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Idols & Artists That Are Twins

Idols & Artists That Are Twins

It is estimated that 1 in 250 pregnancies will result in twins naturally. The chance of having fraternal twins is far more common than having those that are identical. Below you will find a list of idols and artists that are twins, where either both or one of the siblings are famous.

2*Sweet‘s Kayano Kana & Kayano Kaori 
BY2‘s Miko & Yumi
Catchers‘ Zhu Yunyi & Zhu Yuntian*
GNZ48 Team Z‘s Liang Qiao & GNZ48 Team G‘s Liang Jiao
Henry Zhu
Mao Xiu Ling & Mao Xiu Ting
Nathania & Harms
SHY48 Team SIII‘s Liu Jiao & Liu Na*
Woovely‘s KiKi & TaTa

JKT48‘s Zee

ASP‘s Matilder Twins & Wonker Twins
BAD HOP‘s T-Pablow & YZERR
Kanna Hashimoto
Linda III Sei‘s Sayuri & Shiori
Nakamori Kotone & Nakamori Mikoto
Nogizaka46‘s Kanagawa Saya
Nogizaka46‘s Yakubo Mio

The Egiz‘s Troo & Je2
Nazym Mambetaliyeva & Aruzhan Mambetaliyeva

Fizche‘s Koungnang & Phukboung

Atasha Muhlach & Andres Muhlach
Ben&Ben‘s Miguel & Paolo
KAIA‘s Angela & Charice
MNL48‘s Gia
YGIG’s Jade

South Korea:
1NB‘s Hajung & Sojung
AB6IX‘s Donghyun
Balming Tigers‘ Mudd The Student
BEBE6‘s Hyerin & Arin
BF‘s Youngmin & Kwangmin
B.A.P‘s Youngguk*
CoCo‘s Dayun & Gayun
Crayon Pop/Strawberry Milk‘s ChoA & Way
Crying Nut‘s Sanghyuk & Sangmyeon
D.S.tar‘s Jiyeong
Daydream (Girls Frontier)‘s Aejeong
DAVICHI‘s Lee Haeri
DV.OL‘s Sodam
EIGHT‘s Junwoo
f(x)‘s Luna
Geenius‘ Yeyoung
i-13‘s Myo & Mo*
H1-KEY‘s Sitala*
Hanch Brothers‘ Jung Daeryong & Jung Soryong
Han Jihyun & Han Seungsoo
Han Kihyun & Han Kiwon
HINAPIA‘s Gyeongwon*
Huh Gak & Huh Gong
IN&CHOO‘s In & Choo
Jo Yoojung
JYJ‘s Kim Junsu & Kim Mooyoung
Kan Jongwook
Kim Taeyong
Kwon Twins‘ Deukie & Dony
LOUD‘s Park Yonggeon
MVP‘s Jin* & Been*
NINE.i‘s Jiho
NINE.i‘s Seowon
ONEUSXion & ONEWE‘s Dongmyeong
Re:Kids Bloom‘s Elody Loda
Ryanghyun Ryangha
Shyne‘s Sunni & Bonnie*
T-Ara‘s Hwayoung* & Co-Ed School/F-ve Dolls‘ Hyoyoung*
TAKE‘s Shin Seunghee
Twin Girls‘ Minsun & Minjung
VOISPER‘s Daekwang*
Weki Meki‘s Rina*
Wink‘s Kang Joohee & Kang Seunghee

AJ Chayapol & JJ Chayakorn
Diana Flipo
DIDIxDADA‘s Didi & Dada
Camilla Kittivat & Nicole Kittivat
JNP‘s Noey & Jam

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Which country has the best twins?

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