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Hongseok (PENTAGON) Profile

Hongseok (PENTAGON) Profile and Facts:

Hongseok (홍석) is a member of the South Korean boy group PENTAGON.

Stage Name: Hongseok (홍석)
Birth Name: Yang Hong Seok (양홍석)
Chinese Name: Liáng Hóng-shuò (梁洪硕)
Birthday: April 17, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 180 cm (5’11″)
Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: @_hongseokie

Hongseok Facts:
– Hongseok was born in Seoul, South Korea.
– From the age of 7-16 years old he has lived in various locations outside South Korea including: San Diego (California), Madison (Wisconsin), Singapore, and China.
– He lived outside of South Korea for a total of 11 years.
– He has an older brother, named Yang Junseok.
– He can speak Korean, Chinese, and English very well.
– According to Hongseok, when he was studying in Singapore he was the school’s top swimmer.
– His education includes: Hwa Chong International School (Singapore 2007 – 2010), Tianjin Nankai High School (China), and University of International Business and Economics in Beijing (He dropped out to pursue a music career).
– Some of his nicknames are: Yang Jr, Hongseokkie, and Honggie.
– Hongseok participated in “Ice Bucket Challenge”, and The “Miracle365 x Ice Bucket Challenge Run” to raise money for ALS.
– His hobbies include reading books and studying languages.
– Hongseok assisted in writing the Pentagon songs “Find Me”, “Round 1”, and “Round 2”.
– Hongseok is a former YG Entertainment trainee.
– He was a contestant on YG’s show “MIX&MATCH”, which formed the group iKON.
– He auditioned for, but did not pass, the model and vocal teams at the JYPE 9th Audition Final Round in 2012.
– Hongseok modeled alongside HyunA for Clride.n.
– Hongseok joined CUBE Entertainment in 2015.
– Hongseok was accepted as a member of Pentagon after he completed his Pentagon Graph during the ninth week in the audition period.
– His favorite superhero is Iron Man.
-Hongseok is part of the “Extra Squad” with Shinwon.  Their notable activities are assuming very strange and funny poses in Pentagon photos.
– Hongseok enjoys working out.
– His position in Pentagon was Lead Vocalist but he is now Main Vocalist because Jinho enlisted.
– When asked about his best attribute, he said his abs.
– According to Jinho, Hongseok is the best cook in group, leading him to have the nickname ‘home mom’. (ASC ep 234)
– Hongseok appeared in the movie “The Love That’s Left” (2017).
– Hongseok was in the tv series “Best Chicken” as Bae Ki-Beo.
– In 2017 Hongseok was involved in a dating rumor with a trainee named Lee Soohyun, who appeared on Produce 101. They were spotted together on what appeared to be a date, but Cube clarified they were just friends.
– Hongseok appeared in one of Jinho‘s “Magazine Ho” videos, where they sang “Lay Me Down” by Sam Smith.
– He was in the web-dramas “One the Campus” as Hee-Yeol, and “Anniversary Away” as Hong Woojae.
– He has been on other reality shows such as “Tour Avatar”, “Idol Tour”, “Just Happened”, Visiting Teachers”, “Hit Man”, “Battletrip”, and “Idol Cooking Class”
– Hongseok was on “King of The Masked Singer” as Ddangchil, but he did not get passed the first round.
– He was a panelist on episodes 29-30 on “Fantastic Duo”.
– Hongseok served as a special MC on “Simply Kpop” from February to May of 2018.
– Many of the members believe that Hongseok tells the best dad jokes.
– If he could try out any job for a day, he would want to be a lawyer.
– If he had a super power, he would want the ability to control minds.
– One of his favorite songs is “Love Me Better” by James Blunt.
– Hongseok really likes watching the show “Radio Star”.
– His ideal vacation is going abroad with his fellow members.
– If he had to eat one food for the rest of his life it would be eggs.
– Hongseok always carries around some kind of snack with him in his bag.
– Hongseok has a habit of planning out his meals the day before, and often will search for ideas of what to eat, on the internet.
– Hongseok knows the dances to: WJSNs “Happy”, Blackpink‘s “As If It’s Your Last”, Chungha‘s “Why Don’t You Know”, Gfriend‘s “Rough” and “Me Gustas Tu”, IOI‘s “Very Very Very”, Red Velvet‘s “Ice Cream Cake”, MAMAMOOs “You’re The Best”, HyunA‘s “Bubble Pop!” and “How is This”, BTS‘s “Boy in Luv”, K.A.R.D‘s “Bomb Bomb”, and MOMOLAND‘s “I’m So Hot”.
– He was a cast member of “Law of The Jungle in Myanmar”.
– Hongseok is the Chinese language tutor on the variety show “Tutor” along with Seventeen’s Vernon and WJSN‘s Luda.
– Hongseok is also a cast member of the show “Real Men 300”.
– Hongseok has his driver’s license. (“Tutor”)
– Hongseok appeared on the cover of Men’s Health Korea in their July 2019 issue.
-If he could, he would change bodies with Hui because of his fortune(Pentagon Plays Who’s Who).
– Hongseok and E’Dawn used to share a room in the old Pentagon dorm.
– For the updated dorm arrangement please check Pentagon profile.
– His brother Junseok dated BLACKPINK’s Rosé’s older sister Alice between 2015-2018.
– On May 3, 2022 Hongseok enlisted as an active duty soldier.
– His agency announced his early discharge on December 26, 2022, due to due to symptoms of depression and panic disorder with agoraphobia that he has been suffering from since before.
– Hongseok left CUBE Entertainment on November 6, 2023 after his contract termination. However he is still a PENTAGON member.
Hongseok’s Ideal Type: Someone with similar preferences, and someone he can eat with.

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