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q-teen (Girls Planet 999) Members Profile

q-teen (Girls Planet 999) Members Profile

q-teen (큐틴) is a temporary group formed for Girls Planet 999’s Connect Mission. The group consists of 9 members: Liu Shiqi, Murakami Yume, Yang Zige, Lee Yunji, Gu Yizhou, Kamimoto Kotone, Kim Yeeun, Ikema Ruan and Guinn Myah. They performed “Pretty U” by SEVENTEEN. They won, however, only 4 of them survived, Yang Zige, Guinn Myah, Kamimoto Kotone and Ikema Ruan. They were saved by the planet pass in eliminations.

q-teen (Girls Planet 999) Members Profile:
Lee Yun Ji

Birth Name: Lee Yun Ji (이윤지/李胤知/イ・ユンジ)
Birthday: January 23, 2002
Nationality: Korean
Position: Leader, Vocalist
Company: Cube Entertainment
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Liu Shi Qi

Birth Name: Liu Shi Qi (刘诗琦/리우쓰치/リウ·シーチー)
Birthday: January 7, 1999
Nationality: Chinese
Position: Main Vocal
Company: Jaywalk Newjoy

Murakami Yume

Birth Name: Murakami Yume (村上 結愛/무라카미 유메)
Birthday: September 26, 2000
Nationality: Japanese
Position: Vocalist
Company: Biscuit Entertainment

Yang Zi Ge

Birth Name: Yang Zi Ge (杨梓格/양쯔거/ヤン·ズーグァ)
Birthday: December 13, 2001
Nationality: Taiwanese
Position: Vocalist
Company: Yue Hua Entertainment

Gu Yi Zhou

Birth Name: Gu Yi Zhou (顾逸舟/구이저우/グー·イージョウ)
Birthday: January 18, 2003
Nationality: Chinese
Position: Rapper
Company: Top Class Entertainment

Kamimoto Kotone

Birth Name: Kamimoto Kotone (嘉味元 琴音/카미모토 코토네)
Birthday: March 10, 2004
Nationality: Japanese
Position: Rapper
Company: Individual
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Kim Ye Eun

Birth Name: Kim Ye Eun (김예은/金睿恩/キム・イェウン)
Birthday: October 19, 2004
Nationality: Korean
Position: Vocalist
Company: Fantagio Music
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Ikema Ruan

Birth Name: Ikema Ruan (池間 琉杏/이케마 루안)
Birthday: March 16, 2004
Nationality: Japanese
Position: Rapper
Company: Cat’s Eye Okinawa
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Guinn Myah

Birth Name: Guinn Myah (귄마야/吉恩・玛雅/グイン・マヤ)
Birthday: June 19, 2006
Nationality: Korean-American
Position: Vocalist, Killing Part
Company: TOP Media
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