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High School Rapper 4: Producers

High School Rapper 4: Producers Line-up

High School Rapper 4 (고등래퍼4) is a South Korean hip hop competition produced by Mnet.
The producer line-up consists of 9 producers separated in 4 teams:
Ambition Musik (Changmo & Way Ched), H1GHR MUSIC (Jay Park & pH-1 & Woogie),
AOMG (Simon Dominic & Loco) and Daytona Entertainment (The Quiett & Yumdda).
The show was broadcasted from February 19, 2021 (11PM KST) to April 23, 2021 (11 PM KST)
and was presented by Nucksal.

MNET hip hop official accounts:
Instagram: @mnet_hiphop
Twitter: @mnet_hiphop

Ambition Musik (Changmo x Way Ched)

Team Name: WayMo (웨모)
Producers: Changmo (창모), Way Ched (웨이체드)
Label: Ambition Musik
Instagram: @changmo_ @way_ched @ambition_musik

WayMo Facts:
Changmo was producer on Show Me The Money 777 together with The Quiett.
– Even though Way Ched was producer, Changmo produced some songs of the team.

AOMG (Simon Dominic x Loco)

Team Name: SiCo (싸이꼬)
Producers: Simon Dominic (사이먼 도미니크), Loco(로꼬)
Label: AOMG
Instagram: @longlivesmdc @satgotloco @aomgofficial

SiCo Facts:
Loco won the 1st season of Show Me The Money and he represented AOMG 
on Show Me The Money 4 along with Jay Park as a producer.
Simon Dominic was a producer on Show Me The Money 5 with Gray.
SsamD also was a producer on AOMG broadcast Sign Here.

H1GHR MUSIC (pH-1 x Jay Park x Woogie)

Team Name: Park3 (박쓰리)
Producers: pH-1, Jay Park (박재범), Woogie (우기)
Instagram:  @ph1boyyy @jparkitrighthere @woogie_park @h1ghrmusic

Park3 Facts:
pH-1 participated to Show Me The Money 777 as a contestant.
Jay Park was a producer on Show Me The Money 4 & 6, Unpretty Rapstar 2,
Asia’s Got Talent 2 & 3 and AOMG broadcast Sign Here.
– The members of Park3 team said that Woogie was the producer the closest to them [*].
– The team name is “Park3” because all of the producers had ‘Park’ as last name.

Daytona Entertainment (The Quiett x Yumdda)

Team Name: — 염콰
Producers: The Quiett, Yumdda
Label: Daytona Entertainment
Instagram: @thequiett@yumdda @daytona.ent

Daytona Team Facts:
The Quiett was a producer on Show Me The Money 3, 5 and 777 respectively with
Dok2, Dok2 and Changmo as 1LLIONAIRE and Ambition Musik team.
– Also, he was a producer on High School Rapper 3 with Code Kunst.
Yumdda is a producer on Show Me The Money 10 with TOIL.

MC: Nucksal

Stage Name: Nucksal (넉살)
Real Name: Lee Jun-Young (이준영)
Birth Date: March 24, 1987
Instagram: @nucksal

Nucksal Facts:
He was the MC of High School Rapper 2, 3 and 4.
– He participated to Show Me The Money 6 as a contestant and Show Me The Money 777.
as a producer together with Deepflow.
– He’s a part of Deepflow‘s VMC (Vismajor Compagny) label.

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