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The most popular Kpop Entertainment company?

What’s the most popular Kpop Entertainment company?

There are lots of Korean Entertainment companies, in your opinion which’s the best out of them in terms of music, the way they promote their artists, and so on?

S.M. Entertainment
Popular artists:
TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls Generation, TraxX, SHINee, f(x), EXO, Red Velvet, BoA, Ryeowook, Yesung, Kyuhyun, Taeyeon, Tiffany, Seohyun, Taemin, Jonghyun, Amber, Luna, NCT 127, NCT U, NCT Dream
Representative videos:

YG Entertainment
Popular artists:
BIGBANG, SECHSKIES, 2NE1, Jinusean, Epik High, WINNER, Akdong Musician, iKON, BLACKPINK, TREASURE, GD & TOP, GD X TAEYANG, Hi Suhyun, MOBB, Lee Hi, Tablo, Taeyang, G-Dragon, T.O.P, CL, Sandara Park, Bang Yedam
Representative videos:

JYP Entertainment
Popular artists:
2PM, Miss A, Got7, Day6, Twice, Itzy, JJ Project, 15&, Stray Kids, J.Y. Park, Baek A-yeon, Bernard Park, G.Soul, Jang Wooyoung, Jo Kwon, Jun. K, Lee Junho
Representative videos:

Big Hit Entertainment
Popular artists:
BTS, TXT, Homme, Rap Monster (BTS), Agust D (BTS), Lee Chang-min (Homme), Lee Hyun (Homme)
Representative videos:

Pledis Entertainment
Popular artists:
Seventeen, Nu’est, After School, Orange Caramel, Pristin, Han Dong Geun
Representative videos:

Starship Entertainment
Popular artists:
Monsta X, Sistar, Boyfriend, Cosmic Girls (with Yuehua Entertainment), Uniq (with Yuehua Entertainment), Cravity, YTeen (in partnership with KT), K.Will, Mad Clown, Junggigo, #Gun
Representative videos:

FNC Entertainment
Popular artists:
CNBLUE, FT Island, AOA, SF9, N.Flying, Hong-gi, Yonghwa, Jimin, Choa, Jong-hyun, InnoVator
Representative videos:

Cube Entertainment
Popular artists:
BTOB, CLC, PENTAGON, (G)-idle, Yook Sungjae, Jang Hyunseung, Roh Jihoon, Trouble Maker, Triple H
Representative videos:

RBW Entertainment (Rainbow Bridge World, formerly WA Entertainment)
Popular artists:
MAMAMOO, Oneus, ONEWE, Vromance, D1VERSE, 365 Practice
Representative videos:

Woollim Entertainment
Popular artists:
INFINITE, Lovelyz, Golden Child, Infinite F, Infinite H, Toheart, W Project, Kim Sung-kyu, Nam Woo-hyun, Baby Soul, Joo
Representative videos:

Stone Music Entertainment (entertainment company under the CJ E&M)
Popular artists:
SG Wannabe, Davichi, Baek Ji-young, Roy Kim, Son Ho-young, Park Bo-ram, Eric Nam, Heize, Minzy, Kim So-hee, Wanna One, IN2IT, Fromis 9
Representative videos:

Popular artists:
Astro, Weki Meki, Hello Venus, 5urprise, Ong Seongwoo
Representative videos:

Play M Entertainment (Formerly known as Plan A Entertainment)
Popular artists:
Apink, Victon, Huh Gak, Jung Eun-ji
Representative videos:

Jellyfish Entertainment
Popular artists:
Representative videos:

DSP Media
Popular artists:
K.A.R.D, APRIL, A-JAX, Oh Jong-hyuk, Heo Young-ji, Kasper
Representative videos:

TOP Media
Popular artists:
Teen Top, 100%, UP10TION, Andy, Niel, MCND
Representative videos:

LOEN Entertainment
Popular artists:
Sunny Hill, Fiestar, Melody Day, I.B.I, IU, Zia, Yoon Hyun-sang
Representative videos:

TS Entertainment
Popular artists:
B.A.P, Secret, Untouchable, SONAMOO, TRCNG, Jun Hyosung
Representative videos:

Note: We tried including the most popular Korean entertainment companies, there are more smaller companies out there but we couldn’t include them all.
Note 2: We tried to include most of their popular artists, but couldn’t include them all.
Note 3: We listed just 3 videos from each company (not to favor anyone). We also tried to include videos from both veteran artists and new artists.

