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Skinny Brown Profile and Facts

Skinny Brown Profile, Facts and Ideal Type:

Skinny Brown / 스키니 브라운
is a South Korean rapper.
Debuted in Sept. of 2018 with ‘Way’  featuring Leellamarz and TOIL.
He’s signed under Daytona Entertainment.

Rap Name: Skinny Brown / 스키니 브라운
Birth Name: Lee Changho / 이창호
Birthday: 29th of July, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 180 cm / 5’10”
Blood Type: A
Instagram: skinnybrownn
SoundCloud: skinnybrownn

Skinny Brown Facts:
– His MBTI is INFJ.
– Based in Seoul, South Korea.
– Education: Yongin Solgae elementary school, High School graduation test.
– A part of the Wayside Town crew.
– His rap name came from the movie ‘Hustle & Flow’.
– He went to an elementary school in New Zealand.
– Went to the same elementary school as Jayci yucca.
– He owns an Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, Aura Black.
– Enjoys watching Anime.
– His favorite color is Black.
– He likes mint chocolate, especially Starbucks mint chocolate.
– Favorite foods are cold noodles, sushi, sashimi, chicken, and pizza.
– His favorite pasta is cream pasta.
– Favorite artists are Machine Gun Kelly, Yorushika, and ZUTOMAYO.
– Prefers to spend money on luxury goods rather than on cars.
– The perfume he uses is California Dream by Louis Vuitton.
– Skinny Brown loves dogs, mostly Labrador Retrievers.
– He doesn’t have a drivers license as he’s too scared to drive.
– Enjoys giving gifts to his friends or acquaintances.
– He tries his best to answers DM’s from fans.
– A weak minded person so it’s difficult for him to say bitter things to others.
– His tattoos consists of his song titles which is located on his left arm.
– He won’t be appearing on any SMTM seasons due to him knowing that he won’t fit the contest.
– Skinny Brown usually finish recording songs in one go and writes the lyrics quickly.
– His song Fix You (1393) was made due to him being exhausted, he was struggling with creating a single.
– The song Sing Alone was gifted to his fans as a Chuseok gift in November of 2020.
– He has participated in almost 140 songs, including featurings.
– Collaborated with artists such as ASH ISLAND, CHANGMOThe Quiett, Keem Hyo Eun and more.
– Before he decided on which company to join, he stated that he wouldn’t join if TOIL didn’t come along.
– On March 12, 2021 he signed with Daytona Entertainment.
– In Nov. he had his first autograph signing after the launch of Berry Loves My Mood.
– In Dec. Skinny Brown joined various artists in the 08베이식 REMIX.
– Released a double single, ’21 Last Mood’ with JUSTHIS and Jayci yucca in 2021.
Skinny Brown’s Ideal Type: Someone who’s a polite and kind person.

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Latest Release: Banghak


Latest Album Release: 21 Last Mood

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