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ASH ISLAND Profile, Facts, and Ideal Type:

ASH ISLAND, formerly known as Clloud, is a South Korean rapper under AMBITION MUSIK.
He debuted on 12 Nov.2018 with the single ‘How R U‘.

Rap Name: ASH ISLAND / 애쉬 아일랜드
Former Rap Name: Clloud
Birth Name: Yoon Jinyoung / 윤진영
Birthday: 11th of August, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 174 cm / 5’8”
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: ash.island
Twitter: ashisland_99

– His MBTI is INFJ.
– Born in Dongnaegu, Busan, South Korea.
– He was born in the year of the Hare.
– Family: Parents and a younger brother.
– Has a pet ferret named Huchu.
– An Bichon Frise male dog, Baechu whom was born 4th of June.
– ASH himself named his 10 year old Maltese Chorong, as its eyes are sparkly.
– Graduated from the Yongin High School in Busan.
– He released his first album ‘ASH‘ in March of 2019.
– Youngest artist of AMBITION MUSIK.
– A part of the crew Pablo Mu2ik.
– He used to be a part of the crew Wayside Town.
– Has a reserved personality which disappears after drinking.
– It was Beenzino‘s idea to put “ISLAND” behind “ASH”.
– He made his first major appearance on the rap survival show HSR2.
– During HSR2 he referred to himself as Clloud and ‘yellow hair’ since he had yellow / blonde hair.
– He ended up with 379 votes at 4th place on HSR2.
– ASH has his own fashion label named X:ORDINARY where he makes and sells clothes.
– Can often be heard saying “Gang”, or “Gang gang” in awkward situations.
– Matches the number of IG followers with the number of followings.
– The phone he uses is an iPhone 12 Pro Max which was gifted by Ambition Musik.
Post Malone is one of many rappers whom he likes.
– ASH doesn’t like coffee.
– Likes chocolates, Coca Cola and ramen.
– Started to smoke around early 2018.
– He seems to enjoy drinking liquor, mostly fermented ones.
– ASH gets an accent after drinking, confirmed by Hash Swan.
– The type whom saves his money rather than spending it.
– Besides rapping, he is a good singer.
– Multiple tattoos of his favorite artists, album, lyrics and even comments from fans.
– He likes tattoos, and has been seen drawing a couple.
– The tattoo that hurt him the most when getting was the wolf on his neck.
– He was born on the same day as Stray KidsChangbin.
– In 2020, ASH was a special guest for CHANGMO‘s Underground Rockstar European Tour.
– Won the Rookie of the Year Award at the 2020 Korean Hip Hop Awards.
– ASH almost became the youngest Producer at SMTM10, but he declined the offer.
– Featured twice in SMTM10 finals; Kunta’s ‘깐부and BE’O’s ‘The Night Without You’.
– ASH have known of BE’O for a little over three years.
– Nominated at MAMA for the best HipHop and Urban Music in Nov. of 2021.
– Won the best HipHop and Urban Music Award with ‘MELODY at the MAMA 2021. During his speech, he promoted AMBITION MUSIK, PABLO MU2IK, WAYSIDE TOWN and X:ORDINARY.
– Made a spceial apperance at Rolling Hall on the 9th of Jan. of 2022 at YongYong‘s stage.
– In Jan.2022, he released the double single; “Because“.
– On Nov.8, 2022; the single “Everything” was released.
– In 2022, he was nominated at the 31st Seoul Music Awards for the ‘R&B & Hip Hop’ award.
– ASH doesn’t want people sharing his Instagram Lives on the Internet.
ASH ISLAND’s Ideal Type: A woman whom is able to love herself. He doesn’t mind the age that much.

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Latest Release: Everything


Latest Release: Everything by ASH ISLAND (DF Live x New Balance)

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