Which is the most popular Korean Entertainment company? (in your opinion)

Which is your favorite Korean Entertainment company? (You can vote up to 3).
Make sure you comment below and let us know your choice. 🙂

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  • Johadi Sauceda

    SM Town and JYP Entertainment!!!!!!

  • Kpopxmylife

    YG for lifeu

  • Charlene Cachero

    Where is Source Music Entertainment (GFRIEND’s Company)?

  • Angra

    For me is JYP entertainment. Definitely the best music! 😀

  • おかき

    well only GFriend is popular out of that company sooo
    TBH I’m an ARMY and all, but realistically Big Hit should’t have been on the list; their only popular group is BTS
    As well as Plan A and DSP

  • ParkXiyeonisLIFE

    yess jyp is the bestt!

  • Toy-Na

    SM and JYP are my personal favorites so I’m happy with the current results.
    I admit YG and BigHit are also making quality music and promote well their artists.
    I think this is why these companies sold so much this year if you look at charts like Hanteo or Gaon.

  • Yaretzi Galindo

    keep your negative opinions to yourself please

  • ParkXiyeonisLIFE

    Wats ur problem?

  • ArmyOnceBuddy

    Forgot Gfriend

  • renata

    @disqus_fJYh5QCQUS:disqus I agree with you! I also love JYP <3

  • Erin

    I love BTS but BigHit just have 1 successful artist, so I vote for JYP, YG and SM. (My opinion only)

  • shafa farrah


  • Kim Jisoo

    I love all of them, but for me SM, YG and JYP are the top 3😇

  • doejo

    SOOO what happened to C-JeS or is SM controlling this voting??????

  • Yumi

    YG and JYP

  • teany kim

    how could you not include H.O.T S.E.S in SM artists they were popular and made a name for SM before even SNSD Suju members join SM
    And how about Wonder girls just because they disband you forget them

  • teany kim

    All these companies are great on they own way
    For me i will choose SM

  • teany kim

    DSP is the one who made KARA SS501 Lee Hyori Rainbow so yeah they should be here

  • KProfiles

    As we mentioned in he notes, we tried to include just their actual/active bands. It wasn’t that we forgot them.

  • Yokira

    JYP’s GOT7 and Starship’s Monsta X should be called ‘7 visuals’ Lol they all look soooooo good.

  • Panda

    I think TS got the lowest votes because we all know how they treat their artists and not because of their unpopularity.
    Still waiting for them to give B.A.P a break 😢

  • fluffyjoy

    We all know big hit is only popular because of BTS but SM JYP YG are the real big ones.

  • Ganem Pyrre

    I love B.A.P but hell no am I voting TS, has to be SM, JYP or YG

  • Kulture


  • Kulture

    big hit is only popular because of BTS
    but big companies in this order>SM YG & JYP

  • Moshiiie


  • hasrizam has


  • Kekemabel

    Same gurl

  • Sunshine_21

    SM treats their artist’s badly

  • me

    the big 3

    Girl Bands:
    SM has Girl’s Generation, YG has Black Pink and JYP has Twice (some of the most popular girl bands in Kpop)

    Veteran super popular bands:
    SM has Super Junior (to list just one), YG has Big Bang, JYP has 2PM (in Japan all these bands easily have concerts in Tokyo Dome – sold out!)

    New hot boy bands:
    SM has NCT, YG has iKon, JYP has GOT7

    now other than these big 3, BIG HIT did extremely well, in making BTS one of the most popular Kpop bands worldwide

  • Goong

    I’m forever CUBE trash <3 our cube gag BTOB <3 cube babys PENTAGON <3 cube beauty CLC <3 cube sexy Hyunah <3 cube dancing king Hyunseung <3 cube abs Jihoon <3 and our last one cube chicks Seonho & Guanlin <3

  • Neon Light

    I will choose YG. When my first songs in kpop are “I am the best” and “Fantastic Baby”, it can’t be another one.

