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MINJU (ILLIT) Profile and Facts:

MINJU (민주) is a member of the girl group, ILLIT. She competed on R U Next?.

Stage Name: MINJU (민주)
Birth Name: Park Minju (박민주)
Birthday: May 11th, 2004
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Korean
Representative Emojis: 🐰

MINJU Facts:
– Her role model is DPR IAN.
– She was a YG Entertainment trainee and is close to all of BABYMONSTER.
– Two of her hobbies is singing and playing games.
– Minju is close to My Teenage Girl‘s Choi Yoojung and Idol School‘s Kim Eunkyul.
– If she was an animal, she would be a duck.
– Minju’s favorite animals are ducks and rabbits.
– Her favorite dessert is a chocolate cake.
– Her favorite snack is chocolate chip cookies.
– She’s been training ever since she was 15.
– Minju describes herself as a peach.
– Her favorite animal is a dog, but she loves all kinds of animals and is a strong animal lover.
– She’s been training at BE:LIFT since the second half of 2021.
– Minju can play the violin.
– Her favorite color is Sky Blue.
– She recommends eating spaghetti for dinner.
– Her favorite scent is baby powder.
– Minju’s favorite accessory is a bracelet.
– If she could eat only one food for the rest of her life, she picks Kimchi bokkeumbap (Kimchi fried rice). (50 Q&A)
– The food she hates the most are vegetables, beans, mint chocolate.
– Her favorite ice cream flavors are vanilla & Almond Bon Bon flavor, it used to be chocolate.
– Her favorite place is her bed. (50 Q&A)
– The most useless item she has is a key ring. Her favorite key ring is a Kuromi doll that her brother gave to her.
– Hobbies: Playing games and practice typing. (50 Q&A)
– Her favorite animal is a dog, but she loves all kinds of animals and is a strong animal lover.
– A habit of hers she wants to break is when she covers her face with her hand.
– She relieves stress by listening to music.
– Words she say often; “Really?“, “Oh really?“, and “No, No“. (50 Q&A)
– It’s very easy to become friends with Minju if the person approach her first.
– The best dish she can cook is Bokkeum udon (Stir fried udon).
– If the world would end tomorrow, she would visit her parents and brother.
– A country she wants to visit is USA. (50 Q&A)
– She wants to get better at speaking English.
– The type of movies she watch is horror movies (zombie movies, ghost movies, etc.).
– Her favorite movie is ‘Train to Busan‘.
– Her happiest moment of her life was when she got into HYBE.
– She enjoys listening to music.
– A song she recommends is ‘Only U‘ by Moon Sujin and Jiselle. (50 Q&A)
– She picks ‘FIRE‘ by BTS as a background song for life.
– Minju’s favorite karaoke song is ‘인연 (Destiny)‘ by Lee Sunhee.
– Minju’s Personality: A nice person who is cheerful.
Her Motto: “This too shall pass.”

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