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Seoi (H1-KEY) Profile and Facts

Seoi (H1-KEY) Profile and Facts

Seoi is a member of the South Korean girl group H1-KEY under Grandline Group.

Stage Name: Seoi (서이)
Birth Name: Lee Ye Jin (이예진)
Birthday: February 12, 2000
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dragon
Official Height: 169 cm (5’7″)/Real Height: 168 cm (5’7″)*

Seoi Facts:
– She was born in the Seongnam town, Gyeonggi province, South Korea.
– Her family consists of her, parents, and younger brother.
– She is a former YG Entertainment trainee. She was part in YG Trainee Team 2.
– She was a trainee for 3 years.
– Her nicknames were Iris, and Cotton Candy, now it is Boss Baby, as she looks like a baby despite being the eldest in her group. (source)
– She is obsessed with cleanliness.
– She is an experienced video gamer. (source)
– She tends to suddenly freeze for thinking.
– She has bad eyesight.
– She loves the feeling when it rains on her head.
– Her favorite school subjects were English, Science and IT. (source)
– Her hobbies are baking and collecting pretty things.
– She thinks her charming points are appearance and personality opposite to it.
– She wants to trying acting one day.
– She named as her role models Son Yejin, Hyuna, and Little Mix.
– Her favorite flowers are maybe pansies. (source)
– She was inspired to become an idol because she saw a performance on TV at home with her mother and it was SNSD performing “Gee”. She saw how happy they were while performing and felt like she wanted to do that too.
– She has acrophobia, so she cannot ride on amusement rides. (source)
– When she used to have bangs, she adjusted it every morning. (source)
– She makes dolls and blankets in their dorm bedroom fall while sleeping. (source)
– Riina thinks that Seoi laughs easy at other people’s jokes and her laugh is always sincere. (source)
– She thinks tabout herself that she leads her group well, she is calm and charismatic. (source)
– Her background picture on her phone is a picture of H1-KEY. (source)
– Her favorite line in “Rose Blossom” is “until they get drunk off my scent and smile”. (source)
– Her index finger size is 9. (source)
– She made a friendship ring for Riina and received one from Yel. (source)
– Her co-members may think that she does inunderstandable things, she looks pretty when asleep, she nags a lot (although Seoi doesn’t think it’s nagging).
– She says that Yel always bothers her in her dreams. (source)
– She is described as timid but easy-going, quiet but active by Yel. (source)
– Her charm is her cute teeth when smiling according to Yel. (source)
– 🧸 – this emoji describes her according to Yel. (source)
– Yel describes Seoi’s style as hip and lovely. (source)
– She often calls Riina ‘honey’ (source) and ‘Paca’. (source)
– She would like to copy Riina’s energy to read books. (source)
– She cleans her phones and tablets with alcohol spray. (source)
– She would trust an interior of her future house to Riina. (source)
– Her motto is: “Seeing the bright side will brighten up my life”.

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*Note 2: Seoi revealed her real height on Show!terview (source)

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