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Yel (H1-KEY) Profile and Facts

Yel (H1-KEY) Profile and Facts

Yel (옐)
is a member of the South Korean girl group H1-KEY under Grandline Group.

Stage Name: Yel (옐)
Birth Name: Han Shin Young (한신영)
Birthday: December 25, 2004
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Monkey
Height: 175 cm (5’9″)
Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs)
Blood Type: A

Yel Facts:
— She was born in Jinhae district, Changwon city, South Gyeongsang province, South Korea.
– She is the first member to be revealed.
— She trained at JYP Entertainment before. She became a trainee through getting first place in the JYP 15th Open Audition project. (source)
– She made it through the last round of auditions and began working as a trainee at Grandline (GLG) in May 2021.
— Nicknames: Shinchan, Snowball.
— Yel’s role model is Lee Hyori.
— She is very flexible.
— Specialty: dancing.
— She thinks she looks like a red panda.
— She wishes to have the superpower of doing other activities while sleeping.
– Her charming point is a strong aura.
— She would take a insect or bug repellent if she was to go to a deserted island.
– She attended S.D.K Academy.
– She prefers texting than calling on phone. (source)
– She specializes in contemporary dance. (source)
– She is good at running, according to Riina, and shouting, according to Seoi. (source)
– She wants to listen to Chris Brown’s songs unstoppably, when she becomes fully adult. (source)
– She is proud when people call her cute. (source)
– She likes cream filling in pastries. (source)
– If it was possible, she would choose ability to learn dances fast. (source)
– She was urged by her member to not stretching as she is too tall. (source)
– She has acrophobia, so she is scared to ride on amusement rides. (source, source)
– She was a trainee for 3 years.
– She enjoys chambers of horror. (source)
– Her background picture on her phone is a picture of H1-KEY. (source)
– She practiced ballet for a long time and dropped it after one lesson of hip-hop. (source)
– Her favorite flowers are gypsophilas. (source)
– Hwiseo thinks that Yel: is a hipster; has an exceptional physique; is charismatic on stage, but cute off stage; also seems good at sports, but is not a good runner swinging her arms llike a treadmill. (source)
– Her favorite line in “Rose Blossom” is “I’ll keep my head up, stand my ground until the very end”. (source)
– She took lessons of Jeju Island dialect. (source)
– Her index finger size is 11. (source)
– She made a friendship ring for Seoi and received one from Hwiseo. (source)
– She doesn’t feel ticklish. (source)
– She is described as bright, active and loud by Hwiseo. (source)
– Her charm is looking cool when not smiling, and having completely different mood when smiling according to Hwiseo. (source)
– 😆- this emoji describes her according to Hwiseo. (source)
– Hwiseo describes Yel’s style as childish. (source)
– She would like copy Seoi’s cleanliness. (source)
– She falls asleep to Chris Brown’s songs and also sleep talks and hits the wall near her. (source)
– Her favorite school subject was English, because she liked its teacher. (source)
– She has a dog named Hodu. (source)
– She knows tips how to take perfect pictures in photobooth. (source)
– She does a lot of DIYs and ties her hair very well. (source)
– She sleeps with eyes open.
– She is friends with Billlie‘s Tsuki.
– Her motto is: “Let’s live a life that I can be satisfied with every day.”.

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