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Keem Hyo-Eun Profile

Keem Hyo-Eun Profile and Facts:

Keem Hyo-Eun
/ 김효은 is an South Korean Rapper under AMBITION MUSIK.
He debuted in August of 2016 under his former rap name, Kenny Raw.

Rap Name: Keem Hyo-Eun / 김효은
Former Rap Name: Kenny Raw
Birth Name: Kim Hyo Eun / 김효은
Birthday: July 29th, 1993
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 175 cm / 5’9″
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean

Keem Hyo-Eun Facts:
– Born in Seoul, South Korea.
– Education: Guri High School and Yeoju University.
– One of the main reasons AMBITION MUSIK exists.
– The most awkward member in the label.
– He’s a big fan of 1LLIONAIRE Records.
– Hyo-Eun began rapping at the age of 20.
– He speaks Korean and a bit of English.
– His husky, deep voice isn’t due to smoking as he doesn’t smoke.
– It has been said that Hyo-Eun is the only nonsmoker in the label.
– When Hyo-Eun gets drunk, he usually calls up the members to tell them that he loves them.
– Competed in SMTM3, SMTM5 and SMTM777.
– He only has one finger tattoo on his right hand; “WORK”.
– Hyo-Eun bought an Apple watch since he bought shares of Apple.
– He also bought shares of Netflix instead of paying montly for it.
– During SMTM5 he proved to be a quiet person, causing SUPERBEE to mock him.
– The first member to be eliminated in Team 1llionaire on SMTM5.
– Featured in Junoflo‘s semi final ‘Twisted during SMTM6 alongside CHANGMO.
– His first EP ‘My Ambition EP’ was released in 2016.
– Featured on The Quiett‘s single ‘Still Got Luv in 2016.
– He featured on Skinny Brown‘s ‘Don’t Flex on Me in 2019.
– In 2020, he was featured on RAUDI‘s song ‘이런 놈이 좋니.
– The album ‘LOVE-HATE’ was released in Sept.2020.
– Him and The Quiett featured on Leellamarz‘s ‘Sisi La Famille in Dec.2021.
– Participated on ‘Ice Cold Wave remix in 2021 alongside various artists.
– Featured on DINDIN‘s ‘Fire‘ alongside The Quiett and Don Mills in Jan.2022.
– It has been rumored that he has quietly enlisted in the military.
Keem Hyo-Eun’s Ideal Type: Someone who’s a good cook.

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