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MotaeBarbie (GIRL’S RE:VERSE) Members Profile

MotaeBarbie (GIRL’S RE:VERSE) Members Profile

MotaeBarbie (모태바비) was a virtual project group created for the semi-finals of GIRL’S RE:VERSE, consisting of Nemo, Ruby, Barim and Seoritae. They performed White by Fin.K.L for the semi-finals. The team was created by Ruby to be a visual group. Their final rank was 3rd place.

MotaeBarbie Members:

Name: Nemo (니모)
Position: Leader, Vocal
Killer Move: Clear Voice
Birthday: January 1, 2020
Played by: Haeyoon (Cherry Bullet)

Nemo Facts:
– Native: Ocean.
– She is a fish curious about the outside world.
– Her mom gave her the name ‘Nemo’, it means to swim around, similarly she wishes to freely go beyond the sea and around the world.
– Nemo is happiest when she sings while eating seaweed without any worries.
– She is a huge fan of Chonky Cat, even though she tries to eat her.
– Hashtag: #Nemo #Sea #Dehet
– Favorite food: Seawater and seaweed
– Ideal type: Spongebob.
– Hobby: Swimming, sitting alone in the corner.
– Specialty: Rock, paper, scissors.
– Message: “Dehet!”
– In her self introductory video, she did a freestyle dance and sang ‘Fly Through the Midnight’ by Lee Moonsae.
– In the deathmatch, she sang ‘Don’t Say It’s Not Love’ by Lee Sora and ‘Flower Way’ by Kim Sejeong in a duet with Rascal, and won over Rascal.
– She is played by Haeyoon, a member of Cherry Bullet.
Ranking: 15-13-16-15


Name: Ruby (루비)
Position: Vocal
Killer Move: Husky Voice
Birthday: December 25, 1225
Played by: Swan (Purple Kiss)

Ruby Facts:
– Native: Santa Village.
– Whenever she is about to cry she starts singing.
– She is very polite, and speaks formally with everyone.
– Characteristic: Her friends tease her for the horns on her head.
– Hashtag: #Rudolph #gift #antler
– Food she dislikes: Spicy food.
– Afraid of: Whatever makes her hate herself.
– Hobby: Gift wrapping, singing.
– Message : “Thanks for listening to my story. From now on, I’ll let you hear my singing!”
– In her self introductory video, she performed a medley of Christmas songs.
– In the deathmatch, she sang ‘Square’ by Yerin Baek and beat Hiroo.
– She sang ‘Like a star’ in the finals, and her team lost.
– She is played by Swan, a member of Purple Kiss.
Ranking: 24-2243-8


Name: Barim (바림)
Position: Main Rapper
Killer Move: Innocence
Birthday: December 21, 2002
Played by: Nada (WA$$UP)

Barim Facts:
– Native: Los Angeles, California, United States.
– She coems from an authentic LA hip-hop family
– An area she is strong in is SWAG (4 stars).
– Hashtag: #hip hop #innocent
– Favorite song: ‘NoNoNo’ by APINK.
– Hobby: Practicing girl group choreographies.
– Characteristic: Occasionally, harsh language is revealed.
– Message: “I’ll show you how innocent and cute I am!”
– Motto: “Let’s paint the world beautifully.”
– In her self introductory video, she covered ‘NoNoNo’ by APINK.
– In the deathmatch, she sang ‘Heart Burn’ by Sunmi, as well as ‘Nuckle Flow’ by Nucksal with an original rap written by Barim, and beat Cacaoprincess.
– She wrote her own rap in White.
– She is played by Nada, a former member of WA$$UP, although many people believed that she was Jackie of ICHILLIN’ or Miso of DREAMNOTE. She is the oldest contestant on the show.
Ranking: 28-11-17-12


Name: Seoritae (서리태)
Position: Vocal, Maknae
Killer Move: Star Quality
Birthday: June 22, 2002
Played by: Hayoung (APINK)

Seoritae Facts:
– Native: Ogok Plains.
– She is the maknae of the rookie girl group Ogok Girls, debuting only 11 days ago.
– Her company frequently makes her do live streams, although she is nervous when doing them due to being a rookie.
– According to her, she’s been single for her whole life.
– Her MBTI is INFP.
– Dream: For the members of Ogok Girls to reunite.
– Hashtag: #Ogok Girls #Rookie
– Dislike: Diseases.
– Ideal Type: Unable to answer without consulting her company.
– Motto: “Let’s live round.”
– Specialty: Hula hoops and anything else involving round movements.
– Message: “Newcomer Seoritae – Please take care of me!”
– In the deathmatch, she sang ‘Bean Pod’ by Jang Yoon Jeong but lost to Muneo.
– In the consolation match, she was sorted into group A and performed ‘Catallena’ by Orange Caramel with Junghorang and Ujewel. The team won and received a points benefit. She ended up in 1st place, returning to the competition.
– Her team for the semi-finals was MotaeBarbie. The team ended up in 3rd place.
– She sang ‘Like a star’ in the finals, and her team lost. She was the only member of her team to debut.
– She received 2nd place in the final episode, becoming a FE:VERSE member.
– She is played by Hayoung, a member of APINK.
Ranking: 26-181312

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