  • Rachelyn Lacupa XD


  • Angie love

    Bighit is more popular

  • Angie love

    Your delusional since Bighit is popular

  • remy

    the first 4 voted companies are so close *____*

  • watashi_me

    i voted big hit solely for BTS and other than that SM and YG for sure since its only three choices 😛
    SM needless to say <3 SUJU forever! SNSD , EXO.. OMg..so many!!

  • WeNotMe23

    I got confused. Nothing on them but why H.O.T. is not part of SMent? Sechskies is there why H.O.T. was not. Shouldn’t it be automatic?

  • jungshOOk

    bighit bc they sure hv managed our bois well

  • Kpop trash

    Just because u love bts doesn’t mean u need to look down on other entertainment.

  • おかき

    Honestly not really because they only have BTS and also

  • おかき

    “Big Hit” itself isn’t that popular, BTS is.
    If Big Hit itself was popular, Homme would’ve done better

  • おかき

    honestly JYP for the win like they have the most sales in August

  • jungshOOk


    but BTS is everything

  • Lxvi

    It keeps saying “Failed to verify referrer” cMOn,I can’t even see the results

  • Eeman Nadeem

    Pledis has treated thr artists like trash. Like look at how poor Nuest had to go on Produce 101 Season 2, thank god they gained popularity for being on thr and i hope Pledis wont mess up with Nuest ever again. I seriously cant wait for thr comeback on Oct 10th which is soon! Thoese boys deserve the world because of how talented they are! Its also so sad how they treated After School and Orange Carmel.

  • Sugar Aziz

    heyyyy where the armys gone
    come on support bighit

  • Ki ia

    Sm, jyp n big hit

  • zuemyapaza9

    yall are delusional. just bc your oppas are in a certain company that doesnt bring it up to competition with the big 3 (even pledis and cube) who have years in the bussineess, have a lot of succesful groups, contributed to the hallyu wave and have the highest profits in the industry

  • Alice Byamungu

    i agree with you

  • Alice Byamungu

    sm,yg, bighit

  • lacuna

    Actually, Bighit isn’t that popular in Korea. JYP, SM, and YG are the most popular.

  • Bashitm61

    Yes so true, Cube Entertainment have many succesful groups just like BTOB, CLC and PENTAGON, also Apink(former Cube )

  • Luis Fernando

    Failed To Verify Referrer

  • NaruHina

    I really love starship fam !
    Monsta X -Monbebe
    WJSN -Ujung
    and Jeong Sewoon -Pochin !

    my top 3 ( don’t have order)
    – Big Hit
    – JYP
    – Starship

  • Regina Mates

    Big hit, YG, SM

  • natia

    for YG, where’s 2NE!? smh

  • Kitty TFM

    They’re disbanded… You know, since last year.

  • Gracemarie Yeh

    I got it! The secret to being in the Big 3 is to have your name be all letters!

  • lee_areum22

    S.E.S is also under SMTOWN right?

  • Winny

    No, they aren’t. They were under SM Entertainment until 2002, when the band disbanded, but in 2002 Bada and Eugene left SM Ent and Shoo also left SM in 2006.
    In 2016 they reunited to celebrate the 20th anniversary but none of them are under SM Ent. anymore.

  • EXO Xiu

    LOL I just noticed that after you said it! 😀

  • Bts TaeJin

    big hit no 4 ? army , where r u ??

  • Mya Nee

    Is it the best entertainment company though?

  • Anouk Van Dijken

    weki meki is also from fatagio

  • koolo kik bit

    Bighit doesn’t even half the amount of artists each of the big three have and bts is their biggest stars yet, good on them for creating bts but that’s bout it lmao

  • koolo kik bit

    yay YG entertainment is 2nd!!! Ofc since they have the kings of Kpop teeehee
    ALSO although bighit has BTS they definitely haven’t succeeded any of the big 3 so army pls don’t come here thinking bighit hasn’t entered top 3, they’re right up there 1!11!!!!1

  • My Darling❣️

    I stan most of YG’s artists, so my vote goes to yg.

  • Reality

    Just casually hearing “JYP JYP” chant that kevin did in ASC

  • Celicija

    TheEntertainmentPascal, Star Empire and Seven Seasons

  • Alex

    Most popular in artists? SM or YG.
    In how they treat their artists and promote them? Big Hit for how they treat their artists and SM for promoting them.

