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Kotone (tripleS) Profile and Facts

Kotone (tripleS) Profile and Facts

Kotone (코토네) is a Japanese singer under MODHAUS and a member of the girl group tripleS. She was a contestant on MNet’s reality survival show, Girls Planet 999.

Kotone Fandom Name: Koromidan (코로 미단) / Coladan (콜라 단).
Kotone Official Color: Golden Yellow

Kamimoto Kotone Official Account:
Instagram: @cotoc0la_ (inactive)
TikTok: @coney_.cola (deactivated)
Spotify: 토네🐈‍⬛ (deleted)

Stage Name: Kotone (코토네)
Birth Name: Kamimoto Kotone (嘉味元 琴音 / 카미모토 코토네)
Birthday: March 10, 2004
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Monkey
Height: 160 cm (5’3″)
Blood Type: AB
Nationality: Japanese

Kotone Facts:
– She was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan.
– Hobbies: Watching video and taking care of babies and animals.
– She also likes photographing and playing a game, watching a drama and movie, cover dance and shopping.
– Specialty: Imitating the sound of a cicada that just hit a tree.
– She wears glasses.
– Kotone learned everything by herself (singing, rapping) except dancing.
– She likes to eat pizza after she finishes practicing and also order and drink smoothies in a café.
– Kotone used to dance at Dance Studio Maru. (Playlist of Kotone’s dances)
– She is nicknamed Nekoto (this nickname was given to her by Nagai Manami, a former participant of GP999 and a close friend of hers).
– Favorite Netflix series: Stranger Things.
– She worked part-time in a restaurant.
– She doesn’t like mint chocolate and can’t eat mint but likes chocolate.
– Kotone is a fan of the girl group LOONA. Her favorite song from them is 열기 (Heat) and her favorite member is Olivia Hye.
– She said she auditioned at many agencies before Girls Planet 999 but failed at all of them.
– She can’t drink coffee and any carbonated beverages but has recently been able to drink lemonade and muscat ade.
– Kotone’s favorite character is Kuromi from Hello Kitty.
– She said that her interest in Korea was born from her mother.
– Favorite Korean food: Tteok-galbi (떡갈비).
– She learned Korean by herself when she was still in junior high school by watching Korean TV and YouTube. She didn’t like to study and remember it when she was playing.
– Kotone is close to former Girls Planet 999 contestant/KISS GIRL’S member Ikema Ruan and former HKT48 Team H member Mizukami Rimika.
– Fans said she looks like the fictional character Vanellope von Schweetz from the Disney movie ‘Wreck-It Ralph’.
– She said that if she went to Hogwarts, she would definitely be a Slytherin.
– She can’t eat spicy food.
– Her favorite late-night snack is ramen.
– When she was younger, she had two dogs: a Pekingese and a Shih Tzu.
– She prefers dogs over cats.
– One of her favorite anime is Tokyo Revengers.
– Her stress relievers are sleeping, dancing and watching YouTube.
– Kotone was introduced to K-Pop through the boy group TVXQ.
– Her favorite film is Paprika (2006).
– She also likes the movies IT and Venom.
– Her favorite ice cream flavor is fruit.
– Kotone enjoys playing Animal Crossing, Yokai Washi and Apex Legends.
– Her favorite pokémon are Eneko (Skitty) and Zorua.
– The music she would have liked to perform the most during Girls Planet 999 is ‘Shine’ but in the Creation Mission, she would have liked to perform “Snake” if she had not performed “U+Me=Love”.
– She is a fan of Disney.
– Her favorite song is “This is Love” by Super Junior.
– On January 2, 2023, Kotone was introduced as S11, tripleS’ eleventh member.
– Her current roommate is Kim Yooyeon (Haus 4), her previous was Kwak Yeonji (TOKYO HAUS, Haus 4).

Haus History:
Japan | Haus 1 (Navy Room): January 5, 2023 – February 28, 2023
South Korea | Haus 4 (Living Room): March 1, 2023 – present

Girls Planet 999 Information:
– On July 7, Kotone was confirmed as a contestant on Girls Planet 999.
– She is an Individual Trainee.
Lee Hye Won (K), Liang Jiao (C) and her were connected by the keyword “Talkative ENFP”.
– Signal Song ranking: J-10.
– Demo Stage Performance: BOOMBAYAH by BLACKPINK (Burn Crush Team).
– She made a cell (+2 Cell) with Guinn Myah (K) and Yang Zi Ge (C).
– Connect Mission Performance: Pretty U (by Seventeen) with q-teen (Rapper 1). Her team won the benefit.
– Cell Ranking (Ep. 5): 11th Place.
– Individual Ranking (Ep. 5): J-13.
– Combination Mission Performance: VVS (Rap) by SMTM 9 with VVYes (Leader).
– Individual Ranking (Ep. 8): J-09 (she was eliminated but got the Planet Pass).
– Creation Mission Performance: U+Me=LOVE with 7 LOVE Minutes (Rapper 2). Her team won the benefit.
– O.O.O Mission: Team 2.
– Individual Ranking (Ep. 11) : P-24 (Eliminated).
– In Episode 12, she was one of the trainees who came back to attend the final.
Keyword: A rookie trainee who wants to do a glamorous idol hair style.

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