom Team by her will. The next day she was brought to Puzzle Team by Jihan, then brought back by Dohwa.
– She performed in vocal-rap category “Time of Our Life” by DAY6 in the same-named sub-combination, but lost against Wannabe sub-combination of Puzzle Team.
– She performed in dance category “Glow-up” in same-named sub-combination.
– She was ranked 3rd on the episode 7 with 391,051 votes.
– She performed “i DGA” for the semi-finals in the same-named group.
– She was ranked 1st on the episode 9 with 594,400 votes.
– She performed “Last Piece” with the group she assembled.
– She was ranked 1st on the episode 10 with 444,495 votes and secured place in the final lineup.

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