  • Jin-jin ♡♡


  • Amanda Roy

    SM & YG most popular.
    SM is best at promoting their artists.
    Fantagio is best at treating their artists well.

  • chanbaek trash

    gfriend is in source ent. theyre not as big like the big3

  • Effy

    SM, YG and JYP are the big three and they are definitely the best known ones.I mean they are the ‘Big Three’ for a reason and have been blessing us with amazing artists for a really long time now.
    BigHit only has one famous group and it doesn’t really seem like they’ll debut another one in the near future. However of they debut another group – or more groups – they might be able to become as popular as YG, SM and JYP but that might ned some time
    Cube has amazing groups and is in my opinion one of the closest to fame along Pledis Entertainment and maybe also Fantagio or Starship (but these two are definitely not as popular as the other ones)

  • SM & YG IS very popular internationally.
    JYP is very popular in S.Korea
    BigHit is Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Popular internationally!

  • clb

    they disbanded ages ago

  • clb

    big hit itself isn’t a very popular in korea, and if you vote just because of bts and other artist you’re doing the voting wrong

  • clb

    because they are the main of their company if they turned out to be a flop then they wouldn’t care so much about them.

  • clb

    it is about the MOST popular ent. company not your so called oppas companies need to win

  • clb

    i swear army is the worst fandom out there. lol. i just roasted myself like a turkey on thanks giving

  • jungshOOk

    true, seeing how other groups before them not succeed. but despite bts having very few fans at the beginning i think they saw their potential and continued to pump money into them.

  • Glitterzz

    No jyp and sm is most popular….yg isn’t good at promoting….jyp surpassed yg in terms of sleep and became the second most richest entertainment…first is small

  • Baam

    No sm and jyp is more popular internationally

  • Baam

    Lol I dunno who are you but the worst and toxic fandom goes to blinks

  • SM and JYP are so popular… YG too…Those are the three be known for a long time and I love a lot of thier artists…so yeah..

  • say that out loud for the YG stans in the back.

  • Jocelyn Yu

    For SM, you forgot a band. It is named TraxX (formerly known as Trax or The Trax). Currently the members are Jay(Typhoon), GINJO, and Kim Jungmo(X-mas). The former members were No Minwoo(Rose) and Kang Jungwoo(Attack).

    For YG yo’ forgot to put Jinusean. Ayo~!

  • Jocelyn Yu


  • Jocelyn Yu

    Erm Sechskies just redebuted and signed with YG back in 2016…

  • KProfiles

    Thank you for the heads up! 🙂

  • bruno

    Stone Music?

  • Soofifi Plays

    Just a notice that Woollim ent. has Golden Child and TS ent. has TRCNG. They both debuted in “late” 2017 ^-^

  • Rina Destiani


  • Røse

    Did you hit your head army is way worst and more toxic than any fandom always trying to start fan wars, commenting on non related bts video ect..

  • Røse

    And people wonder why jyp sm and yg are on top why? Cause they’re the top three most popular company and korea. JYP is the most popular that’s why their catch phrase is leader in entertainment

  • blackempressss

    What about Jellyfish Entertainment they have Vixx and Gugudan several actors, actresses and solo artist

  • maria varga

    Big hit is not popular they have only bts

  • Stanley

    You forgot (G)-idle in cube Entertainment

  • Ayasha Sidat

    so? alot of people like BTS so alot of people know about Big Hit which makes them popular. Big Hit may have been a small company but thaey’re well known now and is the 4th most famous comany. Do your research before talking

  • Ayasha Sidat

    Big Hit are actually having augitions in i think 6 places ^-^ it makes me happy knowing they’re getting more recognition and Big Hit is well known internationally while SM, YG, and JYP are well known in S.Korea and Korea in general. Cube does have great artist but recently they’ve been real snakes -.- no offense i mean Pentagon, E’dawn and Hyuna deserve better i don’t mean to hate on any of the companies i actually stan ATLEAST one group or artist from all these companies LMAO

