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TOIL Profile

TOIL Profile and Facts:

TOIL / 토일 is a South Korean producer, debuted in October of 2020 with ‘Go’.
He’s signed under Daytona Entertainment.

Rap Name: TOIL / 토일
Birth Name: Ahn Toil / 안토일
Birthday: 4th of December, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 173 cm / 5’8″
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Korean-American
Facebook: 안토일
Instagram: toil1204
SoundCloud: TOIL

TOIL Facts:
– His MBTI is ISTP.
– Born in Clifton, Arizona, USA.
– Currently lives in Seoul, South Korea.
– Family: Parents, and younger brothers.
– TOIL was born at 4am on the 4th of December.
– Education: Yiwu middle school, Hansol high schoo and Baekje University of the Arts.
– He dropped out of high school.
– TOIL has done his military service.
– A member of the Wayside Town crew.
– Signed with Daytona Entertainment.
– He hates crowded places the most.
– Dislikes alcohol as it taste bad.
– After drinking, he gets bad headaches and muscle loss.
– Enjoys working out.
– He can make doughnuts with his e-cigarette.
– His favorite drink is iced Americano and green tea.
– His favorite perfume brand is Montblanc.
– Seems to like mint chocolate ice cream.
– Favorite cake is cheesecake.
– He doesn’t like rice cake soup.
– Likes grapes, kiwis and lemons.
– He also enjoys eating hard peaches.
– Been eating hard peaches and plums ever since he was a kid.
– He absolutely hates fish. He eats sashimi though.
– He’s very sensitive to smells. He can’t stand weird odors.
– Sleeps with the windows open as he isn’t sensitive to the cold.
– His clothes style is more on the comfortable and casual side.
– It has been said that the reason why he began doing music is to appeal to women.
– TOIL found it difficult to get close to ASH ISLAND at first as both of them aren’t that sociable.
– He has lots of tattoos, but his mom hates tattoos.
– On his left arm he has a sleeve tattoo.
– TOIL can’t wear short sleeves at his parents’ house.
– He’s had piercings, but nowadays he isn’t wearing any.
– He has a bad habit of spoiling his songs on IG lives.
– The phone he uses is an iPhone 12 Pro.
– TOIL can’t stay still for more than 10 minutes.
Skinny Brown and Pateco are the reasons why TOIL’s scared of the MBTI type INFJs’.
– Collaborated with Leellamarz, Skinny Brown, Jayci yucca and Kid Wine as a featured producer.
– He won’t be making an signature sound whatsoever.
– Shares birthday with Mina and Weki Meki‘s Doyeon.
– Appeared as a mentor alongside Yumdda on SMTM10.
– Him and Leellamarz are living together since 4 years back.
– He gets called Sweet Guy as he tends to be in for the long run in his relationships.
– The longest relationship lasted for three years.
– Has 3 AirPods Pro. Lost one so he had to buy a new one then he found his old one.
– The car he owns is an BWM 3 Series.
– He wants to make lots of money and buy himself a Ferrari.
– In 2022, Toil gave his parents a Genesis G80.
– In April of 2021, he released his album, ‘Curtain Call featuring BLOO, DON MALIK, JAEHA, and more.
– Him and Leellamarz released “TOYSTORY3” in May 2022.
– TOIL and Gist released “when we first met” in late Nov.2022.
– Won “Producer of the Year” at Korean HipHop Award 2022.

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Latest Album Release: TOAST (ft.gist)

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