  • Ayasha Sidat

    LMAO in every fandom half are the type who are there to support the artist while the other half is only looking for beef or starting fanwars so no fandom is better than the other they’re all the same

  • Ayasha Sidat

    it’s actually the fourth richest company lmao

  • Ayasha Sidat

    Big Hit gives 50 % of sales to BTS and the other 50% for the company -.- idk what you’re talking about

  • Ayasha Sidat

    you know “clb” idk who you are but i have a feeling you just really like to bring Big Hit down don’t you well Big Hit is well known internationally while the Top 3 are well known in Korea and it’s also the 4th richest company meaning it IS well known

  • Ayasha Sidat

    facts only lmao I may not stan Nuest but i really like their songs ALSO THEY GOT THEIR FIRST WIN RIGHT?? I’m not sure but if they did YAAAAAAAAAY even tho they didn’t get it with Minhyun

  • KProfiles

    Thanks a lot for the heads up, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    Thanks a lot for the heads up, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    Thanks a lot for the heads up, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    Thanks a lot for the heads up, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • Eeman Nadeem

    Yes they did, they have gained a few wins now~ Thr popularity has risen because of Priduce 101 S2, im a huge NU’EST Fan~ Thr doing amazing atm~ 🙂
    I’ll keep supporting them till the day i die~ 🙂

  • Ayasha Sidat

    I really want to stan but i have SO many groups i want to stan and i don’t have time but i’m trying to stan as many groups as i can lmao Nu’est really is an amazing group

  • Eeman Nadeem

    Ah i see lmao, im the same~
    Ye they surely are~ 🙂

  • Eeman Nadeem

    You forgot N.Flying in FNC entertainment~

  • Eeman Nadeem

    YG is 3rd now, JYP surpaased them and is 2nd now with SM staying at #1~

  • KProfiles

    Thanks a lot for the heads up, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • Misti Yu

    u sick can’t accept facts?? YG is really popular internationally and definitely more popular than JYP, especially now there’s blackpink, the company’s popularity increases more day by day. I like JYP, don’t get me wrong but just stating facts. BH is popular too bc of BTS.

  • Misti Yu

    YG is more popular, ya JYP outcomed YG for once, but that doesn’t mean JYP is more popular than YG. YG will stand up again. Lol it’s YG dude. I love big 3 don’t get me wrong, just stating facts.

  • Misti Yu

    YG will always have the best artists, SM the best in promoting artists and JYP best in taking care of their artists. Big 3 the best for a reason.

  • Kim Joo Ron

    JYP have the Best Artist like GOT7, 2PM, TWICE, Miss A, and Miss A Suzy

  • nati

    I love when armys are called toxic fans but when another fandom says something, no one even brings up the entire fandom. But when an army is like “Big hit” people are like “you’re the worst” ,”this is why I hate armys.” Honestly, stfu. I’m an exo-l but this is so annoying. I actually started listening to bts recently and met amazing armys so stop calling armys toxic.

  • YoonTaeKyung

    They’re talking about the most popular not the best company in treating their idols lol

  • YoonTaeKyung

    It’s funny how amrys are pushing BTS everywhere

  • vampere vladimir

    Y’all know the big 3

  • Aragorn Lee

    S.M’s training system is really cruel but they have the MOST iconic artists. I don’t quite understand how BigHit is 4th cause they only really have BTS.

  • lovelymomo

    Big hit is known in Korea and is popular, he even received an award too.

  • Fernanda Kim

    Big Hit is popular because have BTS, but i really like the girl group Glam

  • Hannah Yin

    Note: UNIQ is only under Yuehua Entertainment, not Starship Entertainment.

  • kayla

    THE BB

  • Katie

    What about KQ? Rookie group ateez is under kq and block as well (seven seasons)

  • Novita Wijaya

    lately fnc debuted cherry bullet 😊

  • Just another girl

    I feel the same

  • kayoung

    probably bc in comparison with the other companies, bighit isnt that famous? bts are famous, but not the company because it has a very low profile, unlike sm/yg/jyp. i get that people shouldn’t bash armys for something so trivial, but they are wrong in that aspect.

  • Hgvcsvsbbsbgsbgbshhansbsnnsbs

    and most mature goes to MooMoos

  • Kwon

    Well , yg’s artists always the best